[READ FIRST] Beta Testing General Info

  • Now that the Alpha Testing phase is over, we welcome all our new beta testers! Thanks for taking time out to help us with all our testing. Remember that feedback is essential so you are required to test at least once per week and all feedback must be done on our forums. Post in the proper thread or post your thread if there is none that applies. If you barely show up for testing (or not at all) and fail to give any feedback, your key and status in this section could be revoked. Thank you!

    **Testing Days & Times:
    **Tues/Thurs/Sat: 2pm EST AND 6pm EST

    You can come to whichever day/time combo works best for you regardless of your location.

    The server will only be online during the test times

    OPT out of all betas (NONE)

    1. Click on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta

    2. Click on Internal Test

    3. BEGIN!

    If you don’t see the server, here is the IP and port:



    **Mumble Server
    Port: 20270
    Channel: Deadliest Warrior
    Password: chivdw
    (To get access, click on Server then Access Tokens, then Add. Type in chivdw and click OK. You now have access to the Private channel)

    Steam Group:
    Everyone should be added to the DW Testers group if you aren’t already:

    To play/test things out on your own you can do the following:

    1. Open up Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior
    2. Open up console
    3. In console type: open mapname
    4. Replaces “mapname” with one of the maps listed below:


    1. To play with bots, type in console: addbots 10
      (Replace 10 with whatever number you want)

  • Hey, I updated the maplist to proper ones now, so you can test them out on your own or with bots.

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