Wait time on round end

  • What do you people think about the new waiting time on round end? Personally I think this sort of epeen waving shouldn’t be given 20 seconds of doing nothing, but sitting there reflecting on useless scores. 5 seconds should be enough before a next map is loaded, or if possible put the scoreboard over the loading screen of the next map to cut down the idle time, while retaining the information factor.

  • 20 seconds is a little too much agreed, 10 would be plenty enough.

  • It’s meant to allow you guys to talk! :x
    You can hit Tab to go out of the scoreboard to get back to the HUD to talk. I guess we should make that more clear.

  • I actually thought it wasn’t enough time. I feel rushed to type in <insert you="" got="" served="" comments="" here="">.

    I think the current time is a good balance between those that want it to pass quickly and those that want time to talk.

    Also I don’t see how waiting 20 seconds for those that want to talk trash to you to do so is a big deal. Especially since (for my computer at least which is now nearly 7 years old and I am playing on Max Gfx Settings) loads for the next map are near instant (I never have enough time to read any of the tips).</insert>

  • 20 seconds is fine, you should spend time reflecting on why you did so poorly ;)

  • @Knil:

    20 seconds is fine, you should spend time reflecting on why you did so poorly ;)

    True. This is a skill based melee game that attracts lots of egos.

    Imagine Street Fighter if you didn’t have to stare at the “You Lose, Your Opponent Wins, Now Lets Show You Your Terrible Grading, etc” screen every time you lose. It wouldn’t be the same imo.

  • Get a picture of your great score and put it above your bed/desk, it makes you feel so nice and warm !!!

  • My mommy stuck my last scorecard to the fridge, I was so proud.

  • You should make it to where you can talk while the score is up. I don’t think some people realize you can tab to close the screen and chat.

  • For the most part, I find the scoreboard irrelevant. If you happen to be at the top of it though, you can use that as material for taunting the other team but still I’d prefer if they didn’t make the scoreboard pop up and instead just let people continuously talk to each other for those 20 seconds. Its part of the fun.

    You can press tab to make the scoreboard go down again but I think most people don’t know that.

  • Yeah didn’t know that. Though I think you should just end the match, immediately bring up the score board, and you should be able to talk while the scoreboard is up.

    That seems like the most obvious flow to transition to the next game.

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