[MECH] Parrying fast one-handed weapons

  • Currently I am more afraid of fighting an archer than fighting a knight. I fail regularly to parry the small weapons of the Man-at-Arms and Archer.

    Please provide some advice.

    Where do I aim?
    Do I turn and then parry or vice versa?

  • Aim left most people try to strafe around your left side and stab around your parry. It’s incredibly easy to do with 1hers, because of the angle of the stab.

  • You aim at the tip of their weapon. What that means is for a thrust you typically want to look down and to the left (when facing them), for overheads look up, and slashes at close range you sometimes need to turn almost 90 degrees to look at the tip of their weapon.

    There is a mechanic in the game that slows down the speed you can drag the mouse when your attacking and parrying, so if you parry then try to aim your parry, sometimes you wont be able to look in the right spot quick enough. You want to ideally wait as long as you can and turn to face the attack THEN parry it.

    Another tactic I see people employ against shorter one handed weapons is looking straight up and crouching just as they are attacking you. Because the bubble around enemies is so big and crouching/looking up will move your hitbox so far away from them a lot of the smaller weapons wont even be able to reach that far. This tactic also works pretty well for parrying any attack, something about the parry box being right above/on top of you, its hard to hit around peoples parrys who do this.

  • It’s really true… The smaller the weapon, the more fear in me. Big one-hit maul? Haha! Too easy to parry.
    Little knife, barely able to reach you thanks to the bubble? AAHHHH!!! HELP ME!!

    I’ll have to practice I guess.
    I’m doing the aim left when they stab. But aim down? Never done this… I`ll try that. And I guess I’ll also try that crouch-thing. But I guess if I do wrong they’ll hit my face.

  • It is sad when more people fear a melee archer over a knight. That is part of the problem with archers and MAA one handers. If you add in their foot speed plus spam-ability and infinite parry against all heavy weapons doing no damage, they can be very lethal. Once you miss your first parry, you are screwed because of blow back, swing cancel, and you just cannot get your parry to respond as fast as the spam.

    The two things I have always argued was,

    ONE: that all small one handed weapons should take 20% damage from a successful parry from any of the large heavy weapons. Butter knife vs Maul…. yeah lets be real.

    TWO: a holdable parry. In other words, parries should work like shields as far as timing goes, obviously not in protection coverage. Tap button = quick parry, hold button and parry stays raised. You should be able to hold up a parry as long as you like drawing stamina. If you quick tap your parry, your repose starts as soon as the parry releases that way you control the parry and repose and not by some arbitrary parry animation timing, per weapon class the devs decided upon.

  • Nerf the daggers all you like and into oblivion for all I care but if you touch the saber again, I’ll be making very cross posts telling you not to do it again.

    Can we have the saber reverted by the way? The wind up makes the weapon awful, no matter how much additional damage you added.

  • Again, post is full of guys who play badly giving advice. All of it is garbage.

    #1 press P and go into 3rd
    #2 aim your parries int he general vicinity of the weapon
    #3 try to listen for the enemy guy to make a grunt noise, then parry (not doing this opens you to feints, the grunt only plays after feinting is impossible. take note, the grunt is not 100% reliable I find, sometimes it doesn’t make the sound)
    #4 try using duck (crouch + look down)

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