Welcome Beta Testers - Give your first impressions here!

  • Those of you new to the testing, please give us your first impressions of the game.


  • I enjoyed what I played, I’m a bit worried about the map sizes when it’s going to be a full server and completely clusterfucky, I also think the Samurai bow should have a wee bit more ammo (maybe 12 from 8?).

  • First Impressions:

    First off, it was a lot of fun. Here’s some things I noticed that might need work or things that I liked.

    1. Bamboo leaves block weapon strikes.(the top of the bamboo shoots that are on the map “bamboo forest”). The leaves at the top interfere with fighting on the rooftops a bit too much in certain areas.

    2.Weapon collision detection doesn’t seem quite on par with CMW. I stabbed air on many occasions yet hit my opponent (with some of the spartan spears and knight halberd). Ping was ~120 (not too too bad) This MUST have been because of ping and lag. Later on I tested many of the weapons in the tutorial and was amazed at how good the collision detection was. I could get a weapon within a fraction of an inch from hitting an enemy and not have it collide with the character’s model. Just an example of how good it is, I was able to stab a spear through the arm pit of an opponent and not have it collide with the model.

    3. Crouch has no animation in 1st person.

    4. Knight would greatly benefit from the addition of the broadsword; given the overall speed increase of the game. Yes knight was sped up a bit, but it still feels very clunky compared to the other classes. Yes, I saw the flanged mace :)

    5. “Black Eggs”, I believe they’re called, seem a bit cheap. In a 1v1 I was stunned by one of these (fine), then I was slashed as you would expect. However, after laying a few blows on me, the ninja rolled back and threw another one at me (It was easy to hit me bc I was already stunned from the last one >.>). The ninja killed me without me throwing more than one strike. Seems like a really easy(and unfair) way to win a duel. I recommend limiting the ninja to one of these throwables rather than two or however many they have.

    6. Overall though, I was pretty surprised how balanced the game felt. Every class felt like it had a fair chance in a fight; with the exception of pirate which was buggy and seemed somewhat under powered.

    7. I’m not sure I really even need to mention this, but one of the maps (the viking village one) was nearly unplayable. I have a pretty high end machine and I was maxing out at 25fps and dropping to 15 at times.

    8.) Someone told me there’s a sort of auto aim….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    9.) Viking would lose weapon after kicking (viking is the one kicking)…was basically a free kill. Problem might exist with other classes as well.

    10. The sprinting animations for the samurai are very good, and actually most of the animations in the game are quite good (minus some bugs).

    11. When you shoot the helmet off of an enemy such as a samurai or spartan, it always appears as a knight’s helmet on the ground.

    12. Enemies don’t get flinched from a strike? When you strike an opponent isn’t it supposed to flinch them? It hardly does at all. Seems like EVERY strike has potential to be a hit trade…don’t like that. Keep the same flinch system from chivalry.

    13. Spartan’s shield bash (back on mouse wheel) sometimes passes right through the opponents character model doing no damage. ACTUALLY I noticed this only really happens when shield bashing another spartan from the front.

    14. Spartans running animation looks kinda dorky :D

    One thing I don’t quite like about dw is that every class feels like it was combined with archer >.> I mean, knight now has a crossbow….ArcherKnight, oh and a halberd, so VanguardKnight XD. However, this is what’s also kinda cool about the game. It wouldn’t be my choice to do this, but it does make engagements on the battlefield more dynamic.

    Also an idea, I think Roman gladiator would be a cool class to add in the future, and with it, the Roman Coliseum.

  • the game seems to be coming along nicely , a few of the maps wouldn’t load ill edit this later when i write them down, i thought the ninjas roll move was a little clunky other than that i cant wait to play against real people

  • I must say DW is very enjoyable and i really like it - Yet it will never beat the original game (I won’t buy DW, sorry). I will try to provide you with the feedback though - I just need to test it some more, and with you guys of course!

  • So far so good :)

    Finally managed to defeat Lord Griff and his minions in the gauntlet tutorial. It only took me about 80… a few attempts :P

  • I hate how weapons are less dragable in dw.

  • While I wait to test the game with you guys I thought I might give my first menu, GUI and other general impressions.

    First of all I think the Profile tab on the menu is a great Idea, and even with the placeholders looks nice. For what I can see it would be an awesome addition to track matches, stats and those kind of things in the game and with easy access.

    I also liked the loading animation, and the loading times seemed to be less than in the original Chivalry even in this Beta stage which really surprised me.

    I didn’t experienced substantial FPS drops playing with bots (10 players per team).

    Loved the idea to punish players with added respawn time for team killing – damaging.

    That is all for now. I’m really excited to play with the other testers and will post my experience and additional impressions!

  • -The cuztomization looks good
    -Some maps won’t load
    -The game freezez for me every now and then
    -I like the crossbow for the knight
    -Multi team fighting is a great idea
    -The duels are good, in terms of opponent selection and rematch option.
    -Weird sound (I believe it’s from the pirates blunderbus)
    -Camera seems to jump around when I swing as a ninja
    -Really like the samurai bow and all it’s weapons
    -I also like how instead of equiping a throwing weapon, then throwing, you just throw.
    -AND VERY IMPORTANTLY I feel the game is very ‘‘choppy’’, it doesn’t seem too smooth, swinging and parrying with another person. Could easily be ping, of course.
    -The maps are quite large, I feel almost too big sometimes.

    Some Ideas
    -Pirates’ gun should be twice as long, like an old musket.
    -Make the pirate bottle smaller, looks kind of strange on his right hip there.

    I will keep editing this post as time goes on.

  • Gave all the classes a go. Seems pretty good to me. I think at the moment the Samurai’s armour is a tad too strong because at the moment they can really take a beating. I enjoy how the armour resistance of the ninja is akin to that of an archer. I enjoy the high-speed, low resistance gameplay and I think there’ll be a lot of whingers about that but I think it’s right how it is.

    The training rooms are actually really good and don’t need to change at all I don’t think. The fact that in some rooms you can see tracers and how strong your hits are and how much stamina blocking takes without going through the console is a really nice touch. There’s a duel room, projectile room, defense and offense rooms, visualisation room (nice touch) and a gauntlet which is actually rather difficult. That’s everything covered. Couple bugs regarding text and how it didn’t fit on screen but nothing major. Thanks. I’ll be honest, I was stuck on that damned gauntlet for not a short amount of time.

    Maps all seem gorgeous and lovely. Think someone already mentioned that mighty bamboo leaves can stop a blade. I’ve never been to feudal Japan, maybe it was stronger back in the day, I don’t know. I generally only play the small server sizes and the maps seem to be tailored to a slightly smaller game than a large one. Would get rowdy with 32 players per side. ALSO, I like how there are obstacles everywhere. Makes the ninja ‘stealth’ style feasible to play.

    Characters. Samurai seems pretty strong at the moment. Slight armour nerf as I said maybe? Double his arrows? Poor bloke can only kill 2 or 3 people with his measly 8 arrows. Pretty nifty weapon set otherwise.
    Spartan’s spears are pretty much perfect at the moment. Throw in a few more sword types? Maybe even an extra shield? I think it’s interesting that a normal lmb is more like a diagonal overhead. Cute. Shield bashes are hard to land but very strong. That’s good I reckon. Is the Spartan able to not have his shield in his hand? I understand it’s iconic and no Hoplite would ever fight without one but it’s nice for players to have the choice. I think the ‘Dory’ throw should be stronger if it hits a head as well. 1-shot all classes save knight. You only have 1 so the shot has to count.
    Vikings are superfun to play. The comboing seems to work even when not hitting someone (gets faster) is that a bug? They can throw their shields which is nuts. I’m assuming because of the low damage it’s a stun move? Nice touch. I think. Wep set is cool and vikingy and the dual wield animations are pretty gorgeous, not gonna lie.
    Knight is a knight. Bit quicker, nice crossbow and polearm. Bit weirded out by the throwing knives. Did not like that one bit. I understand the viking needs the throwing axes but knives really? Other than that the knight seems fine. Didn’t play him much.
    Ninja. The animations are sexy. Weapons leave something to be desired. Only one long enough to be feasible with the current animations is the ninjato and to a lesser extent the sickle. If the bubble were fixed… Also the neato little trick that you just click 2 and a shruiken flies out really amused and impressed me. Perfect trick (same with the black egg) to interrupt a fight or dispose of an enemy quickly (probably to much verbal abuse from said player). The roll is lovely, better than the MaA dodge, my qualm is that there is a tiny delay after the roll in which you cannot move. This sometimes makes it unfeasible to use around multiple foes and I reckon that needs to be fixed. I think the dagger weapon needs different animations, it’s essentially a shorter, same speed, same damage ninjato. No footstep sounds are a nice touch.
    Pirate is great. Nice guns which are balanced by the reload (nice blunderblock too) but again, the only feasible weapon seems to be the cutlass due to the range. Brilliant run animation with gun, giggled a bit at that and pretty good voice commands. The pirate feels like he has the right amount of armour and speed which is good too.

    Whew, sorry for the essay. Good first impressions indeed. I was worried about this game but actually playing it reassures me massively. Thanks TBS

  • Updating with my first multiplayer experience, I’ll try to keep it simple because I took notes about some bugs but I suppose I should check Mantis first and add them there.

    First off all, I had an awesome time yesterday! I tried all classes and really liked the different they feel and the variety of weapons and combos. I thought I was going to be somewhat competent but I quickly found that most of the techniques I learned in Medieval Warfare, involving timing and canceling were hard to replicate correctly. Given the ability I observed in other players I suppose the learning curve is similar to the one in Medieval Warfare and it will be very hard but incredibly gratifying to learn how to play properly.

    Even with this in mind I found myself laughing and really enjoying the matches, and things that I love in Chivalry were even more amazing in Deadliest Warrior (Like running with your teammates to attack the opposing army waiting for you) specially because of the diversity.

    I also liked the new Duel system, I’ve come to learn that many players -myself included- dislike to be on cue, but to be able to watch (and Cheer - Taunt) while other players are dueling in the designated zones or to have multiple duels simultaneously eliminates this issue and is a great addition to this game mode.

    I am really looking forward to continue testing and enjoying the game and will post any further thoughts I have.

  • -Dat soudntrack
    -Bee noise bug
    -Playing at 120 FOV cuts off some of the animations
    -Feels more arcade-y, faster tempo
    -A lot less dragging
    -Needing a restart before joining because of console commands is a good way of getting rid of a lot of exploits, but add an option for vote change map and stat FPS in menu
    -Samurai draw attack seems a bit wonky sometimes, often hitting really late
    -Samurai should get a few more arrows, maybe 10 or 12
    -Spartan shield sounds and feels great, but Xiphos animations feels like it could be polished a bit more

    Overall I like it, seems like a good amount of thought was put in to it.

  • Hey,

    So Far what I’ve played has been pretty enjoyable. being from Australia makes it a bit tricky to get onto the beta server when its up, but Will get onto it at some point haha :)

    I’m not sure if I really like the speed increase of the game, but I’m sure that something I will get use to. the ninja roll looks awesome, a lot better then the current MAA dodge. Customisation looks heaps good to, a lot of cool options so far, cant wait to see more. Really like the knight helmets and such, Sweet idea. Ah also about the knight I know its early days and balancing still has to take place but the 1 handed longsword alt swings seem to have been speed up, faster then the normal swings. Hope perhaps it may stay similar speed wise to its current form in the main game.

    But yeah pretty fun, lots of cool stuff. Duel wielding Viking is awesome. Thanks for the fun game to test out :)

  • I had an enjoyable first testing session today.

    The Good:

    • All the new features seem to be, for the most part, working as intended. The new maps seem stable, and the animations are believable.

    • All the voice acting is great as usual. Can’t wait for the viking VO to be done.

    • The blue arrows showing your team is a great addition and helps so much in organizing an attack, though it would be better if they were smaller the further away your allies are.

    • Middle mouse button for throwing stuff. Genius! Can javelins get this in CMW pretty please?

    The Bad:

    • Pirate guns are a bit too strong. If they are going to continue to nearly one-shot every class, then their reload speed or walking speed while reloading (preferably both) needs to be slowed a lot.

    • Spartan thrown spear keeps disappearing when hitting the ground or a wall… this happens in CMW too, but a least you have multiple javelins so it’s not so bad. Spartans only have one spear, so in this game the bug is a MAJOR issue. This has to be fixed before release.

    • I got really confused with the “plant the flag” game mode. I think you need to make it more obvious that you need to take the flag to the enemy point.

    • Viking combos seem a little wonky. Sometimes when I got combo speed going really fast, it just suddenly ends without doing the double slash attack.

    • Not enough loadout options for knights. If I take a weapon and a shield, that’s literally all I get. Maybe I’m just spoiled from CMW, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. I actually enjoyed using secondary weapons…

  • In general, I think things are in great shape, take away the “cosmetic” issues.

    From the game play perspective, i thought that:

    • Samurai’s Katana was bit too nerfed; but this could be me only
    • there was a bit of a trouble with spears/javelins and hitboxes, i.e. try aiming for the head in training mode with tracers on
    • I guess this one is an existing Chivalry bug, the crosshair is off in the 3rd person view; it’s offset to the right

    Unrelated to the game:

    • I can’t connect to the mantis bugtracker server at all; I know my account was not yet created but I just wanted to browse the existing bug reports; all I got is “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to”

    Design related:

    • Viking’s beard looks a bit weird; are you sure abut not having the horned viking helmet? or did I miss something; and how about red hair?

  • First impressions: I absolutely love it. I was able to get in on some late testing yesterday and got a hand at each class except the ninja (I tend to favor the aggressive / tank / ranged in games, not the lighter classes). They are all very well balanced it seems to be.

    Samurai is a mix between offense and defense, and has some long ranged weapons to boot.
    Spartan is a very defensive class and does very well as a hit tank with its big shield. Great support class due to its long ranged spears.
    Viking is the main offensive class, with its ability to dual wield, throw weapons, and speed up combos.
    Knight is a health tank with its ability to take several hits before falling in battle.
    Ninja is the light and stealthy class of the game, with its roll ability, similar to dodge of MAA. Perfect for flanking and harrassing.
    Pirate is the main ranged class, with its very powerful guns (They are offset by poor accuracy and a delay after shooting before the bullet comes out, and even with the aiming down, the guns are still very inaccurate).

    I also just got into the training and I must say, so far it is GREAT. I love how you split up offense, defense, and even put a GOOD ranged practice in there. The visualization room is also a godsend. Newer players or less tech savvy players may have no clue as to what’s going on, though, so you may want to have some in game voiceover telling the player what each section is and etc. IE the voiceover will tell the player that the RED tracer is the part that does the most damage, green going middle damage, and blue doing the least damage, or something like that.

    The room where you continuously fought more and more bots was also really fun to practice 1vN styles and stuff. I died on the one where you fight like 15 bots or so, but man that was fun.

  • @RushSecond:

    • Spartan thrown spear keeps disappearing when hitting the ground or a wall… this happens in CMW too, but a least you have multiple javelins so it’s not so bad. Spartans only have one spear, so in this game the bug is a MAJOR issue. This has to be fixed before release.

    This is a CMW feature. They break when they hit something solid. Like stone walls and floors. And heads for that matter.

    Personally I think that Viking weapons shouldn’t break on anything. As they break too.

  • game is cool and requires getting used to, especially with the less general dragability requiring more precision
    i noticed that some of the sweetspot hitbox stuff wasn’t consistent, longsword alt overhead is a giant red zone vs sickle which has a low positioned red zone

    also the training is baller
    still don’t like the bubble
    the time between voice commands should really be shortened, my laughs per second are really lookin down

  • @lemonater47:


    • Spartan thrown spear keeps disappearing when hitting the ground or a wall… this happens in CMW too, but a least you have multiple javelins so it’s not so bad. Spartans only have one spear, so in this game the bug is a MAJOR issue. This has to be fixed before release.

    This is a CMW feature. They break when they hit something solid. Like stone walls and floors. And heads for that matter.

    Personally I think that Viking weapons shouldn’t break on anything. As they break too.

    They don’t though, since you can always pick up an enemy’s throwable but never your own. They only vanish for the client.

  • My first impression is that this game has a ton of potential but has some mechanical issues that are to be expected of any beta, however my main concern is that some of these major issues will not be ironed out before release and that they’ll affect the competitive scene.

    A major concern of mine is the direction that pirates are headed. They will rake in a demographic you might not otherwise have, but the rest of the community will suffer if pirates stay similar to how they are now.

    They have long range damage, utility, and survivability, as well as a fair melee repertoire. A jack (sparrow) of all trades.

    I’d like to see them become something of a class that you must outsmart your opponents with (with dirty, but fun to play against/with tactics). As it stands, they just hold all the cards. What is the longterm goal with pirate?

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