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    My first impression is that this game has a ton of potential but has some mechanical issues that are to be expected of any beta, however my main concern is that some of these major issues will not be ironed out before release and that they’ll affect the competitive scene.

    A major concern of mine is the direction that pirates are headed. They will rake in a demographic you might not otherwise have, but the rest of the community will suffer if pirates stay similar to how they are now.

    They have long range damage, utility, and survivability, as well as a fair melee repertoire. A jack (sparrow) of all trades.

    I’d like to see them become something of a class that you must outsmart your opponents with (with dirty, but fun to play against/with tactics). As it stands, they just hold all the cards. What is the longterm goal with pirate?

    Pirate guns are severely inaccurate and all of their swords have pretty short range. They also don’t have much more health than a Ninja, so they die pretty quickly. Plus, the gun is loud so it’s easy to hear where it’s coming from.

    The blunderbuss is capable of oneshotting at close range and acting as a vanguard charge attack at mid to mid-far range. They can move pretty effectively while reloading, and with a single distraction to aid him, he can easily clean up groups. The cutlas is not a short weapon by any means. And yes, I’m glad you can hear them from far away :P. There’s the whole self healing thing as well. Pirate gun inaccuracy is also mostly mitigated through crouching.

    They can move pretty effectively while reloading

    This is my main concern with the pirate. I think he should be more focused in shooting his gun then going into melee for the kill, compensating his lackluster melee skills with his ranged shot that softens targets, rather than being the guy who kites you indefinitely.

  • I just went ahead and made my own first impressions topic, because reasons.

  • @Derpasaur:

    My first impression is that this game has a ton of potential but has some mechanical issues that are to be expected of any beta, however my main concern is that some of these major issues will not be ironed out before release and that they’ll affect the competitive scene.

    A major concern of mine is the direction that pirates are headed. They will rake in a demographic you might not otherwise have, but the rest of the community will suffer if pirates stay similar to how they are now.

    They have long range damage, utility, and survivability, as well as a fair melee repertoire. A jack (sparrow) of all trades.

    I’d like to see them become something of a class that you must outsmart your opponents with (with dirty, but fun to play against/with tactics). As it stands, they just hold all the cards. What is the longterm goal with pirate?

    From what I’ve seen all classes are a jack of all trades. Each has an effective long range choice. Knight with crossbow. Spartans with Jav. Samurai with bow, and ninja with the throwing stars.

  • I agree with most points that have been brought up. I do enjoy the game, moreso than current live Chivalry. Some first impressions/thoughts:

    As others have said, most of the maps are too large and directionless. While aesthetically pleasing, walking for a minute to get to your teammates who are in a fight is entirely too long and will result in the battle being over before you get there. Some of the maps also feel unoptimized and give bad FPS. They look great, but just aren’t that fun in my opinion.

    Game Modes
    I haven’t gotten to test all of the modes, so I’m not sure how many there are, (a few weren’t working properly the last time I got to test) but I feel there needs to be something akin to TO. While there really isn’t a narrative that can be strung together like in live Chivalry, it doesn’t need one. Give a team an objective that’s challenging and interesting, and that’ll keep the replay value high.

    One plus was the multi team games. One mode had the classes only on certain teams. Running through the map with a group of ninjas, spamming shhhh and no, and encountering 5 pirates using the blunderbuss was hilarious and great. I do feel that multi team LTS could use some rule changes. I posted about that here.

    UI and Server Browser
    Overall I like this better than the currently used one, even in it’s unfinished state. However, please make sure it scales with resolution. I had to reconnect to the server each time the map changed due to not being able to see/click the thing (I have no clue what it was/says since I couldn’t see it) before being able to choose team/class.

    The server browser HAS to be fixed by the time DW comes out. There’s just no way the game can succeed on the scale that Medieval Warfare did if all the issues remain. People who bought the base game will see the it’s still messed up, and wonder why they should bother paying for more of the same.

    Also, as you’re already aware, the current font is terrible and all caps.

    The animations are probably the most important thing in the game. They’re looking great, but transitions/certain things do not look very smooth. I’m sure this is a high priority from what I’ve heard, so not going to harp on it too much, just reiterating due to it’s importance.

    Other random thoughts
    I’ll post more in appropriate threads as I think/find things, but so far despite the criticisms I have, I am pleasantly surprised. I originally thought that it was a dumb idea (still sounds dumb) but hey, it’s fun. The tracer changes are a great compromise between people that want the freedom to do what is currently possible, but also appease the people that think it’s overpowered/broken. The choice to accelerate now comes at the price of dramatically decreased damage, so it makes the decision to slow or speed an attack a tactical one.

    The current tutorial is a great step in the right direction, but I feel you can go even further in depth and explain all the new/old mechanics so that people understand them before they get in a game with experienced players.

    I also think that new tutorial videos should be made prior to release, demonstrating both basic concepts as well advanced techniques and class specific things (ninja dodge, viking berserk, etc) and link them in game. Giving the players the information instead of forcing them to seek it out will take a lot of the frustration at certain things out of the experience for new players.

    Also, let every projectile be parryable please. Parrying shurikens while dueling ninjas was about the most badass thing I’ve done in game and it feels great. Doing the same for arrows and bullets will take out a lot of the “archer” hate that currently chivalry has. It’s a melee based game for the most part, and giving players a skillful way to counter ranged besides using ranged or hoping the other player misses will be a great addition to the game.

    Enough rambling for now.

  • There’s still a lot that I have to try out so this’ll probably come out very short. So far I haven’t been able to play against other people because of technical issues with the server but I’ve had a bit of fun against bots. Although it has to be said they’re practically blind for the most part, just walking around in circles with nowhere to go. It takes a forever and a half for my team to find the enemy bots - and vice versa. Truth be told, takes me almost as long since I’m not used to the new maps.

    I love Ninja’s voice commands. Especially the muffled laugh, haha. The voice acting in CMW has been something I’ve loved since I bought the game and I’m glad to see CDW doesn’t disappoint in that area. However, some of the voices do seem a bit quieter than the others. Could be just me and my bad headphones though. However, pirate’s blunderbuss is definitely loud.

    The only “bug” (so far) that has hindered with my game is the problem with crashing. One or two of the maps just seems to crash for me without any reason. Can’t quite recall the names at the moment.

    But as I said, I’ve yet to play against other people so I can’t say much more than that. Of course I could point out the obvious texture-lacking maps and the stiff animations etc. but it’s alpha. These are almost like “features” of an alpha version, not bugs.

  • Just got the beta recently so heres my first impressions:

    Overall i like Deadliest Warrior alot, for me its better then CMW. The fast paced combat feels really good and smooth, i love the new movement speed of all the classes. I also like the diversity every class offers and the new mechanics (Throwing your 2h axe is amazing!).

    Pirate and Viking class feel really good so far to me and alot of fun to play.

    Basically i feel like the balancing will play a huge role in the question if Deadliest Warrior will be a hit or not. There’s some things i don’t like and feel like they have to go (Bubble), and theres some aspect that require serious balancing like the range aspect of the game, which in the current state would be a nightmare on pubs if the game would release like this.

    Basically it has alot of potential to become a very good game. Other then that, good job so far ;)

  • Having played my first couple hours of Deadliest Warrior today, i can say that it is quite enjoyable, and promises to be a very fun game, maybe even better than CMW in some ways.

    Other than the obvious issues any beta is expected to have, there really isn’t much that bothers me, other than a few things.

    One thing i feel needs changing is the Ninja’s roll. Maybe its just me, but i don’t really feel like it carries you very far, which makes escaping medium and even small range weapons more difficult. This, of course, could be intended, but regardless i think it should make you move a little more, because while it is far from useless right now, it still isn’t quite as effective as i would have expected. Also, maybe i wasn’t paying attention, but do Ninjas have any kind of “backstab” bonus, like archers from Chivalry? It would make sense that they would, being so stealthy, nimble, and frail in open combat, it would encourage a more tactful and sneaky playstyle for the ninja, which would make sense.

    Another thing that bothered me was the size of some maps, namely, “Acropolis.” Now, don’t get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE that maps are so huge, but i feel that in some cases, the run from spawn to where the fighting is happening is too large. There needs to be a faster way to engage the enemy, maybe via shortcuts, or by having multiple spawn point choices? This could obviously cause problems, but my point is, there should be a faster way to get from spawn to the glorious, bloody battle.

    Other than that, i don’t really have any other negative things to say about it. I like that weapons now do more or less damage depending on how close/far you are from your enemy, and how stuff like hitting your opponent with the very beginning of your swing does little damage and doesn’t stagger. I do feel like this game has a much larger focus on melee and less on ranged combat, all classes other than the Pirate have far greater damage potential in melee versus what ranged weapons they can have. It does seem like it’s harder to land blows, but that’s probably because I’m not used to the animations yet and because of how much more versatile your arsenal of swings and combo transitions are. I’m sure I’ll find more to critique as i continue to play, but that’s all i have to say for now.

    Oh, one more thing. I DEMAND the immediate addition of satisfying, brutal punching sounds like the ones from CMW! It is a little confusing and disheartening when your punches elicit no “Smack!” sound while you are beating the snot out of someone. Just saying.

  • Honestly, I was expecting this to be a horrible mess with knights and pirates dominating, but so far, things seem surprisingly not-broken. There are definitely some balance issues, but overall I’d say that things are coming along nicely.

    The maps are nice, and aside from the occasional terrain collision error, seem to be pretty well put together. My only complaint would be that certain parts of the pirate map are tough to access, and what would appear to be natural stairs, are actually small walls, and have to be jumped, rather than climbed.

    I was expecting guns to be horribly out of whack, but they seem to be pretty decent. The pistol needs to have it’s sniper aspect turned WAY down, however. Where the blunderbuss is all kinds of innacurate, (as it should be,) the pistol can hit people in the face from across the map. Even with the limited ammo and long reload, I feel like this is too powerful. Might want to give the blunderbuss more drop, or a bigger spread, as well.

    Aside from the knight’s current parry bug, it seems to be pretty well in-line with the other classes. I was expecting it’s superior armor to really dominate, but against a samurai sword or a ninjato, the bigger weapons help in making him feel more like a tank, and consequentially, having him take way more damage. The crossbow is in a good place, with maybe one or two extra bolts being in order. The samurai’s bow is far more forgiving, and from what little I’ve seen, tends to use this to be a more effective support weapon, where the crossbow is only really useful if you can hit targets accurately. Where a miss with the bow doesn’t hurt too bad, a miss with the crossbow means you lose a fifth of your ammo, since most surfaces seem to eat your bolts.

    I haven’t played much of the viking, but he seems to know what he wants to be. The weapon toss serves as a good shock tactic, and lets you close in for the combo-spam that he excels at. If anything is wrong with him, it’s that he becomes completely worthless if he throws all his weapons, and manages to miss. Maybe let him use the tiny knife strapped to his back in this instance?

    The samurai is incredibly versatile, but manages to not be completely overpowered, which I think is an accomplishment in itself. No complaints here.

    I played very little of the spartan, as he seems to be pretty OP right now. The sarissa is easily the best support weapon in the game at the moment, and the shield bash is absolute murder if you can get a combo going. Much as I’d like to, I feel I can’t really suggest what to do beyond some nerfing without further testing.

    I like the ninja’s melee-archer feel, and I think that he’s in a pretty good place. Maybe ease up on the rolls a bit, or make them more costly, as they seem to be a tad too powerful in 1v1 scenarios atm. The smoke bombs, melee weapons, and shuriken all feel pretty good. And for the love of god, don’t get rid of the double jump. It’s hilarious.

    Overall, I’d say that aside from the pirate and the spartan, things feel pretty balanced, and glitches seem to be fairly minimal. Feels like the game has a lot of potential, and seems to be on it’s way to being realized.

  • Just had my first fights (first time I didn’t crash when I tried to join a server :P) and I was quite surprised that this game is actually quite nice and playable. I think it’s supposed to be Alpha (it is, isn’t it?), but it already feels like a beta and is already fun to play. I like some of the classes a lot (Samurai, Pirates, Knights), even though I have the feeling that the Ninja-class is not really useful atm. As a brandistock player I kinda miss a slow poke-weapon but I didn’t play all classes yet so maybe there is one and I’ve missed it. The levels I’ve played so far are nice, even though there could be more details (like on the pirate-island-map). Some of the heavy weapons seem a bit too fast (like the knights halberd) but other than that I can’t really say much yet as I’ve only played a couple of rounds so far.

  • Have only played about half an hour with bots this morning, but right off the bat I’ve noticed combo queuing feels off. Requires a lot of spamming the desired button to trigger it correctly, which throws off my aim. Could just be a matter of adjusting to the new timings, but it’d be nice if it was more forgiving. Perhaps a slider in the input menu, much like the double tap one, would allow each player to adjust it to their liking.
    Oh and the Spartan spear throw has a tendency to trigger unintentionally.

    Other than that, I’m blown away with the progress that’s been made since announcement. Hope to get a game in with you all tomorrow morning.

  • I’ve only been BETA testing for about a week. So far I like the diversity and classes and that they all have ranged. The spartan is a little OP, but there will always be an OP class at every point.
    I wish somehow TBS can put in an Objective mode.
    Animation is great, and im a little curious about customizations. Will it be similar to CMW? I hope so that is. I love the customization in CMW and hope DW will continue it.
    When a viking throws an 1h axe and kills somebody he cannot get the axe back even after walking over a corpse. I think that should be fixed.
    Also i feel that the Knight should have 8 arrows.
    There needs to be more players during the play times. I am able to play each of the times during the day yet, the server is barely populated.

    I am going to play some more today, and have more feedback soon!

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