Training Multiplayer

  • I think that the whole training room is a really nifty place. If you added things like cuttable logs and cleaned it up a bit, it is definitely the place I’d take a girl and spend lots of time there. Probably why my girlfriend doesn’t think I’m romantic. ANYHOO, I think having the training area, especially the gauntlet mode, as a multiplayer area would be fantastic. Ideally the gauntlet could be co-op or 4 players max but if you added this to map rotation you could just have 4 gauntlets side by side that don’t interfere with one another (on a 16 player server) and block more than 4 players going in a single gauntlet it’d be a cool co-op mode. Thoughts? I haven’t really thought this through so feel free to shoot me down or whatever.

  • Though not my idea of the ideal hang out place for you and your girl, tackling the gauntlet with a friend or even just duking it out in the duel room sounds like a lot of fun to me :)

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