• So i was wondering how much spectator friendly will this great game be. I don’t own a beta key myself so i’m speaking from what i’ve seen from videos on youtube. Will there be an option to spectate from first person or like in counter-strike to look from above the whole map and see just dots for the players? Also are you planing to make for example a client like hltv or something similar?

  • On the team select screen, you can join as a spectator. You can then freely fly a camera around the map, but cannot clip though anything the players collide with.

  • Spectating is often underrated in many games…But not this one !

  • Yes,

    Well fortunately this game is designed very well and actually upholds old-school pc traditions where you can pick teams and choose spectator etc, just like in the old days with UT,Quake,Cs and so forth. The only downside with the ue3 is that it does not really allow for first-person spec where drawing the weapon models as in say ID tech 3 (quake,cod1-2).

    I’m sure it could be done/developed but i haven’t really seen any UE3 game actually present a decent fps-spec with weapon-models drawn to the spectator. Red Orchestra 2 didn’t do it either as far as i remember unless they’ve patched it in as of late.

  • It’s something we’ll eventually get to. It’s on a giant to-do list. Hehe.

  • ARGH, now I want to see this to-do list, you bastard!

  • @PowerZ:

    ARGH, now I want to see this to-do list, you bastard!

    They always forget to add “Buy milk”.

  • I’m lactose intolerant D<

  • @b3h47pte:

    I’m lactose intolerant D<

    That doesn’t mean you have to punish the whole team with your tyrannical no milk policy.

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  • I’m sure this milk is poured in barrels… Damn barrels ! Can’t accept defeat those round wooden basterds.

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