Pirate gun bugs

  • Well everyone knows it but of course the “bee swarm headset destroyer” issue, and something I did not see reported:

    The blunderbuss can pick up ammunition from dead Spartan corpses (so it acts as an throwing weapon?) [edit - same with walking over samurai bodies, I guess it picks up ammo from any corpse?], and while doing so it auto-reloads. Basically when you pick up ammo with a blunderbuss its ready to shoot without the need to go through the loading animation.

  • Same with the pistole.

  • Can confirm

  • Also the pistole seems to reload automatically. I think many players would prefer to do it manually like the blunderbuss ®. The autoreload makes movement slower and you might need to sprint away before people get too close. To do this you’d either have to wait for the reload which would almost always get you killed or switch weapons which also leaves you vulnerable. I think a manual reload would be a lot better. Also, nice touch with allowing the blunderbuss to block.

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