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    We have decided to give you another chance so please wait a few days for the ban to be lifted.

    Please remember that the low level servers are only for new players and smurfing on them is against the rules.

  • Steam ID:
    Server you were banned on: =SM=
    Who banned you: Wisdom Like Silence
    Reason for ban: I accidentally kill the player in my team
    Your appeal: It was not intentionally and i ask for to forgive me. It was my fault but there were a lot on enemy in the battle around me
    Please remove the ban so i can play again

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    @loki85 We have no power on private owned servers, you should contact Sneaky Monkeys if you want to get unbanned on their server.

  • @mskittyiana ok thanks

  • Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:102365619
    Server you were banned on: All Official servers
    Who banned you: Unknown
    Reason for ban: LvL reset
    Your appeal: for twelve months there was a lady but it was not lifted when it was finished please understand that I am wrong and also apologize for the reset hack

  • Banned

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62136811

    Server you were banned on: Official Server UK #05

    Who banned you: Dust and Bones

    Reason for ban: Glitching

    Your appeal: Hello Torn Banner. I got banned almost immediately after I got unbanned about 3 months ago for standing on top of the gate at the first agatha spawn on dark forest and sniping people from the top of it.

    I was told I would not get another chance, but I implore you to give me one still. I play the game almost every day, and behaving very well (as opposed to how I behaved when I got the first ban), so a global ban is extremely restricting. It was a clear breaking of the rules, no question, but I want to make clear that I never had any bad intentions while doing it.

    Additional comments: I really hope you will give me another chance, and assure you, I will not break the trust.

  • Hello

    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Some moderator, can’t remember the name

    Reason for ban (if known): I “vote abused” repeatedly

    Your appeal: Votekicking is a feature of the game, to me it’s like I was banned for feinting.

    Additional comments: I use votekicks to kick people that play a way I find annoying, and other people often find them annoying aswell. The day I was banned, the player I votekicked was successfully kicked (by like 75% of the players) a moderator then entered the server and told me “you abused the votekicking” or something like this and banned me.

    At first I was only banned from the official UK servers, but I could still play on the DE ones. Now I’m banned from both.

    Why is votekicking activated if it’s not allowed ? And why is the delay so short if you think using votekicks at the “normal” frequence that you make possible with your servers’ rules is enough to get banned ?

    It’s like you give everyone a guitar and then say “anyone who plays the guitar here will get fined”, ridiculous…

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  • @trizzlfizzl

    Absolutely no chance will you be unbanned. Last chance means last chance.

    In addition to glitching around the map your language has been seen on many different occasions to be abhorrent. Find a different game and try behaving like a reasonable human being in that one.

  • @Kitten-Fight


    We have decided to deny your ban appeal. You have been global banned for repeatedly abusing the votekick system as you stated in your appeal. Aside from that you were teamdamaging/killing intentionally. You also have been playing on Officials Servers while being global banned. Make another ban appeal in 3 months. If you keep playing on Officials Servers during this time, your ban will only extent to a longer term.

    – Esudesu

    Hi, I don’t know who banned me, but I was banned for racism. I would like to appeal on the grounds that I merely translated a Russian users nickname to english in the chat. The Russians nickname was “Evil nigger Jamal”, written in Russian cyrilic of course, and I was banned for simply re-writing his nickname in the chat. Therefore I implore you to have my ban removed please.
    Kindest regards

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    @bogy91 Hi Bogy91, you are not banned from official servers so I suspect you might have been playing on a private server like the Sneaky Monkeys server? If so, they have their own private forum and ban appeal process. There are some words that you shouldn’t use in chat for any reason and the SM server will auto-ban you if you use them.

  • @random428 Great, thanks for the tip.

  • VAC-Shutdown. Hi, I know I am globally banned - But now also VAC? For what reason? I can’t even play on my own server.
    Please respond.

  • Steam Community ID: 76561198048192209 - me

    Steam Community ID: 76561198007519289 - #1

    Steam Community ID: 76561198130225558 - #2

    Who banned you (if known): Valind (Pretty sure)

    Reason for ban (if known): Retaliated vs teamkiller (IIRC)

    Your appeal: We have been banned for almost 7 months now and I feel responsible or getting them banned as they had never been banned or warned before. They only joined in because people were attacking me. They have done that in the past as well but never attacked anyone intentionally. If you can’t or won’t unban me then at least consider unbanning them. While they might’ve been on your radar, that was because I was getting reported a lot, as much has been said to me by admins in the past.

    Please unban us and help the EU games fill up because let’s be real here, Chivalry is or at least was pretty dead back in late 2017 :/

  • Steam Community ID: 76561198044005318

    Who banned you (if known): Unknown

    Reason for ban (if known): Smurfing

    Your appeal: I can only apologise for stupidly continuing to smurf after the warning I received a few weeks ago. I tend to suck at the game and I used the low rank servers to try and improve. If you decide to unban me I will steer clear.

    Additional comments: Thank you for considering me for an unban.

    my ip is banned.

  • Global Moderator

    @jamielannistor said in Ban Appeals:

    as you already had a second and last chance, we decided to not lift your ban.
    Your 2 friends should write a ban appeal here and we will answer.


  • @nielos55

    We have decided to give you another chance and lifted the ban. Please allow a few days for it to process.


  • Steam Community ID: or STEAM_1:1:155585799
    Who banned you (if known): Not known
    Reason for ban (if known): It was more than a year ago i forgot
    Your appeal: I don’t remember why i was banned but it was 427 days ago so i think ive served enough punishment
    Additional comments: I was permabanned

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    You received a VAC ban from Steam and we have absolutely no control over that. VAC bans are given automatically by Steam when they detect that software used for cheating is running on your machine when you play on a VAC-secured server.

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