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    @rayy Hey rayy

    It seems like you have been unbanned before. You didn’t learn from your mistakes and still deliberately teamkilled your teammates, after multiple warnings from different admins which you decided to just ignore. We decided to ban you again from our servers. Because this is your 2nd ban for the exact same thing, your appeal will be denied.

    Kind regards,

  • @mskittyiana I didn’t teamkill, maybe by accident, and i’m sorry. But i never intentional teamkilled. I’m a fan of this game, and it’s a real injustice, believe me

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): I don t know

    Reason for ban (if known): Glitching

    Your appeal: I am not really glitching. I just jumped on spots where everyone can jump. I was admonished by an admin but the consequences where not clear for me. I am really sorry and i dont do that again. I play chivalry since 3 years and have many friends in the game. I really want to continue playing the game and please give me a last chance to play my favorite game. Thank you very much.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): Unknown
    Reason for ban (if known): Unknown
    Your appeal: I was originally banned because I had reset my steam profile chivalry account using a third party software so that I could continue to play on the newbie servers. An admin spoke to me about this months ago during a game and I agreed to leave the game and not to return to those servers (which I didn’t). Some days latter I realised I was banned from pretty much all servers, although for some reason I retained access to only a few official servers.

    Additional comments: I have been playing on those 2 servers one was the UK official #7 and the other was a DE duel server since then as these were the only official servers I could access. Today however after playing for 2 or 3 games I was kicked & ip banned from the UK server and the kick message said “appeal on forums”. I admit that what I did originally was a mistake and that I should not have been playing on the lowbie servers, but I don’t understand why I was kicked today… I don’t engage in any form of antisocial activity I was just playing minding my own business and playing on a regular level server. I would respectfully request that my ban is removed so that I can once again enjoy the game on regular servers. I have learnt from my original error and hope that the admins will allow me to play the regular servers without the need to kick me please.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): unknown
    Reason for ban (if known): unknown

    Your appeal: I love this game. I have been far away from this game for too long. It was 1-2 years ago, far in the distant past that I was banned, for reasons long forgotten to me. I would like to taste the combat of this game once more, and would kindly request to be allowed into the fray again.

    Additional comments: I guarantee that I have changed over the past 1-2 years, and I would not commit any act that I have done before which has led to my ban. I will change in any possible way you request of me, and I will strive to become an honorable member of our community.

  • Steam Community ID: flowers

    Who banned you: No idea

    Reason for ban: No idea

    Your appeal: I literally got on one day and got this message.

    When trying to join have pm’d 2 devs and they have no idea; they told me to ask admins/mods and the ones I know have no idea what it is.

  • Steam community ID:
    Who banned you: idk
    Reason for ban: Toxic behaviour
    Your appeal: Hey) I`ve been banned 5 months ago for toxic behaviour,and i think its preety much to understand my mistakes, can u pls unban me?thanks :D
    Additional comments: ,ive been little bit toxic and i was teamkilling several times.I know its bad behaviour,but most of my teamkills were an answer to an other players,who teamkilled me first.Anyway,now i understand that i must ve been more calm,and dont TK,even though others teamkilling me. Im sorry about all of that,rly sorry,but ChivalryMedieval warfare is one of my favourite games,im in friendly relationship with many of its community players,im skilled player of this game D (i can read feints,i know how to use drags and etc).Can u pls unban me?

  • @tiltflowers You have been found glitching on official servers.
    Instantly regenerating health in the enemy spawn is considered abusing game mechanics (/glitching).
    I’m willing to unban you if you stop using these ‘mechanics’

  • @force alright agreed

  • @skullrider I’ve done as you asked 4 days ago. it would mean a lot if I would get another reply

  • @tiltflowers Your ban will be lifted within a couple of days. Keep in mind a second time will be permanent.

  • Steam community ID:
    Who banned you: idk
    Reason for ban: glitch abuse year ago
    Your appeal: I used a glitch a year ago and was banned for it. I want to play this game again.
    Additional comments: Do apologise and wont use glitches

  • @force why a couple days?

  • @tiltflowers Mostly because it’s low priority, this is more or less done in bulk.

  • @ambitiousbox

    Hello CrashBandicunt,

    First of all, it’s best to be clear and honest in your ban appeal. I was the admin that warned you and your friend for multiple times to stop using discriminatory slurs, teamdamaging/killing on purpose as clear in the evidences we collected. Even if it is your friend; it is still against the Official Server Rules. Please make another ban appeal in 2 months using right ban appeal formats.
    Do not forget that it will only extend your ban playing on our servers with an alternative account.


  • @curtiscc

    Hello Curtis,

    We have decided to accept your ban appeal. Please allow a few days for the unban to process.
    Remember to check out our server rules:

  • @esudesu How was my appeal not in the right format? i really dont understand

  • @ambitiousbox and the day I WAS BANNED, i was given no warning. I can assure you and I’ve been looking at the other appeals and mine literally has all the other information as the other appeals but mine isn’t the “right” format. i dont know who banned me so im not even going to bother putting that information down, the ban was mostly for the tk, my appeal was I really wanted to go back to NA duels but I didn’t say the server name, and for the additional comment, the latest patch I no longer have my skins. I have Exactly the same format as other people but you told me to make another in 2 months.

  • @FORCE Hi could you please check if my appeal has been overlooked. Many Thanks

  • This post is deleted!

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