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    Your appeal is denied.

    I warned you multiple times about the mapvote abuse, (voting FFA on LTS servers and spamming mapvotes when it fails), I also explained why you shouldn’t do it. Kicking and local banning you from the server did not seem to change your mind, you still kept going with the mapvote abuse. You ignored all those warnings and just kept going, before I put you on the global ban list I said you would receive a global ban and had to make an appeal. You didn’t and just kept playing while abusing mapvote again and again. I warned you again saying you would receive a gameban but you didn’t care and kept playing. I warned you again you would be gamebanned if you kept playing on Officials, still you kept playing on Officials. There was absolutely no way to stop you from breaking the rules and/or stop you from playing during your global ban. This is why you received a gameban.

    You can make another appeal 4 months from now, during that time you are not allowed to play on any (alt) accounts during your ban.

    Your appeal does not show any apprehension of the rules or any reflection on your misbehavior and why spamming (wrong map) votes is affecting other (joining) players. If you want a more detailed explanation feel free to visit me in admin chat or PM me.

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  • @catbug

    Hello Catbug,

    I would like to appeal again for my mute, it has been 3 months from my previous appeal and I would like to know if my appeal wil get accepted now.

    My appologies for any inconvenience I may have caused and thanks in advance!

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    As we caught you using alternate accounts on official servers, we stronlgy suggest you to avoid them and come back to write another appeal in 3 months.
    each time we will catch you on them, one more month added.


  • @valind Ok, I will stay away from any official server until middle of october. I will get back to you when the time comes.

  • @skyfell said in Ban Appeals:

    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known):
    I am not quite sure which one of the admins it was.

    Reasons for ban (if known):
    Spawncamping, naming a community server official

    Your appeal:
    I admit being a part of the above, those things did happen. The spawncamping i can not justify at all it was simply awful behaviour.
    The group with which i was playing back then did rent a server and named it official. I did go along with it.
    I did create 2 more accounts in order to continue to play chivalry but did not continue the behaviour mentioned above.

    Additional comments:
    It is worth mentioning that I have never and will never cheat.
    In fact before the ban occured i did also do good things for the community as i caught multiple cheaters and reported them to the official admins who confirmed the bans. Moreover I always helped players, old and new, with questions they had or instructed them in becoming better.

    I have been banned for about 2 years now and i hope that you have enough faith in me that i won’t go against the official server rules again.


    So basically I am banned for the same reasons as Skyfall was banned. I would appreciate it if you could look at my case again.


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    We have decided to give you another chance and removed the mute. Please allow a few days for it to process.


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    Please fill your appeal with a steamID as expected.


  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): I do not know!

    Reason for ban (if known): Spawncamping, naming a community server official.

    Your appeal: I did a lot of spawncamping and spawnkilling when I discovered that one can easily enter the enemy spawn without glitching by simply jumping or by using the charge attack of a vanguard. The group with which I was playing back then did rent a server and named it official. I did go along with it. I did create 2 more accounts in order to continue to play chivalry but did not continue the behaviour mentioned above. However this was years ago and I never made an appeal up until this point.

    Additional comments: I hope all those years (i can´t remember how many) have been punishment enough for me and i kindly request to be unbanned.


  • Global Moderator


    using alt accounts to evade your ban is also against our rules.
    Please stay away from our servers and write another ban appeal in 3 months.
    if we catch you on our servers one month will be added, each time.


  • @valind Got it. See you in 3 months.

  • @valind I was told to come back in a month for an unban <3

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): I dont know

    Reason for ban (if known): Toxic behaviour

    Your appeal: I`ve posted here 2 months ago, asking you to unban me, but you told me, that i need to make another ban appeal at the end of july, and only then u will unban me. So, its already end of july, and i ask u to unban me.

    Additional comments: Its been quite a long time since im banned, and now i understand that it insults other players, when im acting toxic. i`ve understood my mistakes, so i ask u to unban me. Thank u!

  • It’s been 4 months since i was told to make another appeal in another 2 months and i did but i haven’t been given an answer yet. I would like to know when I can start playing again so please respond.


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    @negan OK Negan, you can have your second chance now. Please remember the rules because there are no third chances. The unban will take a few days to be processed.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): ?

    Reason for ban (if known): Smurfing

    Your appeal: was told to appeal in 4 months, that was 6 months ago. Was hoping you could give me another chance? I honestly want to go back to the official servers and ignore smurfing, I haven’t even bothered to try it since.

    Additional comments: I know I tried a family share account, but that was to see if it was my account, I couldn’t play on community servers at all and thought my account had an issue, so i tried to my CSGO account and had the same issue. please bear in mind I had no malicious intent in doing so and come clean in using my alt to try to find out this issue.

    Don’t know who banned me (was a while ago)
    Mistaken for a smurf, I understand that there was a lot of issues back then with smurfs but I played on a few private servers with mates as that was what I was interested in, I became better and better, without leveling up. My mates were busy for a while with uni and I had no one to play with so I decided to try out the public servers, an admin joined, saw my kd ratio and banned me without even saying anything.
    To my knowledge, playing on a ‘noob server’ when you aren’t level 15 yet isn’t against the rules, I understand the situation but id like to be unbanned as I payed for this game and I’d like to play it! Again, this was a while ago as I boycotted the game for a while out of anger and didn’t bother to appeal, but I had a sudden strong urge to play it.

  • @random428 you seem to be an active mod on here, i was told to come back in a month for an appeal but the mod never replied

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    @narwolez OK Narwolez, you have your second chance now. Please stay away from the low level servers when the unban is processed in a couple of days.

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