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  • @kimiko said in Ban Appeals:

    Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): I can’t say for sure. Most likely Valind, though.
    Reason for ban (if known): Foul language

    Your appeal: Myself and several other players were telling meme jokes. The jokes contained foul language and stereotypes for all cultures. Whether or not I’m the only one who was banned, I find this a very extreme course of action. I paid for this game… and the skins and weapons I play with. If we are going PG from now on, fine… I’ll play nice and stop cursing. Just please lift the ban so I can continue playing my favorite game.

    Additional comments: I’ve been playing Chivalry for over 4 years and I’ve never been banned. What’s going on, now? What’s changed? New admins, who are just more sensitive? Getting complaints from social justice warriors that the game is a toxic community that requires censoring of players who hold humor or opinions that might trigger someone? I am upset, because I did not threaten anyone; I merely used inappropriate language (while I was drunk) and now my favorite game is all but unplayable for me.

    Sorry for the inappropriate language. I won’t do it again. I promise. Please let me play on the official servers again.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): unknown

    Reason for ban (if known): too good on a low rank server

    Your appeal: Me and my brother were taking turns playing Chivalry, using my account. While it was his turn an admin banned him for playing on the low rank servers. Now my only way to play is to use his account but that way I can only play on the pro servers. Please consider removing the ban on my account.

    Additional comments: Pretty please!

  • @aaabbb

    Appeal denied. You have been warned about smurfing on low ranks but choose to ignore the warning, you cannot appeal your ban. If you want to get back at your brother, PM me his steam ID.


  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): Don’t know

    Reason for ban (if known): Maybe for trolling

    Your appeal: I’m sorry for the thing i made to get a ban. I really wish about an unban, i play this game from 5 years. This is my second request after the first denied try, after 2 months.
    Thank you for considering.

  • @mingay-anad

    Appeal denied.

    I saw you playing on 23/11/2018 on your banned account. You need to stop playing the game in order for an unban to be considered. Try again in a few months. Assuming you actually stop trying to join Official Servers this time.

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  • Global Moderator


    You’ve been warned and have choosen to ignore the warning.
    Please come back in 3 months for a second chance.


  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Not a clue

    Reason for ban (if known): God knows

    Your appeal: You obviously know who I am, just logged into chiv after about a year away from the game to see how bad I have got, seems I’m banned from official servers but after being away so long I can only imagine Its something I did a long time ago, just want info on why I was actually banned thank you :)

    Additional comments: Yes this is a bad appeal but I really have no clue why I was banned and seems a bit dumb to say sorry just for the sake of it :D

  • @draconix

    Appeal denied, you were caught using exploits three months ago, hardly a year away. This was your last chance so you will have no means to appeal. If you get caught playing on Officials with any steam account again you will get gamebanned. You are however allowed to play on non Official servers.


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  • Global Moderator

    @PonyRampage Your ban isnt just because jump glitch. Some of your offenses include: Proposital Teamkill, proposital hits in respawn and racism. Your choice was bypass our ban system and use smurfs to play. That’s againts our official server rules. We gameban steam profiles in cases like you when the offender bypass the ban system many times.

    Appeal is not allowed. No more chances.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you :Catbug

    Reason for ban :Griefing \Teamkilling (That s the only ones I m aware of)

    Your appeal: Banned from all official servers(global).Never been banned till recently in 5 years of playing this game.Please unban me and I promise you won t regret doing so.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): -?

    Reason for ban (if known): -cheat?

    Your appeal:

    Hi all,

    at first, i’m aware that as the owner of the account, i’m responsible for the use and so in advance i’m sorry for the trouble that has been caused with it…obviously if a ban has been done i suppose that is for legitimate reason.
    About my side of the story : my nephew was at home during the christmas holliday, and as often, he plays with my computer and so sometimes with my steam account…Initially, i trust him about the proper way of doing things…anyway…and of course he tried chivalry…i didnt know before to see the warning message when i opened Steam yesterday (15days later)…i asked him and i understood…
    I spiel off, I am over 14 years old on steam (lvl 27, +230games), i’m now, with work and family, a casual player, i dont play to chivalry since 2013…and i dont have plan for it.
    As proof, then, i have definitivelly removed the game in my official steam library. I have never been banned before, in any game, even for chat…and I honestly have no reason to cheat in pixel life…
    I have only few irl friend in my steam friendlist, i just want to enjoy serenely of my account.

    Sorry again, best regards.

  • @mihai

    Appeal denied for now, you may create a new appeal three months from now. You were also abusing votekick after which you received a warning, this did not stop you from teamkilling the admin who warned you. Please update your next appeal with this information.

    Also note that you are not allowed to play on any Official server with any account, failing to do so may get your accounts gamebanned.

  • @souquet

    Appeal denied. You are the one that downloaded the cheat, you should take sole responsibility for it. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating which means you have no means to appeal your ban. Be aware that any future account for Chivalry will get banned as well.

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  • Hi everyone
    I got banned for being smurf like 1 year ago and an admin told me to we can remove your ban after 6 month.
    Well it has been like 1 year or more and im really bored of this ban can you please remove this ban im already +20 level and never go smurfing and i apologize to you guys. my steam profile if you need it

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