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    You’ve been warned and have choosen to ignore the warning.
    Please come back in 3 months for a second chance.


  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Not a clue

    Reason for ban (if known): God knows

    Your appeal: You obviously know who I am, just logged into chiv after about a year away from the game to see how bad I have got, seems I’m banned from official servers but after being away so long I can only imagine Its something I did a long time ago, just want info on why I was actually banned thank you :)

    Additional comments: Yes this is a bad appeal but I really have no clue why I was banned and seems a bit dumb to say sorry just for the sake of it :D

  • @draconix

    Appeal denied, you were caught using exploits three months ago, hardly a year away. This was your last chance so you will have no means to appeal. If you get caught playing on Officials with any steam account again you will get gamebanned. You are however allowed to play on non Official servers.


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    @PonyRampage Your ban isnt just because jump glitch. Some of your offenses include: Proposital Teamkill, proposital hits in respawn and racism. Your choice was bypass our ban system and use smurfs to play. That’s againts our official server rules. We gameban steam profiles in cases like you when the offender bypass the ban system many times.

    Appeal is not allowed. No more chances.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you :Catbug

    Reason for ban :Griefing \Teamkilling (That s the only ones I m aware of)

    Your appeal: Banned from all official servers(global).Never been banned till recently in 5 years of playing this game.Please unban me and I promise you won t regret doing so.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): -?

    Reason for ban (if known): -cheat?

    Your appeal:

    Hi all,

    at first, i’m aware that as the owner of the account, i’m responsible for the use and so in advance i’m sorry for the trouble that has been caused with it…obviously if a ban has been done i suppose that is for legitimate reason.
    About my side of the story : my nephew was at home during the christmas holliday, and as often, he plays with my computer and so sometimes with my steam account…Initially, i trust him about the proper way of doing things…anyway…and of course he tried chivalry…i didnt know before to see the warning message when i opened Steam yesterday (15days later)…i asked him and i understood…
    I spiel off, I am over 14 years old on steam (lvl 27, +230games), i’m now, with work and family, a casual player, i dont play to chivalry since 2013…and i dont have plan for it.
    As proof, then, i have definitivelly removed the game in my official steam library. I have never been banned before, in any game, even for chat…and I honestly have no reason to cheat in pixel life…
    I have only few irl friend in my steam friendlist, i just want to enjoy serenely of my account.

    Sorry again, best regards.

  • @mihai

    Appeal denied for now, you may create a new appeal three months from now. You were also abusing votekick after which you received a warning, this did not stop you from teamkilling the admin who warned you. Please update your next appeal with this information.

    Also note that you are not allowed to play on any Official server with any account, failing to do so may get your accounts gamebanned.

  • @souquet

    Appeal denied. You are the one that downloaded the cheat, you should take sole responsibility for it. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating which means you have no means to appeal your ban. Be aware that any future account for Chivalry will get banned as well.

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  • Hi everyone
    I got banned for being smurf like 1 year ago and an admin told me to we can remove your ban after 6 month.
    Well it has been like 1 year or more and im really bored of this ban can you please remove this ban im already +20 level and never go smurfing and i apologize to you guys. my steam profile if you need it

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who Banned You: Unknown
    Reason For Ban: Smurfing
    My Appeal:
    Just as background to this situation I had previously shared a computer and steam account with my brothers so we had essentially all progressed together on the same profile that can be found here but recently I had to move out of the house to continue my education and so made this new account. I didn’t realise there would be a problem with this but obviously there is quite a disparity between my skill level and my account’s actual level. Despite this, though, I never lied about my situation when I did join a server and since creating my away from home account I have almost exclusively played on Sneaky Monkey’s 64 player server which is open to all profile levels so as to keep an even playing field. With that in mind, I was finally beginning to make some traction and actually rise up to a more appropriate rank (I’m currently level 30) when this ban came seemingly out of nowhere. I’m really sorry for having to whinge in this sort of appeal and for having caused any sort of disruption in the first place but I would just like to go back to what I love: playing the game you made. Ideally on my own account, but if doing so does breach the game’s terms than I’ll more than happily return to my old shared account. Any help or response would be greatly appreciated and sorry again.


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    OK, for 2019 you can have a second chance. Please remember that we will know it’s you if you try using alt accounts to play on the low level servers again so stay away from them. We are checking them even more often now. (It will take a few days for account to be removed from the ban list.)

  • @atlas01369

    It seems that you have been smurfing since november last year on different accounts, you have been banned for this offence and tried to evade the ban by playing on other accounts. Therefore your appeal is denied and you will be able to create another appeal 4 months from now.

    Also note that playing on the Officials on any account during your ban will result in all your accounts being permanently banned and will void your means to appeal in the future.

  • Steam ID:

    Who Banned You: Unknown

    Reason For Ban: I guess Smurfing

    My Appeal:
    I have been banned from almost every official and private server on 1st February 2019, I didn’t even know it was forbidden to smurf.
    Since in the morning timezone in Italy there were no servers to join, I decided to create a new account to play chivalry, also to give my gf a try in this game. I did it just once and I’m sorry for the inconvenience, it will never happen again of course.
    I feel sorry if I have caused any kind of problem and I hope I can go back to join the game again.
    Thank You

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known):Dont Remember

    Reason for ban (if known):Bad Language(racism)

    Your appeal: To Be unbanned

    Additional comments:I made an appeal 3 months ago, was told to come back in 3 months, so here i am, it wont happen again,

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): dont remember 4-6 months ago

    Reason for ban (if known):Toxicity(racist slur)

    Your appeal: I was just playing lts, being a bit trolly, than i said a racist word and was banned, so ive learnt my lessen i was told to appeal in 3months again its been longer

    Additional comments:ive been banned for about 6 months

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): No idea

    Reason for ban (if known): No idea

    Your appeal:I have not played for 1 month and when I start playing, a message tell me that I was banned.
    on every server that I tried this message appeared “You have been banned. Mistake ? Go to and PM an admin/mod with your steam profile.”

    Additional comments: I was been warned for smurfing one time ( but I don’t have secondary account ) but after that I stop playing on official servers

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