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  • Dear admin I have been banned from all official servers. I wrote to Torn Banner Studios email because I did not know the reason for the ban. They replied that it had been by “casual teamkiller”

    Honestly, I have about 2500 hours played. Many friends and desire to continue contributing my experience to the community.

    I do not think it’s fair to ban me without warning. Still, I apologize if I killed a partner. It was not my intention.

    Greetings- EL CID - EL CAMPEADOR LVL 56

    My account:

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    having 2500h in game doesn’t allow you to team kill on purpose your mates like you did since a very long time.
    your desire to continue contributing to the community will start again in 3 months starting from now when you’ll come back here with a new appeal and better intentions.

    a small part of our rules for your info :
    Circumventing local bans by use of family share or alt accounts on official server or circumvention of global bans by alt accounts may result in those alt accounts being banned.


  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Not known

    Reason for ban (if known): Shield Jumping

    Your appeal: I’m sorry for taking advantage of this exploit to kill enemies at their spawn, it really was something not thought out and was just me trying to get that edge and to have fun. Didn’t take into consideration what it felt like to the other team, but after 3 months of reflecting, I can definitely say I will never exploit the game like that again, it was wrong of me to do so.

    I only wish to play my favorite game again, I don’t mean any harm.

  • ID:

    Who banned you: No idea

    Reason for ban: No reason given, but it was obviously because I criticized the game in the discussions. I made my first post ever saying TB should get rid of the low-rank servers, and I was immediately, summarily banned with no explanation, no warning, nothing. I’ve been playing since 2012 without incident, so you will not convince me or anyone else that it’s something else. Anything you bring up as an alternate theory is a pretext at best. You have banned me for critiquing the game and suggesting improvements. Actually having to work for a living instead of sitting on an abandoned game, woo, biggest shake-up of your life. You crumble at the prospect of actually putting work into the game.


    There’s a huge risk that comes with giving administrative responsibility to random, unqualified people from the internet. For one thing, positions of pseudo-authority attract the very kind of people who are rejected from any real authority in real life. Give these people even the slightest illusion of power and they will immediately abuse it. They do not have the wisdom or the knowledge to judge anyone, especially when they themselves have a branch in their eye while they point out twigs in players’ eyes.
    Habeas corpus: In law, it means you can’t be held without cause. There must be proof that a crime was committed, let alone that you did it. “Show me the body.” Principles like these are beyond the reach of basement-dwelling neckbeards who get off on ruining someone else’s good time. Show me one person who was even slightly victimized by anything I said or did, and no, being offended doesn’t count. If you want to count it, I guarantee you have offended me far more than I’ve offended anyone, and if you discount that, you expose your hypocrisy. For not harming anyone, you have harmed me.
    Eye for an eye: The punishment should fit the crime. The answer to words you don’t like is more words. I call you a retard? You call me an autist. That’s even. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen. You can’t quantify any damage I’ve done, but I can quantify the damage you’ve done: a dollar figure, a number of years and a number of hours. If I demanded you compensate me minimum wage for every hour I’ve played this game, it’d bankrupt TB. I have a game in my library that you have bricked. I can’t even log onto private servers. I get the same message.
    Schadenfreude: I’m far from the most toxic player in this game. I’m not even as toxic as the mods who are supposed to be above the toxicity. There’s no real justification to take any action against me whatsoever, and if you held everyone to the same standards, everyone would be banned, including your own mods. Schadenfreude is the sensation of deriving malicious pleasure from the pain of others. Every tattletale, including whichever one decided to report me, loves schadenfreude. Everyone who abuses power does it for schadenfreude. You have nothing on me; only schadenfreude. I, unlike the tattletales, unlike the mods, derive no pleasure from watching others fall, which is why I’ve never reported players for their transgressions even though I could. I’m there to play the game as are most players, even the ones you with your privileged sensibilities consider distasteful, even the players you consider yourselves above. If you think it’s in the job description of a game developer to legislate what opinions are acceptable to express, you’re in the wrong business. You hate gamers, your own consumer base, and wonder why your company is failing.
    Cake: You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t take my money and brick my game. Legally speaking you have two choices: you can either unban me or refund me. We can do it the easy way or some other way that ends with the bankrupting of your company and many of you in prison. You have stolen from me. You are every bit as bad as a thug that jumps from an alleyway. There is nothing you can say to justify it. I’d like it to be the beginning of a wave of refunds. I don’t know what country you’re from, but in mine, we don’t pay when we’re not served. You’re shilling abandonware on Steam and somehow you’ve pulled the wool over Valve’s eyes. So, do the right thing or don’t. Makes no difference to me at this point since you’ve so disgusted me. Right now, the idea of exposing you people for what you are and teaching you some humility sounds more fun than playing your game. If you’re gonna do the right thing, do it fast. You have made this personal and anything that happens to your company or any individual associated with it, you’ve brought on yourself.

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    @the-lord No.

    Refer to the thread you posted on steam, the ban will stay for now. TL;DR Racism and shooting threats are not ok.

    Re-apply in 3 months and we will re-consider.

    P.S Any attempt at circumventing the ban will result in an extension, the ban only applies to OFFICIAL servers, you will be able to play on any private server that isn’t using our ban list. I’m sure they’d love to have you.

    PP.S I don’t like cake

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    Please don’t waste your second and last chance by following our rules. you’ll be able to play again on our servers in a few days, be patient.


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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): dont remember anymore

    Reason for ban (if known): toxic chat (racist remark)

    Your appeal: I was banned a bit ago for being toxic in chat and was told to re appeal in 1st days of march, i have my appeal again it wont happen again
    would love to be unbanned and be able to play again thank you

  • @valind Much appreciated!!!

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    feel free to come back here in one more month : we caught you using an alternate account while being banned from our servers.


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  • Steam Community ID

    Who banned you : Hoss

    Reason for ban :Tk

    Your appeal: :Im banned from oficial servers,wasn’t even warned for how long,there is a player called Arkhan,he team killed me in spawn and other parts of the map dozens of times in several different ocasions on purpose,I killed him back almost every time (always defending,I have screenshots to prove it),then Hoss (adm),told me something about start 2019 without chivalry,now im banned and dont even know for how long,I ask for being unbanned or at least some informations,Thanks. I apologize and won’t do it again,i’ll record and send to an administrator.

    Additional comments: Hoss told me a couple months ago that i would be unbanned in the first week of march,it’s secund week already im still banned,i apoligize and said that wouldn’t do it again to him personally.

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    @antaressh Your appeal is accepted. Your ban will be removed in the curse of these days.

    Remember, this is your 2nd and last chance. Next offence is a permanent ban without option to appeal anymore. Don’t waste it!

  • @billychivplayer Is someone going to help me? I can’t even join my own server because I’ve been banned and I don’t know why.

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    @billychivplayer Hi Billy,

    apologies for the late reply, didn’t see your appeal. Denied for now, you were banned by me for smurfing on low rank servers. If you appeal at the end of March with a proper appeal then we will re-consider.


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