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  • @Valind

    I was patiently waiting my ban time while joining private servers, and tried to log in official severs. I was happy to see the ban was removed and I played a couple of days more, now I sadly notice I’m banned again.
    Do I still have to wait to join back the game?


  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): N/A (Ban was done while I was offline)
    Reason for ban (if known): Reverse swings (?) Ping (?)

    Your appeal:
    I wasn’t really communicated to as to why I was banned, never explicitly told by an admin the reason, but I have to infer that it was due to a player who most recently complained about me exploiting reverse swings and that they were too fast to be parried thus he was reporting me and called me a cheater.

    Furthermore, to be honest I didn’t take him seriously nor did anyone on the server because literally any decent player can block a reverse or move out the way at least so I am at a loss on this one, I am on console chiv too and I never considered these standard high level moves exploits or cheats because they are in the game and anyone can do them.

    The other reason I think my be the cause I when I was playing on a NA server and out of no where my pkt loss would jump and I would have slow internet connection, I had addressed this with my cable company and it was a wire that had something wrong with it and needed to be replaced, people would say he is lagging and teleportation but in no way was this helping me I had no clue what was going on and was frankly angry at how my perfect connection would then become choppy and people would kill me with moves I couldn’t even see. I pay for 400 mbps and truly have no need for any programs that would most likely only negatively affect my performance.

  • Oh I still have access to some but my main location servers are not open, I don’t want to have to play with higher than usual ping.

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  • Steam Community ID: 76561198270019816

    Who banned you (Do Not Remember)

    Reason for ban (toxic behaviour and chat):

    Your appeal:I was told to come back in 1 month on the 1st of march since my last ban appeal, this behaviour will change and i hope to finally come back

  • my steam id: https: //

    well, I had been banned for 3 months because of a bug multijump
    they told me that when the 3 months have passed, I will do the apeal and here I am, I have more than 500 hours of play and I will not use it anymore

    sorry for my english i’m spanish

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Roag
    Reason for ban (if known): Smurfing
    Your appeal: I made a new account for chivalry and went through the lower level servers (to get level 15 for a duel server quickly, which I know is wrong) as a much more experienced player than most of the others. I really enjoy the game and do earnestly regret doing this. I’d really appreciate a second chance so I can play on proper duel servers and keep improving.
    Additional comments: The game referred me to the chivalry website if I felt I’d been wrongly banned, which I feel I haven’t because I did smurf. I acknowledge that I shouldn’t have gone about leveling up this way and will henceforth only play on apt servers.

  • Global Moderator

    @DovahkiiN said in Ban Appeals:

    my steam id: https: //

    well, I had been banned for 3 months because of a bug multijump
    they told me that when the 3 months have passed, I will do the apeal and here I am, I have more than 500 hours of play and I will not use it anymore

    sorry for my english i’m spanish

    Appeal accepted. You can now play in the official servers again. Do not wast you last chance. Enjoy the game.

  • @billychivplayer Accepted, cheers for the honest appeal. Follow the rules on both your main and smurf and there will be no further issues with us.

    Allow a few days for the unban to effect. Enjoy…

  • @ShrekWazowski12 Accepted. Bear in mind given your numerous offenses that we will offer no leniency for any further rule-breaking, next time there will be no second chance.

    Give a few days for the ban to lift.

  • @Walshy Denied. Whilst we are aware the situation with leader is not black and white, you persisted to attempt to evade our global bans despite warnings and as such you are now game banned - which will not be lifted.

    If you had simply waited the duration of your ban (3 months) this would not have been necessary however you were caught on 5 or more alt accounts and we do not give 5th chances.

  • Thank you very much, i will keep this in mind

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you: † | H0ss (

    Reason for ban: I did a teamkill and left the game I think… Don’t remember very well.

    Your appeal: Hey, I have been banned since 2018, October. I made a TK, I confess I did wrong, I dind’t knew how to appeal, so took me all this time to make an appeal ( Have to work/etc ) Can I have a Second chance ? I’m really sorry, this kind of thing won’t happen again. I just want to go back playing this game, since is the only game that I can play with my friends…

  • Global Moderator


    @Alkar , Why you are making the appeal in his place?

    Appeal are for trust words and real apologies. Second chances are given under that objectives. And starting to do not make your own appeal is a bad sign.

    . Appeal denied.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): H0ss

    Reason for ban (if known): One Team Kill on ADM

    Your appeal: Im banned since october 2018. I did a TK on H0ss, and next day I was going to join OFICCIAL SA and I saw that I got banned permanently. But I dind’t cared about because I wans’t playing often, and with a lot of stuff to do. So I left The appeal, but here I’m, Can I have my second chance? I’m sorry for the TK, and I assure you that these kind of things won’t happen again. I Just want to play The only game that I Can have a Nice gameplay with my folks

    Obs: I asked ta my friend Alkar to make the appeal for me, because I was busy to do it myself, and I don’t know english very well. But since you guys dind’t accepted, I came for do it myself.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): Valind

    Reason for ban (if known): Playing with ban 08/January/2019

    Your appeal: I was playing on official server with a ban, Valind find me and told me to stop doing it for 3 months. I’m really sorry for the thing i made to get the ban and trying to play with it. Sorry for not arguing so much, but english isn’t my language.
    I really wish about an unban, i play this game from 5 years.

    Thank you for considering.

  • Global Moderator


    you’ll have your second and last chance on our servers.
    please don’t waste it or you know what will happen.



    Who banned you (if known): unkown

    Reason for ban (if known): Dont know…

    Your appeal: I have been enjoying this game since 2013. I find this really sad, as it really is my favourite game. I regularly get votekicked from the ffa servers for outplaying people. It is annoying, but I feel like this has something to do with it. Very dissapointed…

    Been a good boy for the past 6 months

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