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  • @NotSoapNick

    Posted on this a while ago no reply so sending it directly

    Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): N/A (Ban was done while I was offline)
    Reason for ban (if known): Reverse swings (?) Ping (?)

    Your appeal:
    I wasn’t really communicated to as to why I was banned, never explicitly told by an admin the reason, but I have to infer that it was due to a player who most recently complained about me exploiting reverse swings and that they were too fast to be parried thus he was reporting me and called me a cheater.

    Furthermore, to be honest I didn’t take him seriously nor did anyone on the server because literally any decent player can block a reverse or move out the way at least so I am at a loss on this one, I am on console chiv too and I never considered these standard high level moves exploits or cheats because they are in the game and anyone can do them.

    The other reason I think my be the cause I when I was playing on a NA server and out of no where my pkt loss would jump and I would have slow internet connection, I had addressed this with my cable company and it was a wire that had something wrong with it and needed to be replaced, people would say he is lagging and teleportation but in no way was this helping me I had no clue what was going on and was frankly angry at how my perfect connection would then become choppy and people would kill me with moves I couldn’t even see. I pay for 400 mbps and truly have no need for any programs that would most likely only negatively affect my performance.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you: Unknown
    Reason for ban: Unknown
    Your appeal: Since few months there was a group of players harassing me. They were intentionally teamkilling me and then keep spamming votekicks against me after i fight them back. One of them was Mingay Anad who is known for trolling and was just unbanned, so they probably provoked me and reported as revenge?


    Who banned you (if known): catbag

    Reason for ban (if known): Voting for CTF in a FFA server using console…

    Your appeal: Was a good boy prior to the catbag ban. Didnt give a shit after getting such a ridiculous ban.
    Been a good boy for the past 6 months

  • Global Moderator

    @Eiden Accepted. Bear in mind given your numerous offenses that we will offer no leniency for any further rule-breaking, next time there will be no second chance.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you: i guy called Misterious i think
    Reason for ban: Teamkilled a guy
    Your appeal: (its 3 month ago now) i tk a guy who wrote bad words and who annoys us.
    (we where more ppl)
    I said to him that he should change the teams for balance, and provoked me again.
    So i decided to teamkill him once, than he tried to tk me too, i defended myself and killed him a few times more.
    After 10 min the admin/mod came in and asked me what happend, i just said he should ask the guy who i tk and if he said that he dont provoked me he lies.
    The admin/Mod asked me again what happend, i asked him what the guy told him, than i got banned from all offical servers.
    Additional comments: im not an asshole and like to teamkill, but in this case i had to…
    i know its against the rules to teamkill ppl, and i wont make it again.…

    i know its against the rules to teamkill ppl, and i wont make it again.

  • Global Moderator


    You will have a second and final chance to play on official servers. Do not waste it. Any futher issues with you breaking any of the rules will result in a permanent ban which you will not be able to appeal.

    Please allow a few days for the unban to be applied.

  • @tksmoskow said in Ban Appeals:

    Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you (if known): H0ss
    Reason for ban (if known): One Team Kill on ADM
    Your appeal: Im banned since october 2018. I did a TK on H0ss, and next day I was going to join OFICCIAL SA and I saw that I got banned permanently. But I dind’t cared about because I wans’t playing often, and with a lot of stuff to do. So I left The appeal, but here I’m, Can I have my second chance? I’m sorry for the TK, and I assure you that these kind of things won’t happen again. I Just want to play The only game that I Can have a Nice gameplay with my folks
    Obs: I asked ta my friend Alkar to make the appeal for me, because I was busy to do it myself, and I don’t know english very well. But since you guys dind’t accepted, I came for do it myself.

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    @hoffman1990 said in Ban Appeals:

    i have paid for the game and i cant play so an answer how long my ban shel be you can give me,
    this is not kindergarden??

    I already told you in that other thread you started. You can make an appeal after 3 months.

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  • Mod

    @Parias You were not banned because of Mingay, you were banned because you troll your teammates on every map you play - despite the fact that you were previously globally banned and given one last chance. I don’t know exactly how many teammates you have killed on purpose with the catapult and ballista, etc, over all these years, but you are no longer welcome on official servers. Your ban will remain so stick to private servers from now on.

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  • Steam Community:

    Who banned you: I dont know

    Reason for ban: I don’t know

    I don’t know why I’m banned from all servers? Is it a mistake?
    Thank you,
    Captain George

  • @H0ss I made my call for more than two weeks, can you give me my second chance ?, because it’s been almost 9 months since I’ve been banned for having done a TK on you.

  • Steam Community:

    Who banned you: I dont know

    Reason for ban: I don’t know, went to sleep and woke up the next day banned

    Been playing for many years without issues, just started playing again this week and now I can’t join any servers.

  • Any updates? I really would like to know what’s going on. Thanks.

  • @NotSoapNick

    I just tryed to play and it still shows i’m banned.


  • Hi This is my ban appeal

    Steam ID: 0:1:692562
    Server you were banned on: Seems like im banned on all servers
    Who banned you: I have no idea, i came online to play and im banned from all servers
    Reason for ban: I have no idea.
    Your appeal: Hello ive been banned since may 2015 and i made an appeal then and it was turned down, I am a new and happy person now and changed and developed, im kind and loving and i just want to play this old game, i hope you guys can give me a second chance, i promise not to violate any rules or guidelines of this lovely and awesome game, please reconsider my position and unban me, everyone deserve a second chance and ive waited 4 years now, thank you so much for your time

    Best regards, Stuvey

    my full URL:

    Thanks in advance ;)

  • Global Moderator


    you’ll play again on our servers in a few days.
    Please follow our rules to avoid future incidents,


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