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  • Steam ID:

    Server :Official

    Who banned you: Unknown.

    Reason for ban: Dont know

    Your appeal: I got automatic banned as I’m trying to enter servers all the sudden. The message says ‘you got banned, mistake? Go to chivalry….’, It seems I got banned from all official servers. Probably because I’ve responded to several racist guys that cursed me (I cursed them back, But I swear I didn’t start it). Please remove the ban soon as possible so I can play again my favorite game, Thanks.

    Additional comments: I’ll do my best not to curse back, But If I do, I do it usually in a Cynical way without cursing. Anyway, It’s not fair I’ll get banned because I don’t deserve it.

  • Global Moderator


    you were banned 276 days ago, true.
    Votekick abuse, toxicity and repetitive team killing on purpose are the main reasons, despite the given warning …
    We won’t lift the ban because you have choosen to evade your ban, using alternates accounts, and kept the same behavior.


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  • @TheSaint

    The reasons you have listed are not the actual reasons for your ban. Instead, you have been seen and warned multiple times about vote kicking people from servers with no actual reason. Additionally you were seen and warned about team killing in spawn. We also believe you have tried previously to circumvent this ban by playing on other accounts. Lastly, when you reached out to an admin at the end of last year to appeal this ban, the manner in which you spoke was exceptionally rude and childish. So no, you will not be getting unbanned.

  • @Valind said in Ban Appeals:



    having 2500h in game doesn’t allow you to team kill on purpose your mates like you did since a very long time.
    your desire to continue contributing to the community will start again in 3 months starting from now when you’ll come back here with a new appeal and better intentions.

    a small part of our rules for your info :
    Circumventing local bans by use of family share or alt accounts on official server or circumvention of global bans by alt accounts may result in those alt accounts being banned.


    Dear moderator, I’m writing again in this forum, since I was banned for killing a teammate. I’ve waited for the time you told me.
    As I mentioned in the previous message, my new intention is to continue contributing to the community, as I have been doing for 8 years. Although we are human and sometimes we make mistakes.

    Sincerely, El Cid El Campeador LVL 57


    Dear CATBUG, it’s been 4 months now and I haven’t attempted to join any official servers or played on Chiv really at all for that matter, I was just hoping to reappeal my ban.

    Thanks, Atlas

  • Global Moderator


    Dear Cid,

    Your ban will end in a few days, please follow our rules and don’t waste your second and last chance.


  • @Valind said in Ban Appeals:


    Dear Cid,

    Your ban will end in a few days, please follow our rules and don’t waste your second and last chance.


    Thank you very much, I will try to contribute my experience in the game, supporting others players.

    A question, how long does it take, or how can I know in the end of my ban?

    I tried it today but continues.

    greetings !

  • @Atlas01369

    Appeal granted, allow a couple of days for the unban to process. Make sure you don’t join any low rank servers again.


    Please be patient and wait a couple of days before joining the Officials.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Who banned you: i guy called Misterious i think
    Reason for ban: Teamkilled a guy
    Your appeal: (its 3 month ago now) i tk a guy who wrote bad words and who annoys us.
    (we where more ppl)
    I said to him that he should change the teams for balance, and provoked me again.
    So i decided to teamkill him once, than he tried to tk me too, i defended myself and killed him a few times more.
    After 10 min the admin/mod came in and asked me what happend, i just said he should ask the guy who i tk and if he said that he dont provoked me he lies.
    The admin/Mod asked me again what happend, i asked him what the guy told him, than i got banned from all offical servers.
    Additional comments: im not an asshole and like to teamkill, but in this case i had to…
    i know its against the rules to teamkill ppl, and i wont make it again.…

    i know its against the rules to teamkill ppl, and i wont make it again.

  • hi now my 3 month been can i please start play chiv on offic servers again?? hoffman1990

  • Global Moderator


    your 3 months ban is not finished :

    • caught using alternate accounts since the first ban on Officials,
    • using VPN won’t save you
    • still the same behavior while using them

    Cya in 3 months starting from now for a new appeal.
    while you’re banned, if we see you once again on Officials, the global bans will turn into Game bans.
    Think about it


  • Steam Community ID:

    Server you were banned on: literally on all the servers

    Who banned you (if known): no idea

    Reason for ban (if known): no idea

    Your appeal: well, i’d like to know why at least…

  • @Ludmila

    You were banned for team killing repeatedly and on purpose. This was reported to us, and seen directly by an admin on a separate occasion.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Server you were banned on: Game Banned
    Who banned you (if known): Torn Banner

    Reason for ban (if known): Team kill & Evading a ban with alt accounts & harassing one admin with all the resources i had
    Your appeal: Well time has passed: 440 dia(s) desde o último banimento, yes inutil the half of that ban time i was playng and bypassing the ban with smurfs, i apologized to the admin that i harassed, he was not mother teresa. he had his defects. but that does not justify what i tryed to do with him, i dont intend to do this kind of stuff again neither be a troll player. thats all i have to say

  • Steam Community ID:
    Server you were banned on: Global Banned
    Who banned you (if known): Catbug

    Reason for ban :Griefing \Teamkilling the admin , abusing vote kick
    Your appeal: Got banned in january,i ll behave this time but I ll play very little anyway . Would be cool to play chiv from time to time while waiting for the sequel. Either way ,thx for the memories!

  • @NotSoapNick
    so that is the reason to ban someone forever on all the servers? i dont even remember me team killing “repeatedly” tho. maybe someone pissed me off so i decided to kill him cuz i’d never team kill without reason.
    so i bought this game and played 300 hours in it for some brainless admin banning me on all servers? i bet u don’t even have any proofs of me team killing and this admin probably just banned me for something personal idk

  • @Ludmila

    Nobody said anything about forever. But lying will not help your cause, neither will insulting me or any other admin. I don’t even remember ever seeing you in game myself and no admin would ban somebody for a personal issue.

    Make a sincere appeal if you wish to play again and it will be considered.

  • @Mihai

    Appeal granted. Be aware that this will be your final chance, allow a couple of days for the unban to process.

  • @Achilles1122

    You are banned for teamkilling on purpose and abusing the votekick system. I.e. You switched teams to teamkill an admin who was winning a 1 v 2 against you and your friend. This really contradicts the picture you are trying to paint on your appeal. Please adjust your appeal with this information.

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