Ban Appeals

  • @Valind

    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Valind?

    Reason for ban (if known): Votekick abuse

    Your appeal: I received a 3 month ban on May 6. I don’t remember the specific incident but abusing the vote function is not behavior I normally engage in and will not continue with in the future.

    Additional comments: It may have been against a troll? Or as a joke, as poor in taste as that may be. I was never given clarification about what happened. Regardless, won’t happen again. Thanks.

  • Global Moderator


    you’ll have a second and last chance on our servers.
    Allow a few days for the unban process.


  • Steam ID:
    Server: All, apparently.
    Who banned you: No idea, don’t remember actually getting banned.
    Reason for the ban: No idea.

    Hey there. I just purchased this game on July 2nd of this year, only now getting around to asking for unban. From the first time I launched after purchasing, I could not join any server. Here is a screenshot of the message that pops up

    I haven’t played a single hour of this game after purchasing it on my account. You will see on my account 128 hours; however, those were accumulated playing the game when it was shared by a family member ( and that was years ago. We have since both moved and are now at a different IP address than when I did play the game shared from him, so I don’t know if maybe that is some of the reason behind this? For reference, both of us are again on the same IP, moved to a new location, different IP from when the game was shared to me.

    I do vaguely remember that during that time I was playing the game shared, I might have been banned from one server for some toxicity. But I don’t recall any details, as that was years ago.

    I just purchased this game, saw from friends it still has some life left in it, and would like to play while it lasts. Hopefully, if I had any wrongdoing in the past to deserve this ban, I can get a second chance here. I honestly don’t remember what I may have done wrong, and I apologize and will not repeat the behavior if unbanned. Thanks!

  • Global Moderator


    You were banned for the use of discriminatory language, and it was years ago.
    Please follow our rules to avoid future incidents, there will be no second chance.
    Your’ll play on our servers in a few days,


  • Steam ID:

    Who banned you: Many, but the last was Marshall Mellow

    Reasson: Bad behaviour

    Appeal: I’ll change my behaviour, and promess to be nice always and just play.

    Additional comments: I understand my ban, just want to keep playing, thats all. Like i said, i’ll be nice and no longer troll.

  • Steam ID:

    Who banned you: Marshall Mellow

    Server: Official TO #2 [32p] - DE (Multiplay)

    Reason: Vote abuse

    Appeal: I was followed around and repeatedly attacked by a teammate for a solid minute, steamname Rich4rd. I votekicked him for it and mod did not believe my side of the story. I also commented “who cares” in responce to mod asking me if i was lying. I apologize if I came of as rude. I was annoyed because this has happened once before a few weeks ago on the same server, I did not get banned that time because i had a vitness backing my story. unfortunately i did not note the name of the player or remeber details from that incident. Altho i believe it was him that time too, baiting me into votekicking him and trying to get me banned for vote abuse.

    In any case, I’ll be more thoughtfull about votekicking in the future.

  • @Sauce You only received a local (temporary) ban and should have no issues playing on the Official servers, this means you are not globally banned and do not need to appeal.

    Please remember to report misbehaving players (you can join steam admin chat to do so), don’t let other players bait you into breaking the rules yourself as you will find yourself on the wrong side of the spectrum.

  • @Grijandeer Your appeal is denied for now, you may re-appeal 3 months from now under the condition that you do not play on any Official server with any account in the meantime.

  • steam id: STEAM_1:1:517164418

    Server you were banned on: Official ffa UK #01,

    Who banned you: Lagarto, and The Los Illuminados.

    Reason for ban: telling people that im trying to hypnotize them to win, or telling the admin that his reactions was childish.

    Your appeal: I think the admin(s) did abuse his (their) powers. And i apologize for telling the admin was a “kid”, if that’s even any kind of insult.

    Btw, i didnt know that trying to hypnotize people to win was such a bad thing ^^’

  • steam id: STEAM_1:1:517164418

    Server you were banned on: Official ffa UK #02,

    Who banned you: Lagarto

    Reason for ban:
    He thinks my name is zaky, and he is crazy.
    That was a pure abuse, no reason to ban, i did not say anything wrong, i did not do anything wrong. I just did won two games, without doing anything else, no insults, nothing, he started to spam me about this zaky, and became crazy.


    seems this lagarto guy is well known by the community:


  • Hello,

    Now i’m banned from the whole game, they say its for cheating, but i can guarantee that i use no cheats.

    It says that i’m banned by the anti cheat system, but i’m a pure player, no cheats at all, i’m a bit autistic, i learn very fast, and i kill people easyly, but i never use cheats, and i ll never do, its considered by me to be some kind of really dishonorable behavior, i’ll never do that.

    On all my honor, i did nothing bad, but maybe beeing pretentious in games?

  • Global Moderator

    @urrmothdoon Hello zakynaf, there is no need for creating multiple appeals on this matter the decision is made by our team, evading bans in multiple accounts lead to a permanent ban and thats the end of it.

  • I never seen such consummer support, totally mad, i’m not your friend zakynaf, i don’t know who it is, maybe he did bad things, but not me.

  • steam id: STEAM_0:0:10755596

    Server you were banned on: Official TO #2

    Who banned you: Don’t Know

    Reason for ban:
    There was a player named KING POOSE tking in spawn. I started a votekick on him which failed, and then he counter votekicked me and I was kicked. When I tried to log back in it said my IP address is banned on the server. I was 4th place on my team and was not abusing the vote, or intentionally tking anybody or doing anything that deserves a ban. King Poose, Daenaerys Targaryen, Get SHOT hoe, and Chaddeous Thundercock have been vote kicking me immediately when I join the server over the past couple of days.


  • Please unban me

  • hello, i got game ban on my steam account for smurfing because my main account was banned like 2 years ago and not getting unbanned… i dont want to play the game anymore but i want this red line (game ban to be removed from my steam, thats unfair, i didnt know smurfing is not allowed.
    can you removed game ban from my records on steam? and keep servers ban? i dont want to play the game i removed it perma from my account… thnx
    my steam:

  • Steam ID:

    Sever banned from: (got game ban)

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: avoiding ban i think

    appeal: i got game ban on my steam account after i played for 2 hours and i dont want to play the game anymore so i perma removed the game from my steam, can you remove game ban from my record? eventho i got banned for 2 years on my main and no one unbanned me i dont want to play the game anymore i just want to remove game ban from my record.

  • Global Moderator

    @aislin-mithrelas The gameban is there for a reason, take it as a punishment. We dont hand out gamebans easily and No this is not removable.

  • @HomelessLenK and whats the reason? you just saying it randomly without even knowing?

  • STEAM_1:0:57714671
    Plzz unban if there are people playing i wanna get rekt too

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