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  • I have been banned off ALL servers for some reason

    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you: I don’t know
    Reason for ban: I don’t know

    Your appeal:
    I have been off the game for over a month due to traveling and when I logged in today it seems some settings were changed and maybe there was an update or something. I saw the message that I had been banned and the it looked different this time. Sometimes I get banned for too much TK (using van) or fire pot or whatever, but nothing like this. I have also never used foul language or name calling etc. in the game. The FFA servers that I have never even received a warning on, the fall you your death servers, all of them have banned me. I can’t even TK on those, how did I get banned? This is one of my favorite games. Please fix this for me.
    Thank you :)

  • Global Moderator


    Team killing on purpose, firepotting or kicking your mates from cliff is clearly against our rules.
    4 of us at least caught you doing your griefing, each time we see you on our servers.
    as you didn’t understand being local banned from a few servers each time, we had no choice and you are now banned from Official servers.
    Feel free to come back here to appeal in 3 months starting now, except if you don’t want to change your behavior.


  • @Valind
    Thank you for explaining the situation. I didn’t realize this was such a big issue. It seemed like something like this could never happen in chivalry. It seemed like the enforcement of bans only lasted a short time and was a minor issue. Once I even votekicked myself off a server! I was really building a name for myself in the game. When I would enter a server people would notice. That is a really good feeling. I’ll be back in 3 months to appeal again.

  • @Memphis

    Appeal granted, please allow a few days for the ban to be lifted. Make sure not to break the rules again as this is your last chance!

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  • @CATBUG Understood and 200% agreed. Thanks

  • Steam ID:

    Who banned you: Many, but the last was Marshall Mellow

    Reasson: Bad behaviour

    Appeal: I waited 3 months without any CMW game as you said, and I’m appealing again wishing to play again and behave correctly.

  • @Grijandeer

    Appeal granted, please allow a few days for the ban to be lifted. Make sure not to break the rules again as this is your last chance!



    Hey Catbug, it is very close for ending of November.
    I hope this will be my last appeal.
    I would be thankfully if i get the LAST CHANCE for CMW.
    I still want to play and i wont cheat, break any rules or use exploits.

    Best regards,

  • @SkullRider

    Appeal granted, please allow a few days for the ban to be lifted. Make sure not to break the rules again as this is your last chance!

  • Steam community ID:
    Who Banned You: Karl
    Reason for Ban: calling a votekick against another player

    My Appeal:
    Hi everyone. I would like to preface this by saying that I am asking more for action to be taken against an admin than to receive a ban reversal. I was permanently banned yesterday from chivalry following an altercation with Karl, an admin on either the TO east or TO central server (can’t remember which). I joined the server, and immediately saw in chat that Roy Bringus, a well known chiv player who was playing as king at the moment, was being accused of using hacks (like auto-block). Being curious, I walked over to Roy Bringus and began to see if he actually was hacking. Every time I would get close, he would team kill me (this happened 3 times). Following this, another player on the server called a vote to kick Roy Bringus, but the vote was cancelled by Karl. I, as well as everyone else, accused Karl of admin abuse for allowing a suspected hacker to stay on the server. I won’t lie, I was getting pretty worked up and even accused Karl of being paid off/ being corrupt through in game chat. Finally, after over 10 minutes of Roy continuing to use his hacks, I called a vote kick against him and the vote was successful. I believe that I have a right to call vote kicks and that everyone has a right to democratically kick other players, whether they are guilty or not. However, upon doing this Karl went silent and procedded to permanently ban me. If you need witnesses, other known players such as Thugly, Approx9danklongreindeer, and get SHOT hoe were all there when this happened.

    I believe that Karl abused his power as admin to stop an in progress vote, and wrongfully banned me from the server for calling a vote kick. I seriously don’t understand how calling a vote is an offense. Karl should not be allowed to get away with this. Thank you.

  • Mod

    @scrub-daddy You were not banned for “calling a votekick against another player”. You have been banned on at least 8 accounts for teamkilling, votekick abuse, toxic chat, firepotting your own spawn, impersonating an official admin and ban avoidance using alt accounts. You have been recorded by multiple admins over a long period of time on your various accounts and your behaviour has always been the same.

    If it helps you remember, one of your accounts was called “literally a teamkiller” and another was “I like firepotting”. Your griefing has been so bad and consistent that TBS were forced to apply Game Bans to your accounts to try and keep you off official servers.

    Using alt accounts to avoid your ban is against the rules so Karl was completely correct to ban you.

    If you have a complaint against an admin you can contact TBS directly, but bear in mind that they have access to all the evidence of your behaviour.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Papsi

    Reason for ban (if known): Ban Evasion

    Your appeal:

    Hello. I was banned for Ban Evasion sometime in early 2018/Late 2017. I did indeed ban evade on an account. I had been banned on two separate accounts in 2015 and 2016, I don’t remember the reason for the first ban but I know the second ban in 2016 was from trolling GIRU on stream.

    Either way, I know that those two bans were justified and I’m not trying to excuse my actions for them in this appeal, what I did was wrong. That being said, that was years ago when I was a teenager doing stupid teenager things. I’m a full fledged adult now (got a wife, a kid and a career) and can confidently say that I don’t do stupid teenager things anymore. My time in the Torn Banner community hasn’t been entirely toxic. I discovered an exploit that enables anyone who uses the dedicated server tool to derank anyone who joins a server and lock all of their weapons permanently, making them completely unable to play Chivalry. Instead of using such a catastrophic exploit for harm, I reported the entire thing and provided a step by step guide on how to perform this exploit to Reithur when he was community manager and he sent it up to the developers. As proof of this claim, I was awarded the greentooth helmet in game on the profile linked above. What does all this mean for me? Well not too much, you as admins do not know me on a personal level, and I have no way to prove to you that I’m no longer just a bored teenager harassing people online so this is the only recorded instance of my change of character in the TB community that I have. So I’d really just like to be able to pop into Chivalry again from time to time. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  • Global Moderator


    You were banned for the use of repetitive discriminatory language, and it was years ago.
    Please follow our rules to avoid future incidents, there will be no second chance.
    Your’ll play on our servers in a few days,


  • hi I got a ban from one server with 64 players on it it was for team killing but everyone attacks me and I got distracted getting revenge and got banned I have aspergers I know not an excuse but think a ban was harsh considering I have yet to play a game with out taking 50 hits of team damage

  • @da-chaos-exerter this is my online name da¬chaos¬exerter I used to play for years but just came back to it in the last few weeks kinda got used to there being no rules in serers and you have to do what you have to do to survive the final ban cam when I flying drop kicked a dude of the bridge. but I kinda took it as a mele situation and was just thinking it was like a duel or something

  • Mod

    @da-chaos-exerter This forum is for bans from official servers. I’m assuming you were banned from the Sneaky Monkeys server (which is private) so you should contact them instead:

  • thank you ill msg them

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who banned you ( i have no idea)

    Reason for ban (No idea other than standing up for myself)

    Your appeal: The last few months have been hell playing chivalry every game i join i am being harrassed by players who have caused problems in the past, i feel they are joining to cause trouble in my server which is completely unfair and whenever an admin arrives to see whats happening i am always the one who gets either warned or kicked from server i believe this is not the correct way to be an admin they should look at both sides of the story rather than finalising proceedings based on 50% of the evidence there is players in game namely


    I want these players to be reprimanded immediately as well as me for causing an issue not just to me but to other players in game.OINK RAGE QUITT.png

    also from this you can see that when oink leaves the server i am causing no issues in game.

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