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    You were banned for the use of repetitive discriminatory language, and it was years ago.
    Please follow our rules to avoid future incidents, there will be no second chance.
    Your’ll play on our servers in a few days,


  • hi I got a ban from one server with 64 players on it it was for team killing but everyone attacks me and I got distracted getting revenge and got banned I have aspergers I know not an excuse but think a ban was harsh considering I have yet to play a game with out taking 50 hits of team damage

  • @da-chaos-exerter this is my online name da¬chaos¬exerter I used to play for years but just came back to it in the last few weeks kinda got used to there being no rules in serers and you have to do what you have to do to survive the final ban cam when I flying drop kicked a dude of the bridge. but I kinda took it as a mele situation and was just thinking it was like a duel or something

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    @da-chaos-exerter This forum is for bans from official servers. I’m assuming you were banned from the Sneaky Monkeys server (which is private) so you should contact them instead:

  • thank you ill msg them

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who banned you ( i have no idea)

    Reason for ban (No idea other than standing up for myself)

    Your appeal: The last few months have been hell playing chivalry every game i join i am being harrassed by players who have caused problems in the past, i feel they are joining to cause trouble in my server which is completely unfair and whenever an admin arrives to see whats happening i am always the one who gets either warned or kicked from server i believe this is not the correct way to be an admin they should look at both sides of the story rather than finalising proceedings based on 50% of the evidence there is players in game namely


    I want these players to be reprimanded immediately as well as me for causing an issue not just to me but to other players in game.OINK RAGE QUITT.png

    also from this you can see that when oink leaves the server i am causing no issues in game.

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    @OFF-WID-YO-HEAD You didn’t include your Steam Community ID.

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    @OFF-WID-YO-HEAD Hello olib, you were banned for offensive language and votekick abuse for 3 months, in this time you cant play chivalry neither with alt accounts and you will have to make another ban appeal in 3 months time from now on, be sure to read our official server rules to avoid this problems in the future

  • @Lagarto hi lagarto and there is no possible way to punish others that were involved in this incident ? is this in regards to what happened before by the way with vote kicks?

  • @random428 hi random i apologise for that here is my community id

  • @Kimiko
    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Over a year ago now, their name may have been Frost?

    Reason for ban (if known): Smurfing

    Your appeal: Right, so this is something I feel rather passionately about, I’ve left it for so long becuase I never believed an appeal would be considered to be honest. I played Chiv for 3-4 year as my sole favourite game, my one true love. When I started in maybe 2013/early 2014 smurfing was already pretty rife, and I loved it as a noob! I have fond memories of starting out learning the game on low rank servers, every now and then we would have an LTS or a TO with a player named something like “Death” or some other medieval/fantasy character who was almost unkillable, whirling around and performing all sorts of impressive moves that I couldnt wait to figure out, or rallying the team together and pushing the objective forward. It was a small taste of the lofty skill ceiling that chiv holds, and things that would come after leaving the low rank servers. It also was like having a player or two a team who was playing a hero class, but entirely borne out of their own skill at the game! It was something that I accepted, and not only that, greatly improved my experience of the game!

    Now, years later after I had learned all the tricks, killed Giru a few times, really done the rounds you know? I discovered the family game sharing feature, and realised that I could too be one of those guys that embodied what you will become playing the game, and to be honest, I would often come home pretty drunk from a night out, but still yearn to get a couple hours of chiv in. The problem with this being my main was maybe level 45, so people would tryhard against me, and really insult me if my performance wasn’t up to par, not pleasant! But I still wanted to play the game, thus smurfing seemed a viable option, especially how I enjoyed seeing a player pulling off 1vx situations and acrobatic moves when I was new. (not that I always managed them in my case!)

    Other factors that I can think of are that often I was so sauced that I was never was identified as a smurf, because my performance was genuinely on par with a lot of the new players. Also, I’m into a bit of casual RP, and I like to be a good sport, so I was rarely mercilessly harvesting the noobs, normally would try to instigate 1vx situations or kendo to challenge myself, and them. Another interesting point is I saw several players that I recognised from official or SM servers, blatantly smurfing with the same username as their mains, and gettting away with it! I had one individual pretend he was a mod to scare me off the server, when he actually just didn’t like me joining the opposite team to him and seeking him out on the battlefield as I was confident I could beat him. Him I showed no mercy. But this may explain whatever reaction I may have had when encountering the genuine mod that banned me, I probably just disregarded his warnings as a similar bluff. While it’s on my mind, I also saw Stormbow smurfing, and like the other guy he wasn’t showing much sportsmanship, and I found it curious he was able to get away with it, I had watched all his “moments of skill” videos on youtube beforehand, and it was disappoointing to see he probably got those clips from slaying newbies in the nursery. And bizarre he was able to do it under his youtube name no less!
    Anyway yes so I apologise for my violation of the rules, at the time it seemed somewhat justified, many of the players I smurfed with had a great time, I made a lot of friends most times I did it, and I had some of the best gaming experiences of my life. I must say a lifetime permanent IP ban seems a little strong for ignoring one mod’s warnings, and I would really like to play some Chiv again.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts, I hope appeals are still being considered. Thanks for your time.

    Additional comments: Sorry for the essay, it’s something I feel really strongly about. Chivalry, it’s been too long! I’m sorry that I messed you around, please give me another chance! I miss your laughs, you telling me you got my back, even your incessant screaming to kill the archers!

  • Steam ID:
    Who banned you: I don know.
    Reasson: Bad behaviour
    Appeal: I waited 2 year without any CMW game as you said, and I’m appealing again wishing to play again and behave correctly.
    i only have one account,
    I didn’t use cheat,but I’ve been banned for two years,
    I apologize to the admins for my mistakes, I think I have been punished for a long time for two years, after which I will adhere to the rules

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    @TheSaint Appeal granted, please allow a few days for the ban to be lifted. Make sure not to break the rules again as this is your last chance!

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    Please bear in mind that it is your second and last chance, don’t break any of our rules !
    Allow a few days for the unban process.


  • @Valind Still banned my lord, been 5 days, has something gone wrong or am I too eager?

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you : Lagarto

    Reason for ban : Cheating in official server

    your appeal:I understood my mistakes that i would not do again. again i apologize, it’s for these reasons that i wish to reinstate the masons but with this time with shame!

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    @OFF-WID-YO-HEAD Appeal granted, please allow some days for the ban to be lifted. Make sure not to break the rules again as this is your last chance also read the server rules again.

  • @Valind

    Please Valind, it’s been 10 days, thats a week more than a few, surely something is not working? I try more than once every day, this is killing me!

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