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  • Steam64 ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Catbug

    Reason for ban (if known):
    Called myself a “Nigger”

    Your appeal: Never got warned by him, directly banned and a global ban right after that.
    I’ve bin banned for ‘Racism’ as you can see in the screenshot, i was not racist towards anyone but myself.
    I’ve called myself a nigger, since obviously i am black. I personally feel, that he, Catbug was racist towards me.

    The printscreen also shows he banned me for “being racist” While i was not being racist towards anyone so that is not really a reason in my opinion.

    Also, i’ve heard from another admin that i was “Admin impersonating” And also got banned for that.
    In no way was i impersonating an Admin, i did not act like an admin nor did i say anything an admin i would say, Catbug even said himself “I dont mind” Sadly, i dont have that captured.

    In my opinion, this ban feels unjustified.
    This all happened months ago.

  • Mod

    @Nuggets Again, an appeal will only work if you are being honest. Blaming an admin for your misbehaving certainly isn’t going to look good. We take screenshots/recordings for ALL admins to see, lying about it in your appeal is not a smart thing to do and will only make your case worse. You have been caught using racial slurs day after day, other players have reported you for teamkilling as well. You have been warned multiple times for both language and the teamkilling. Also, I would never condone other players pretending to be me, you can try to appeal at a later time.

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  • Steam64 ID: 76561198301300713

    Who banned you (if known): Lilboots, and Nemesis (not an admin but I think he knows admin password)

    Reason for ban (if known): False accusations

    Your appeal: I don’t know if I was given a global ban but my IP is banned on a lot of Australian servers, and whenever I try to join a game I get kicked if this guy:
    is in the lobby.

    He is a friend of Lilboots and seems to dislike me, I am not entirely sure why but for the past few months whenever I joined in the same lobby as him he would continuously and relentlessly target and gang up on me with a few of his buddies until I left, or got kicked by him (reason: ‘hacker’) < false by the way
    You could unban me but Lilboots continues to fail to see reason, it doesn’t matter how many times I try to explain the situation I still get permanently banned every time I try to join a game with Nemesis or Lilboots in it.
    In fact I while trying to play a game on Official FFA, I saw Nemesis just stand still for a few seconds, after which I was banned from the server even though Lilboots wasn’t in the lobby. This leads me to believe that Lilboots has shared official admin passwords with Nemesis.
    Also Nemesis has recently managed to convince Lilboots that I hosted fake servers and boosted people’s ranks, which is completely false – not only do I have no idea how or why anyone would do this I am also a victim of the rank glitch myself, I didn’t even make it to level 50 before I suddenly had my rank glitched to 89.
    I really fail to see what I have done wrong, I have tried to be nice to Nemesis but I just repeatedly get vote kicked by him and his coons. I have also tried to add Lilboots to tell him my side of things but he just ignored and blocked me
    Additional comments:
    Unbanning me won’t do anything, I need Lilboots to realise that Nemesis is lying about me and stop banning my IP. Otherwise I will be unable to play, even if I come on with another account Nemesis recognizes my play style and gets Lilboots to ban me (or bans me himself, I don’t know).
    I have tried to report Nemesis for harassment and lying about me, but since he is friends with the admin his story is obviously favoured over mine.

  • Hello Redemption,

    Over the past 3 months you have created many fake servers, I know this due to your IP, Your IP shows when you right click server information. I recorded that IP and confirmed over the duration of these months you created both fake Official servers and Fake Private servers. You have multiple accounts with also the same IP excluding dynamic range change.

    There are multiple witness’s to this. These servers have frequently been used for the hackers to ruin ranks of other player unwillingly. Plenty of witness’s to support this; and those witness’s have come forth with your steam account on multiple and different occasions.

    I would also like to mention, Nemesis is a player in Australia who came forth with his concerns and i assure he is NOT an official admin, Note: Administration rights arent password privileged; they are allocated via steam account on which the developers of TornBanner’s control.

    Im sorry but, due to the amount of complaints. Your ban appeal has been declined until further notice.

    Regards Boots

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  • Damnit, if only someone helped me!

  • Redemption there’s also the other 5 accounts called redemption with the same IP address. Some of them with alternate names such as Nemesis and even Lilboots. Which is admin impersonation. Plus you openly admitted lag switching. Which is hacking. I mean 5 steam accounts called redemption all with the same IP address as you and the rank boost server and somehow its not at all related to you or your main steam account. Seems to me you got tired of making new accounts and decided to appeal.

    You banned lillboots from your rank boosting server pretty quick so gathering members of the public was necessary. And you were always the common denominator. Whenever it happened you were always there. 3 months of searching. It all came back to you. You weren’t the only hacker either. But you were the one hosting. Had a guy openly give a confession about boosting peoples ranks himself.

    Whether or not TB looks into it doesn’t matter. You don’t abuse an exploit. You have had far too many chances to change your ways already.

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  • Im sorry Lilboots, Lemon all I can say is it wasn’t me I know nothing about rank glitches. Although ive used a lag switch months ago I was booted for it and have stopped since then

    I know you won’t unban me Lilboots because you’re good friends with the guy who falsely accused me. You and him have publicly gloated about kicking me multiple times and it would make you look bad if you told people you were wrong after all

    It’s probably high time I stopped playing anyway I’ve wasted enough time on this game. Steam refunded me so it’s all good.

    Good luck with the whole admin thing. Go catch some real hackers

  • Steam ID:
    Admin That Banned Me: Gauntlet
    Reason: Saying “N” Word
    My Appeal:

    I realize it is unacceptable to use such language on the servers, as it is against the official rules. I should have spoken with higher regard for the rules and other players’ dignity. I was being rude and disrespectful with my choice of language, though my intentions were to joke around and not cause any harm, it was a mistake. I never payed attention to the rules, I usually just "x"ed out of them to play. If the admins will (please) allow me another chance, I will certainly be more mindful of the rules, and will not be so careless with my choice of words.

  • @arminius You were globally muted for excessive use of derogatory language on official servers. Your appeal seems genuine, and I do hope this behavior won’t repeat itself. You will be unmuted, but please bear in mind that should this happen again you will be unable to appeal. Do not squander your second chance.


  • @Gauntlet Hey Gauntlet. I appreciate it a lot. How long will this take? It seems I am still banned after 4-5 days.

  • @arminius said in Ban Appeals:

    @Gauntlet Hey Gauntlet. I appreciate it a lot. How long will this take? It seems I am still banned after 4-5 days.

    According to our list you’re not banned from any Official servers, and currently not muted either. Will look into it though.

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  • @kevinSpacey At this time, we’ve decided not to lift the global mute on your account. You’ve been warned for derogatory/discriminatory language in the past several times, and your appeal does not convince me that lifting the mute would encourage you to abide by official server rules. You can still use that account to play on official servers, you just won’t be able to use the chat feature. Feel free to appeal again at a later date.

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  • Global Moderator

    By going over the evidence provided in our system, we have decided as a team to not lift the mute on your account. You were warned by an official moderator and decided to ignore those warnings and continued to use insults and sexism towards others. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination, you are still able to play on our servers. Feel free to try to appeal this case again on a later date.

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