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    @rayy said in Ban Appeals:

    Sorry, I don’t speak english very well. I’m not english forgive me.

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:158539628

    Profile steam :

    • Your appeal:
      I really don’t know why I’ve been banned. I did nothing wrong. I just already team kill other players accidently, but it can happen to everybody, and I always say sorry. One day, a moderator who speak french told me that he heard that I did something bad (like teamkill or something), and he told me that if I do something more he will ask to ban me of every official servers. I didn’t care about his warnings because i did nothing bad. And then, like 3 or 2 days later, when I tried to join a UK Official server I saw that i’m banned of every official UK servers.

    • Additional comments: I’m really sorry for my english, I hope you can understand… Chivalry is one of my favorite game, I often play with my friends, and now i can’t because they play on official servers. I really don’t know why i’m ban, i did nothing. If i did something please forgive me.


    We banned you for intentional team killing and votekick abuse.
    please don’t waste your second and last chance, follow our rules to avoid future incidents.
    you’ll join our servers in a few days, be patient.


  • Hello!
    Can i get my second chance?

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you: Can post link but I don’t think the admin would like that.

    Reason for ban: Joining low rank servers (smurfing), and making a fake server.

    Your appeal: First of all, I’m very sorry for joining the low rank servers (my own fault) and making the fake server (honestly didn’t know that would be bannable). There’s is not really an excuse here other than saying it is my own fault. As I won’t be playing anymore Chivalry I like to get this out of the way. I also deeply apologize to the admin who had to endure this nonsense.

    Kind regards,

  • unban me please
    reason trolling sorry i very sorry
    i cant join to servers please unban me . servers make auto kick me (sorry for bad english)
    this is global ban i sorry for troling


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    @grim164 said in Ban Appeals:

    unban me please
    reason trolling sorry i very sorry
    i cant join to servers please unban me . servers make auto kick me (sorry for bad english)
    this is global ban i sorry for troling



    Team killing mates on purpose, firepotting them non stop and using discriminatory language in game chat are the main reasons of your global ban.
    You’ve been warned in game and have choosen to not listen to us.
    We decided to deny your appeal.


  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Unknown, Probably Bhernhard

    Reason for ban (if known): I assume playing on lower level server

    Your appeal: I do not know the full reason for the ban, When i was smurfing about a week ago I was approached by an admin named Bhernhard and told to stop smurfing, after which i was kicked so knew it was genuine, After that me and a couple of other smurfs banded together and made the group decision to stop smurfing.
    You can check any server logs or whatever, I have not joined a low level server since, I, and a couple of other people have just been playing gamemodes such as horde and yesturday, duel.
    I was not given any other notification of my ban.

    Additional comments: Yes, I previously smurfed, Yes i stopped, No i do not know why I was banned.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Probably Bhernhard

    Reason for ban (if known): Playing on low rank servers

    Your appeal: I was playing on low servers when suddenly i got kicked, with the reason “Do NOT play in low rank servers”, so i thought i was kicked by someone with “admin powers” and i took it as an advice. Since that, like 2 weeks ago, i haven’t played in low srvers, only high level, and each day i wanted to join a game i was banned and couldn’t join, and today i can’t join any server, i’m banned in all of them and i don’t know the reason, because i stopped smurfing and now i play legit.

    Additional comments: I know that i smurfed and it’s bad, but there’s no reason about my ban right now if i play where i should play.


    not sure Bhernard or what his name is maybe.

    im not banned from all servers. im banned from many tho. We were a group of smurfs who smurfed together before but we decided to stop because we knew we would get banned if we continued

    Reason: well probably smurfing but i have stoped quite a while ago i can send my smurf account as proof.

    Appel: as i said i’ve stopped quite a while ago and only play on my main now but i have been banned from almost all servers and everyday i login im scared of geting a global ban. Im sorry about smurfing before and i won’t do it agian

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    Your appeal is denied for now, please make another appeal after 3 months from now. You were given a global ban because you all continued to play on low rank servers after being banned from a low rank server with the message saying NOT to play on low ranks again. The players from your group who did listen did not get a global ban yet.

    In the meantime it is not allowed to play on any other accounts on any of the official servers.


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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known):
    I am not quite sure which one of the admins it was.

    Reasons for ban (if known):
    Spawncamping, naming a community server official

    Your appeal:
    I admit being a part of the above, those things did happen. The spawncamping i can not justify at all it was simply awful behaviour.
    The group with which i was playing back then did rent a server and named it official. I did go along with it.
    I did create 2 more accounts in order to continue to play chivalry but did not continue the behaviour mentioned above.

    Additional comments:
    It is worth mentioning that I have never and will never cheat.
    In fact before the ban occured i did also do good things for the community as i caught multiple cheaters and reported them to the official admins who confirmed the bans. Moreover I always helped players, old and new, with questions they had or instructed them in becoming better.

    I have been banned for about 2 years now and i hope that you have enough faith in me that i won’t go against the official server rules again.


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    Hey Skyfall,

    After deliberating with all the moderators involved, we have decided to give you another chance to play on our servers.
    The process for an unban might take a few days, so please stay patient. If you haven’t been unbanned within a few days feel free to pm me or any other moderator.
    I will also suggest to read our server rules: .

    Your sincerely,

  • To Admins
    I have a ban for a smurf game. Tell me how long it will last, since I was told that it will increase if I re-enter. If possible, you can spread out on servers 15+, I do not know why, after warnings of the administrator about the global globe that was not connected, I did not go to the green server, I could not go to the organized battle of 5x5 Russian community, after checking, I could not join some servers 15+ … I sort of understood my mistakes, scored on the green server, I’m too lazy to fiddle with the change of ip …

    17.10.2017 0:25 got kick,and saw massage already global ban,but played on gray server TDM ip server: Official TO Server UK #4(multiplay)
    ![alt text](image url

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Kitty

    Reason for ban (if known): spawnkilling,playing on fake official server

    Your appeal:

    I must admit that I committed many dishonourable acts while playing with players,we were spawnkilling and playing on fake server named official by us.

    Additional comments

    I never use cheats,I was a good skilled player which did many bad things on server to player.I am not going to do it then again.
    It happened 2 or 3 years ago so I think I should get a chance to play with friends with official rules.


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