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  • Bonjour je poste mon appel de déban
    Voici mon lien steam : Mr.Fromage
    Je ne sais pas qui m’a bannis globallement
    Mon appel est de me déban d’absolument tout les serveurs, je ne veux plus d’autokick quelle qu’il soit.

  • Global Moderator



    we banned you for votekick abuse on our servers.
    you have choosen to not listen to the warning.
    Please come back here in 2 months from now and we will think to give you another chance.


  • Global Moderator


    We banned you for the use of repetitive discriminatory language.
    Btw it was a long time ago, we hope you will think before typing now.
    This is your second and last chance, don’t waste it !
    Please allow a few days for the unban to process.


  • And Happy new Year

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): unknown

    Reason for ban (if known): being annoying and using shield exploit to double jump

    Your appeal: hey, i got banned for exploiting and being annoying. i was having a great time with my friends until i got banned. And i have learned my lesson. Now i want to play the game again. i wont be exploiting anymore and being a total dick to other people.
    Additional comments: It was a long time since i got banned but now i want to play the game again. this is such a fun and ridiculus game. i would greatly appreciate it if i got unbanned.

  • Global Moderator

    @grim164 Hi Grim, in the spirit of the season we’ve changed our minds and will give you a second, and last, chance. Use it wisely ;)

    Sorry for the mistake.


  • @roag Thanks

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Unkown

    Reason for ban (if known): Spawn killing

    Your appeal:
    Hello Chivalry Admins and Community

    I am writing here in hope I can be forgiven and have my ban unlifted

    About 3 years ago or more now I got banned from the Official servers for spawn killing with some friends. There was about 4/5 of us. We are already strong individual players which didn’t help the situation as we was able to survive in the enemy spawn for long periods of time using the re spawn bug when needed. Players got upset and we got perm banned which seemed a little harsh to me as no one warned me it was this serious. Maybe a temp ban would have been sufficient enough.

    I would like to apolagise for anyone I upset during this time

    Now wish to enjoy the game in my downtime which isn’t a lot of time these days with children to look after. I hope we can work things out so I can play again.

    Additional comments: Merry Christmas

  • @valind Thanks. I gonna be silent like a mouse.
    Much love.

  • @ots_johan
    Still banned on ALL servers. Even private ones.

  • Global Moderator


    I said please allow a few days for the unban to process. This means probably in the first days of january.


  • @generalprime

    Hello General,

    We’ve decided to give you a second chance and please stick to the Official Server Rules by not exploting game mechanics. It might take up to a week for the unban to process, good day.


  • Hello,

    Steam Community ID :

    Server you were banned on : all official servers

    Who banned you (if known) : unknown

    Reason for ban (if known) : unknown

    Already I want to apologize for my english (sorry i’m french ^^).

    It is almost one or two year since I was permanant ban for “X” reason, which is why I do not play anymore. I do not remember why I was banned it is possible that it is because of insults and/or team damage intentional. I have grown since this gross mistake that I regret, that’s why I turn to you in the hope of being excused. I do not intend to start again. I also played recently and everything went well. You have the word of a fan of Chivalry, I took you to offer me one last chance.

  • Banned

    Hello again,

    I made a ban appeal further down, but was denied for the moment, and “Roag” said that I should try again in the new year.

    Please unban me, I just wanna play the game again :/

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Lemonater47

    Reason for ban (if known): Team Killing

    Your appeal:

    I originally thought I was global banned for team killing some one out of personal conflict with them and disagreement, but supposedly I did more team killing on a consistent base enough to get me global banned from all official servers (?). I have obviously been toxic and rude in the past and I understand that I shouldn’t team kill in spites of anger / disagreement. I have around 2000 hours in chivalry and I have been playing the game since mid 2015, I took passion for competitive play and I should not look down on players that chose the play the game differently to me. I understand that no one likes to be team killed and it is a toxic act. Thanks**

  • **Steam Community ID: STEAM_0:1:63303201

    Who banned you (if known): I don’t even know.

    Reason for ban (if known): Probably smurfing?

    Your appeal: I don’t care about smurfing anymore, jesus ban me from the low rank servers if anything. But why do you have to go so far as to ban me from community servers, one of your admins head hunted me and my group as we played on our OWN server, and decided to ban us on our OWN server. What is this?

    Additional comments:**

  • Steam ID:
    Who banned me: No idea.
    Reason for ban: No idea.

    My appeal: I bought Chivalry on the new years evening (3 days ago), and when I tried to join a server it says I’m banned. The screen message said to PM an admin/moderator on, so I immediately sent a message to a guy named Roag but he never replied. I used to play this game ages ago via shared library from a a roommate that I used share a flat with, but I never bought it until now.

  • Global Moderator


    we decided to lift your ban from our servers.
    Please don’t waste your second and last chance !
    allow a few days for the unban to process, be patient


  • @valind

    Thank you

  • Steam Community ID:

    Server you were banned on: Official TO DE #01

    Who banned me: No idea.

    Reason for ban: “Discriminatory Language”

    Your appeal: I feel like this case was very improperly handled; without any warnings to me beforehand and without offering the benefit of a doubt; in an instant. Someone said “the N word” in a humorous way, and got warned by either an authoritative person or another player with the sentence “Name, watch your language”. I replied by saying the person had said nothing wrong, and in fact he just said “the N word”. I was going to follow my sentence up by saying “I also am black, and I use ‘the N word’ in every context imaginable with my brothers and sisters without any negative response; we laugh.”, but alas, while I was typing, I was already banned. Needless to say it wouldn’t be smart of me to be “discriminating” against my own race.

    I, as a long time player, suggest that admins make the effort to discuss the player’s standing on the matter before brandishing the banhammer, and I urge the authorities to reconsider the actions of my banner. I don’t even know for how long I’m banned, but I’m assuming it’s a permanent ban with a false accusation for just a simple word that was meant to offend no one (used in an obvious humorous context; I wasn’t offended); not to even mention the fact that I wasn’t the one who uttered it, and the one who actually uttered it was untouched by the banhammer.

    Seeing as there are only a couple of servers I can log in without lag to enjoy the game, being banned from one, especially like this, is extremely unpleasant. Thanks for your time.

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