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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): I honestly don’t remember.

    Reason for ban (if known): Smurfing.

    Your appeal: I’ve always loved chivalry enough to constantly play it so once i saw the ban it hurt, so i definitely learned my lesson, about a month ago or so i stopped playing for a while just to return once more, the reason for my appeal is that i don’t know the length of the current ban. I would wait it out but i can’t stand not being able to join in on servers that seem like alot of fun for a period of time which i don’t know. I can’t stop loving this game, i’ve had too muh fun. I’m sorry for what i did, i really am.

    Additional comments: I was recently kicked/banned for “Smurfing” but it was not on a 0-15 rank server, i was also told it was due to evading the ban in a chat after this occured and had no chance of defending myself with words, But in my defence i had no idea i was evading the ban since i’m banned on some servers and not on alot of others. I have used alts in the past, which might be the reason i was able to join servers? I’m clueless.
    (I don’t think it’s fair to increase my ban for what happened here today, the only reason the ban where to increase is due to your faulty ban system, I’m not writing out of spite. I just want to be able to play the game again)

    I would also like to point out this is from what i know my first and only offence (Be it a major one but still it’s not hacking)
    I certainly won’t join my friend on a 0-15 ever again, which led to him not playing, but that might is due to spinning and whatnot thanks for your time.

    Just to clear things up: I was wrongfully banned / Increased ban time yesterday by cat/woodchopper, it was due to ban circumvention/ban evade he said. But as it turns out that has to do with alt accounts/family share according to the rules, and this is the account it happened to which happens to be my main (BANNED) account, and it all happened because of your faulty banlist, i’d like you to take that into consideration if you do plan on denying my appeal, so that i don’t recieve an increased ban time over a mistake, which it was.

  • Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:102365619
    Server you were banned on: All Official servers
    Who banned you: Unknown
    Reason for ban: LvL reset
    Your appeal: I can’t say when or why I was banned for sure, but I can say I am a fair player and will not violate the rules if the ban is removed. Admins who see this, please consider unbanning me or PM with any other questions. Please remove the ban from the games I played the most

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Abusing Vote kick

    My appeal: I was accused of using vote kick to kick to someone who had been playing archer, when in reality i was kicking someone who was harassing myself and other players. I have included screenshots that show, that the individual i kicked has a history of harassing players, calling me racial slurs, telling me to kill myself, and threatening to shut my internet off. Multiple veteran players, have commented on a steam forum ( attesting to this individuals behavior. I do not understand why I was banned for using the vote kick feature for what it was designed for. In addition, one person cannot pass a vote kick, so for someone to be kicked the majority of players have to feel the same way. I am appealing this ban, because I feel that it is undeserved. I was never once warned by an admin. An admin supposedly gave a warning to some other players on the server, but i was no longer on that night. If possible I would like to see proof that I was there when the warning was put out. These are the screenshots. (

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): unkown

    Reason for ban (if known): not listening to admin after I was told not to vote kick a player off the server / I was also caught smurfing in the green servers.

    Your appeal: Considering the extent how many things led up to the events of my ban and after I will just link the full discussion where I talk about why I thought my action to votekick this player were in the right. In regards to smurfing I fully accept the consequences of this and I understand that it is a waste of admin and mod time to catch people like the person I had originally votekicked off the game. Below I will have attached the full discussion.

    Additional comments:

  • Hello there, this is my ban appeal:

    Steam Community ID (My 2 main accounts):

    Who banned you: (Not confirmed)

    Reason for ban: Smurfing on Low Ranks (0 - 15) constantly.

    Your appeal:

    I’m appealing to get my incoming global bans removed.
    I’m deeply sorry for this haste and I’ve learned of my mistakes, I’m going to uninstall Chivalry and let my hands off, I’ve already talked about this with an Moderator. I’m very deeply sorry, I know it’s my fault, I just don’t want the globalbans, like I said. I’m gonna get off Chivalry for a very long time from now on.

    My last request is only getting the globalban report cancelled, I’m probably the only smurf who begs forgiveness. I also acknowledge that I’ve intentionally ignored the admins / moderators warnings, even his final warnings. I just want this drama to end. I would leave regardless, I just request that you can make an last exception out of this globalban. I’ve learned from that, I just beg to redeem my ban.

    If needed we can also discuss this via voicechat / chat, even though I’m sure there’s nothing much to discuss here.

    Additional comments:

    English is not my main language, so sorry if I made any mistakes.

  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Unknown.

    Reason for ban (if known): votekick for no reason.

    My appeal: i were blamed for votekicking ppl i didnt. I only votekicked once and i had reason. the other votekicks were made by other ppl.

    It would be fair to have the adm who banned me removed for powerabusing.

    On top of that those ppl (not me as you can see in the print) were votekicked for political promoting the Braziliam ex president : LULA and its party.

    On top of that: Brizio was a powerabuser adm from the COLDFIRE server.

    OBS: not a single warning given, none.

  • Steam Community ID:
    Server you were banned on: i banned at night when i sleep
    Additional comments:i don’t now why i banned plis help

  • Hi,
    I have a mute ban.
    Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): -

    Reason for ban (if known): Saying the N word

    Your appeal: I thought it was’nt that big of a deal but it won’t happen again.

    Additional comments: Next time warn me, or at least report to me that I have a ban (would be nice to know what you are punished for). Also I accept the ban but I hope you will be reasonable and that over time I will be unmuted.



    Who banned you (if known): unkown

    Reason for ban (if known): Dont know…

    Your appeal: I have been enjoying this game since 2013. I find this really sad, as it really is my favourite game. I regularly get votekicked from the ffa servers for outplaying people. It is annoying, but I feel like this has something to do with it. Very dissapointed…

    Additional comments: Atleast give feedback when you ban a account with 1500 hours.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): Roag

    Reason for ban (if known): Votekick abuse, glitching.

    Your appeal: I was clearly doing the things i got banned for, 14 months ago when i got banned. Now, the few times i play on official servers i dont glitch or abuse the votekick function of the game anymore. The only times i will use the votekick function is to kick those who glitch, those who have 1000 pings or abuse the votekick function. That is why i feel asking for an unban would be reasonable now.

    Additional comments: Please unban me.

  • @ser-shieldrat

    Hello Ser Shield-Rat,

    You were caught playing on the Official servers with a family shared account while being global banned on your main account. This is ban evading. Please make another ban appeal in 3 months. To avoid future incidents, take a look at the Official Server Rules

    – Esudesu.

  • @eiden

    Your appeal is denied. You have been abusing the vote system with a group of 8 players, spamming map votes and encouraging others to spam map votes rendering the game unplayable (while being warned not to abuse the vote system). You have also been warned for making racist remarks and votekick abuse. Please make another appeal two months from now.

    Everyone should play by the rules no matter how many hours they have but especially someone with 1500 hours should know the rules by now.

  • @johnnyjr30

    Your appeal is denied for now. If you appeal three months from now we will accept your appeal (assuming you did not break any other rules in the meantime).


  • @kamil

    You have not been banned on any of the Official servers, if you have trouble connecting to any of the Official servers please send me a PM.

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