Ban Appeals

  • steam id:
    f| Renatus

    server: to #20

    who banned you: pdk

    reason for ban: None Specified

    your appeal: This guy banned me because he either believes I am a hacker, or because I am friends with someone he believes is a hacker (who is just a bot farmer). No evidence of either of us “hacking” or “exploiting.” I also use to dislike this guy quite a bit and vice versa, so maybe he’s bringing personal feelings into this? I’m not sure. I don’t have much more to say because I just joined and was kicked maybe 20 seconds later. No warning or anything.

  • Hello Swagfox,

    After checking out the screenshots taken by an admin, you were banned for the use of racial slurs and repeatedly throwing firepots into your teams spawn to grief others. Your appeal will be closed, please do not create any more posts in this thread.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: West and Central TO Servers (Every server I went on)

    Who banned you: PDK

    Reason for ban: Fake Admin and Respawn Exploiting

    Your appeal: PDK has been banning anyone who has been doing good or has been better than him at the game. Again, I’m not sure about respawn exploiting??? But The Fake Admin was at a keybind, just as a joke. If that needs to stop I can. Some of us are trying to get practice in before tournaments. And sometimes pub games and matches are a good way to get practice in. I had a conversation about it w/ one of the other Devs and said it would be lifted but it wasn’t. I’m now thinking that PDK is just being a BADMIN and abusing his authority as an ADMIN.

    Additional comments: It could be worse. Instead of actually banning people who make the server lag or even catching hackers, he bans people that actual play the game right and competitively. A lot of us are trying to keep this game alive, not steer people away from it. I’ve done my part in this community as a player and as a server owner to hold events (scrims and tournament matches) even helped host the last tournament. By having an admin who abuses their power in a server, that kicks anyone he feels like at that particular moment, is not helpful for Chivalry or Torn Banner. In my past experiences, PDK isn’t all that innocent when it comes to PUB matches. He’s also trolled me and my former clan mates, along with most of us in the competitive scene. To add on top, I have heard from other comp players and Pub Players complaints about him. Again I ask you that you remove the ban and be more careful of who you pick as an admin for your servers.

  • Steam-id:

    server: All officials

    Who banned you: unknown

    reason for ban: unspecified

    your appeal: I was banned a month ago or so, and I suspect it was because of spawn killing. I should have known better, I admit. but after all this time I think I have learned my lesson and wouldn’t think twice about sticking to the rules.
    I would be very grateful if an admin could unban me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Steam ID: ChilledBullets
    Server you were banned from:Every official server on Chivalry.
    Who banned you:I don’t know.
    Reason for ban:I don’t know.
    Your Appeal:I would hope to get a reason for my ban, considering I don’t remember doing anything wrong…
    Additional Commets:None

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:16275430

    Server you were banned on: ALL Offical Servers and also some none official, Totaly cant play. (Why???)

    Who banned you: As I entered the server i have received an auto ban, no clue why.

    Reason for ban: As I entered the server i have received an auto ban, no clue why.

    Your appeal: As I entered the server I have received an auto ban, no clue why. I just got the message “You have been banned from this server, If any mistakes go to”. Really weird.

    Additional comments: REALLY weird. What’s the reason? requesting to remove the ban as I did nothing… Feels like someone is on the run after me from some reason. Would like to know WHO made this, And most of all - Why. Thank you.

    EDIT: No answer since 02/23 UNTIL NOW! (03/06). What? Apparently some admin really, really hates me! I’m requesting a full investigation and removing the ban please! Its outrages no one cares until now and i cant play!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: All Official

    Who banned you: No idea. Didn’t even get a warning.

    Reason for ban: Racism aimed at another player.

    Your appeal: I think a Permanent Global Ban without warning is a bit much for a first offense. I don’t constantly go around spewing racial slurs. In fact, its rare that I ever even bother making any comments on race at all. I only did it because that dude really tripped the wrong switch to piss me off and I lashed out accordingly. I’ve learned a lesson, though, and I can promise that incidents like this wont happen again.

    Additional comments: You guys should really stop by Official LTS severs (when they aren’t completely dead) more often. Especially if you are going to lurk servers with random names, like you guys did with me. You’d catch more assholes worse than myself.

    Thanks in advance if you decide to un-ban me.

  • Steam ID:


    Server You Were Banned On: All VAC Secured Servers*

    Who Banned You: VAC

    Reason For Ban: i think for using cheat engine

    My Appeal: unfortunately i used cheat engine (cause i’m curious), and banned! i accept my guilt, i do wrong and it won’t happen again, sorry for my english, please resurrect my id, i love this game, please, please

    i can pm my steam pass too if necessary](1:203572262)

  • **I got Re-Banned?!?

    Steam ID**:

    Server you were banned on: Some Official Servers(?)

    Who banned you: No idea. I don’t even have any clue as to why I would be re-banned.

    Reason for ban: I seriously have no idea. I can’t think of anything I could have even done.

    Your appeal: I don’t even know what to say. I thought I made good on my promise to stay within the server rules…

    Additional comments: I just want to play my favorite game with my friends… :(

  • Don’t worry, you weren’t (intentionally) re-banned. You were still showing up as banned for some reason. Hopefully it works this time. Sorry about that.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: West and Central TO Servers

    Who banned you: ???

    Reason for ban: ???

    Your appeal: It has been a few days since i’ve went on PUB games. Not quite sure what has happen but I shouldn’t be banned from servers. I’ve dealt with this before but, there shouldn’t be any reason now.

    Additional comments: I’ve not been playing Chivalry and now that I log in it says i’m banned. Pls Unban Me.

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50235289

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Unknown

    Your appeal: I played on one of official servers and in the beginning of game I was disconnected and then showed up inscription “you have beed banned”. When I tried join to other servers I was also banned there. I have no idea what I did to deserve this, please remove ban or inform me what is the reason.

    Additional comments:It’s already third ban and third without any reason.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: Official TO Server #9 [24p]- DE (Multiplay)

    Who banned you: MSKittyiana

    Reason for ban: Racism

    Your appeal: One night I was playing with my friends on this server and I was saying things that were racist but they weren’t directed to anyone in particular on the server. MSKitty warned me about this and said it will result with me getting banned, in my defense I didn’t knew it was going to be a global ban so I ignored her warning, being in a foul mood that night didn’t helped at all and it resulted with me getting banned over this.
    I was surprised about such a drastic measure so I PM’d her a message on the TB forums in which she was kind enough to answer:"Hey Evol,

    You have been global banned because of racism, there is a zero tolerance towards any type of discrimination.
    After a warning of an admin you still continued with discrimination only in an other language.
    If you think you have been banned unjustified you can make an appeal here:…46-Ban-Appeals.
    Before you do that I will suggest reading our server rules which you can find here:…l-Server-Rules.

    Yours sincerely,
    After finding out the reason for this, I read the server rules from the link she posted in her message and indeed I deserve my punishment. The thing is I find it a bit too much. If you’d ban people based on the server rules, it would result in a lot more people being global banned. Everytime I play Chivalry those rules get broken easily and no one gets to suffer any consequences. Griefers, insults that are really directed at other players, speed hackers, intentional team killing with fire pots so that no one will receive team damage so that when you try to kick them their TD is 0%, abusing votekicks like hell, exploiting mechanics and other things. Not to mention I myself have been put in situations like that from other players which made me quit the servers, even though some persistent assholes followed me on other servers when I switched, racial remarks towards me as well but I never complained to a mod or anything.
    I am not saying that those people should be globally banned but compared to what I did, which was spouting some racial nonsense that was directed at no one, my “crime” seems very light. I am not talkative at the server chat very much, my friends even complain to me that I am too silent that I sometimes don’t say “hi” to them when I log on the same server.
    I apologised to Mskittyiana in a PM on the forum and I am apologising to whoever may read this as well, I know what I did was stupid and childish and I shouldn’t vent my anger on the server chat with nonsense, but I am asking if I could do anything that could result in lifting the global ban I received cause I miss playing with my friends. If you’d like you can also talk to them and ask them if I am that much of a problem on the servers usually. I can assure that you’ll never have a problem from me again, I will probably never use the chat again after this anyway if the banishment is lifted.
    TL;DR I think the punishment I received is too severe compared to other rules that are broken on a daily basis and people just getting away with it. I am sorry for what I did and now that I know the rules I won’t do the same thing again. You can have a mod check on me from time to time or I dunno. I’d like to be able to play with my friends again. Thank you. I really am sorry for what I did. Is there really no way for the global ban to be lifted?

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: All Official Servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: No Reason

    Your appeal: There is no reason to ban me. I have been banned for a month now. I feel that this is a mistake.

    Additional comments: No Reason For Ban

  • @Nub - Racism and the use of racial slurs on official servers is not tolerated.

    @Evol - Racism and the use of racial slurs on official servers is not tolerated. We will always enforce the server rules when we see them being broken.

    @KingLapu - The intentional use of exploits and impersonating official admins on official servers will always result in a ban.

    All the above appeals will be closed and your bans will remain in effect. Please email if you would like to continue to dispute your ban. Do not make any more posts in this thread.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: All Official Servers

    Who banned you: ?

    Reason for ban: ?

    Your appeal: I didn’t know even I’m banned from Official Server. Is there any reason?
    I uploaded farming map on Workshop before, It was deleted. I don’t even know why It was removed.

    • I connected to Official Server right after My workshop map had deleted, but I can play at that time.

    that is the last thing I guess as my ban reason… but still not reasonable… :(
    I don’t use any insult words / hack.

    now unbanned.
    still I don’t know reason why…

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:16275430

    Server you were banned on: 2 Official servers, one of the UK and one DE.

    Who banned you: Unknown.

    Reason for ban: Responding for some guy that cursed me?

    Your appeal: I got automatic banned as I’m trying to enter servers all the sudden. The message says ‘you got banned, mistake? Go to chivalry….’, It seems I got banned from all official servers. Probably because I’ve responded to several racist guys that cursed me (I cursed them back, But I swear I didn’t start it). Please remove the ban soon as possible so I can play again my favorite game, Thanks.

    Additional comments: I’ll do my best not to curse back, But If I do, I do it usually in a Cynical way without cursing. Anyway, It’s not fair I’ll get banned because I don’t deserve it.


    in game name: Case

    Rank : 53

    I dont know why im banned or when it happened.

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