Ban Appeals

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  • Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:16899114

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Unknown

    Your appeal: I can’t say when or why I was banned for sure, but I can say I am a fair player and will not violate the rules if the ban is removed. Admins who see this, please consider unbanning me or PM with any other questions.

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  • Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:41745714

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Unknown

    Your appeal: I have never done anything wrong in Chivalry. I have always been a fair player. The only i can think of why im banned is that i joined the == clan a couple a weeks ago. But it cannot be right that i get banned from joining a clan???!!!

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50235289

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Unknown

    Your appeal: I have no idea what i did wrong. Please remove ban or inform me what is the reason.

    Additional comments: Somehow 3 months ago i got ban on all offical servers in medieval warfare when i played only deadliest warrior. I wanted to play some games in medieval warfare and on all servers was communicate ‘‘you have been banned’’.After few weeks ban magical disappered.

  • Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:32966439

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: No idea

    Reason for ban: No idea

    Your appeal: Hello,i spoke to Mskittyiana about the ban and i want to ask for what reason i get banned.I dont have experience with bans, so as Thomas1 posted im a member of “==” clan too. With Thomas1 we played archer class as friends and i didnt notice that i did something wrong which should be punished by baning me. Im streaming the game on twitch and ppl would say something if i doing something wrong against the rules if they saw it. I think thats all what can i say about it.

    Additional Comments: But still all members of the == clan got banned, including the archers, who didnt spawn kill(Thomas, Mary´s revenge and me). Both Thomas and Mary’s revenge are unbanned now, so why am i still banned?Im trying to make things clear for for you, so that you can see that it was a mistake banning me.

    Apologize for english,if you cant undestand to something ,i can talk on the Steam chat if nessessary.
    Thanks for reading.
    With respect

  • Steam id - [h=2]STEAM_0:0:23281357[/h]
    Server you were banned on: All official servers

    Who banned you: No idea, I think kitty

    Reason for ban: Occasionally spawn killing glitching

    Appeal : Well, lots of complains have gone in about the = = clan. You must understand that most of these complains comes from legit gameplay. We have some of the best players in the eu and some of those like to play with high FOV which other players HATE. This is not a reason to shout “hacker” “aimbot” “glitching” like players do. All we ever did wrong is occasionally spawn killed, and used a glitch that allows you to re spawn with full hp, by simply selecting your class in enemy spawn. (seriously who coded this?)

    I admit I was spawn klilling a little, and sure you can punish me but i expect a professional warning done via formal PM before any banning takes place. If I received a warning I would have known the seriousness of this and stopped, not like I did it often anyway.

    All of the clan got banned, which is just embarrassing on your behalf. We had many players that have never done anything wrong at all, and wasn’t involved in the spawn killing glitch. Which is all we’re guilty of. Simply banning everyone without any reason or proof is unprofessional and im disappointed by how informal it all was carried out. It actually puts me off torn banner games.

    I don’t feel the player has a duty to know what is a glitch and what isn’t. We purchase the game and play it, we use whatever the game allows us to do to defeat the enemy. If there is glitches, you hotfix and patch the game. Blaming the players and singling them out for banning without notifying them of wrong doing is unfair im sure you will agree. A glitch is a opinion. What may be a glitch in your eyes may not be in someone elses. There is no list or videos of admins explaining specifically what is prohibited while playing on official servers. Therefore banning without warning is unfair.

    I would like to know how long my ban will last? I will not spawn kill glitch anymore but due to no warning I expect some compromise. I didn’t do anything that bad, no hacking no cheats, this really is quite a minor thing blown well out of proportion.

    While im here give me a list of all other things that I may get randomly banned for so I can avoid in the future

    Another problem we had was someone in our clan had a server which was called official. This had nothing to do with me, and in your rules it didn’t state anything about not being allowed that name. (it then got edited during a disagreement with the server owner) to make it against the rules. Well im sorry but you need that rule in place BEFORE this happened. The server got renamed anyway as requested.

  • Steam ID**:** STEAM_0:0:35074733**

    Server you were banned on: **Official TO #20 [32p] - US West (Multiplay)

    Who banned you**: PDK****

    Reason for ban**: “teamkilling”

    Your appeal**: I was not teamkilling. Admin gave no warning, I know I killed PDK a lot so he got mad and sudden ban from server.

    Additional comments**: PDK tell people to come to #20 US West so he can ban people he likes not. Admin abuse is happening.************

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:34426415

    Server You Were Banned On: All VAC Secured Servers*

    Who Banned You: VAC

    Reason For Ban: Unspecified (Though I can say it was Speedhacking)

    My Appeal: Yes, I hacked. I understand the consequences behind it, and I also understand any game’s zero-tolerance foothold on the idea of cheating. I’m not saying I’m not in the wrong, because I know I am, but there has to be something I can do about this. I waited 2 months to write this appeal only because I felt I deserved what I was given, and I want to understand the ramifications to what I had done. I used speedhacks in a server with a few friends of mine in an empty server alone. There was no fowl play meant there, only a little reckless fun. I was not fully aware that Chivalry was VAC-secured, and of course that was going to hit me in the long run. Given my position, I know I probably don’t deserve to have the ban lifted, but I’m making an attempt to appeal in the slim chance I may have it lifted. Of course I was the only person who managed to be caught by VAC in that endeavor, my 3 other friends just so happen to be in good standing for now, and I’m not using them as a shield or trojan horse of some kind to work around this, because I know how it happened and why, I still felt I had to try anyway. I would rather be kept under surveillance, or perhaps be restricted in some other form, instead of remaining under this ban. Perhaps it’s out of your power now, I wont know till I try right?

    Additional Comments: Besides the comments I made in my original appeal, I want to say that I truly enjoy the game as a whole. It’s why I went out of my way to purchase it a second time, in which I am currently playing. I made an attempt to contact you via email, but I’m still waiting on a reply to that. I did put a little cash into the game’s DLC, or skins I guess I should say, and I don’t want that to go to waste. Of course this was after the event of the speedhacking, but I figured I should note that anyway. Whatever the decision is I will accept it, but I beg you to reconsider it, if you might, or if you can even.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: I don’t specifically remember what server

    Who banned you:ulysses

    Reason for ban:racism

    Your appeal: the admins on the us server used the term cracker but wouldn’t let me use call out my friend by saying “my n*ggah”

    Additional comments: I cant play chivalry any more because all the servers that i used to play on (US servers) i have been banned on them, because of the ban that occurred on the ONE server. Now i cant play on any US server and i cant play on other servers because it makes the game completely unplayable due to my ping being 200+ i just want to play on a server again i miss the game help me please and thanks

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: I do not know

    Who banned you: I do not know

    Reason for ban: I do not know

    Your appeal: I do not know why I recieved ban. I contacted one of the server admins and she said it was a global ban and I needed to talk with the TBS. I have no idea why I have been banned from all EU Official Duel servers.

    Additional Comments: I played one afternoon and everything was fine, the next day it said I was banned from the duel server and so I joined another one which I also was banned from. I wonder if this has something to do with my comment on the Steam Admin Group about Admin guidelines and behaviour. This was a really amusing episode, I comment and ask about the behaviour of Admins in the EU servers, the day after I comment I recieve a warning for “trolling”, the day after that I get a global ban without any reason. This is outrageous, atleast have the dignity to give people a ban reason when you are global banning us.

  • Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:60032253

    Server you were banned on : All official servers.

    Who banned you : Uknown.

    Reason for ban : Unknown.

    You appeal : I actually don’t know at all why I got banned from all official servers given that I have been playing on my own server. Some day I try to connect an official server and I discover I got banned lol. I though it was a joke at the first time, or a bug, but it was not. At least I’d really like to know where I gone wrong.

    Additional comments : On my server, I have been fighting against racist, insulting and disrespectul people. I have kicked/banned a lot of them, and often without any warning because I think I don’t have to give reason to this kind of people on my “private” server. I’m not a cop, I didn’t get a server to act like one, but I was tired of this community which is becoming toxic. Am I banned because I banned people ? On my server ?
    Honestly, I am not really asking for an unban, I’m just trying to know why…


  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17823110

    Server you were banned on: All Official servers

    Who banned you: Unknown

    Reason for ban: Unknown

    Your appeal:
    I left a server and when I tried to join another one, I was banned and it told me to contact! I have no idea why, I’m neither good enough to be called a cheater nor bad enough to actually feel the need to use them.
    I have spent a considerable amount of time on this game and the only thing I excel at is ducking slow swings. Since I haven’t used any hacks, I think it must have been a mistake. I hope my record/steam account speak for itself, but I’m uncertain of what to do now.
    I hope this will be fixed soon.

    -Nein, mein Kaiser

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:7782402

    Server you were banned on: Official TO Server #20 [32p] - US West (Multiplay)

    Who banned you: Probably PDK.

    Reason for ban: I wasn’t in the server when I was presumably banned.

    Your appeal: I have no reason for being banned. I played on this server up until today with no trouble. So basically I was banned without even being in the server.

    Additional comments: Thank you for your time.

  • **Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on**: All Official US servers

    Who banned you**: Unknown

    Reason for ban**: It said Speed Hacking

    Your appeal**: I was in a server and was battling a high level guy and ended up killing him. The game for me had a serious lag the whole time. My computer struggles sometimes to load the game and it freezes on me every once and awhile. Anyways next thing i know this high level is pissed off and is saying i was hacking. Never have seen hacking on this game, didnt think you could even do it. I laughed it off thinking hes just mad because i got him. Then he threatens me that i am going to get banned. I was pissed at him because I hadnt done anything differently i just got him. I asked around about getting banned and a bunch of people were like “dnt worry about it hes just mad. " i even went to a different server and was asking about it more because I didnt do anything but play the game. A guy i have played with a good amount of times PDK said to me " Wet paint just have fun” made me more relaxed because a high level guy is telling me im good and the other person was just full of hot air. I sign on today and i cant play on any of the servers i always play on. It said i was banned. I was broken by this because i feel punished for something I didnt do. I found out i was able to sign in on other servers but they are foreign and my ping gets crazy high so i get kicked from those servers right away. It feels like i cant even play anymore. I really like this game but if im going to get banned because one guy was mad and said i hacked when i dont then it just doesnt make this fun. I follow the rules and in turn am punished. Could they have mistaken for a lag? or like a disconnect? That happens so much when i play. sometimes when i go to change character my game will freeze and then i have to restart the whole thing.** Can someone tell me the steps of how to get un-banned.**

    Additional Comments: All in all i would really appreciate my ban being lifted.

    Thank you

  • @ Etcyl - Continuing to use exploits after receiving warnings from admins will always result in a ban. Your appeal is closed, do not create any more posts in this thread.

    @ Wet_Paint - The admins have video of you using a speedhack. Your appeal on the forums will be closed, please do not create any more posts in this thread. You can email if you would like to continue to dispute your ban.

    @ All previous posters - If you have not already had your ban appeal taken care of, I advise you email to appeal your ban.

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