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  • @MonkeyFiend:

    After receiving complaints about you by several members of the public recently we checked and a previous ban for you shouldn’t have been lifted (problems with the ban system). Also thanks for the various racist comments made on my website shoutbox. As such, for the sake of impartiality, I’ll keep out of this appeal and pass to the devs to review screenshots/logs and handle the appeal. My personal opinion though is this ban not be lifted.

    I don’t have a previous global ban. I have a bunch of previous bans from yourself when you stalked me with the player locator tool which were not permanent and only 24 hour bans done a long time ago. I have an email tree log of my conversation with torn banner where I complained about this and they said you would leave me alone. So my ban reason is that because I was temp banned by yourself in July 2014, it therefore means you can just reban me again (for no reason)? I complied to your warning in the server. You stated no ban would be dished out (as you had no reason). These bans have to be dished out according to official server rules and I just don’t see how “you were banned last year so I can ban you again” fits into them. Further to this, I have no idea what you’re talking about “your website”. This has nothing to do with official server rules or my ban and I’d like to add I do not care about your clan what so ever. I would appreciate it if my ban could be undone. I am an avid player of chivalry and I have not broken any Chivalry rules. My last run in with you over 2 weeks ago I did exactly as you said in your warning as I respect the rules and don’t want to get banned again - yet ironically I have done what I was told and you banned me anyway for whatever contrived reason. I have followed your instructions as a moderator and you personally told me I would not be receiving a ban. This is purely unprofessional for you to go back on your own word and fabricate a reason to ban me for a temp ban done over a year ago. And after all that said I would just like to note that I have sat in the chivalry admin group chat all day and not one of you has been on. I even friend requested a number of the online mods who were currently playing chivalry and not one of you accepted. This is just appalling. If you want to have a working system you have to actually maintain communication. You can’t falsely ban someone and then try to keep them in the shadows.

  • As I said my personal opinion is that your ban never be lifted, based on your various actions.

    However like I said, It’s been passed to the devs and they have access to logs and screenshots from the various comments you’ve made on servers, the racist abuse in profiles, the impersonating admins etc.,

    They can lift the ban if they wish. It’s out of my hands.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello!

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5045313

    Server you were banned on: All official servers

    Who banned you: I don’t know

    Reason for ban: I wrote racist chat messages

    **My appeal:
    I didn’t get any notification why I was banned but I assume it’s because I wrote a lot of very dumb and racist stuff in-game. I don’t have any excuses and the ban is deserved (even though I think a temporary ban or some kind of “last warning” ban would have been sufficient, but it’s your game, your decision).

    Well, now I want to ask you for a second chance. What I did was dumb and I’ve learned my lesson. This time around I will keep my mouth shut, no more stupid chat messages. I promise.

    Not much more to say than: please. I really love playing this game.

    • Joeggeli

  • Dear Tornbanner Chivalry Team

    Steam ID: 76561198030312479

    Server you were banned on: All Officials.

    Who banned you: I don’t know.

    Reason for ban: Probably racism chats and aggressive comments on other players.

    Your Appeal:
    First of all I really like your game and I absolutely do appreciate your humour :).
    I’ve spent many hours on this game and fought many battles. Im a fan of the middle age and so I sometimes got fanatic on middle age Knight pride or politics that i’ve wrote several aggressive and dumb messages on your servers to provoke other players to get a really aggressive, messy and intense fight with swords and shouts (Chat messages for representative standing). I regret those messages and I respect your policy and admit the ban as legitimate. After a while I’ve started with this messages and provokes I got permanently banned. I was disappointed about myself that I ruined such a good game for myself and played further on custom servers. When I wrote those messages I didn’t realize that those were actually insulting someone or that I could get banned permanently, I did know that those messages weren’t nice or kindly but I thought that it would be understood as a dumb joke or playing with provocation. I beg to you for a second chance because I really love this game and the middle age’s scenario. I would take this second chance as a lesson in behaviour and would not write something insulting anymore. If you could unban me from official servers?

    In grace and regret.
    Atomtakter aka Atomjoggeli

  • Steam ID**:

    Server you were banned on**: Not entirely sure, but I i think it was US central TO server

    Who banned you**: Don’t know, I wasn’t there when it happened

    Reason for ban**: Racial slurs as far as i know

    Your appeal**:** Hello! I would like to request a ban remove, I was off for like 5 months out of my country, and when I came back to play I realized that i was banned, the thing is, I let my little cousin play with my steam account sometimes so one of my friends who was home with my brother saw what happened and told me that my cousin acted totally childish and got banned for inappropriate attitude and racial slurs , I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this caused or may cause, I really hope he hasn’t been using this insults before and I would not let my little cousin play again to prevent all these things, so please, I would like to get my ban remove because i enjoy playing this game so much specially on official servers.**

    For your attention, thanks

    Additional comments**: I understand the gravity of racial slurs and that is not tolerated in your official servers, but I’ve never say these kind of stuff to anyone, in fact every time I play, I play** **********positive and don’t usually type at all, with this said, I assure I will never let my little cousin use my steam account again.

  • Steam ID: 76561198094832625
    Server you were banned on: all official servers
    Who banned you: Dont know
    Reason for ban: I dont know the ban reason. Supose that it was reacting to trolling. Some days ago I got a discussion with a ppl called Nuages, he keeps on kicking me on my back, once and again, since so much time ago, and tking me all time, abusing the fact the team damage he made is a low percent of the total amount. He plays with friends and never get kicked on votes, no matter how much team dmg he inflicts or how many tk he made. In first place, I like to suggest you that vote screen shows how much dmg is done instead or togheter with percent. I am a fair player, wont say I never done something wrong, but I got an strong sense of justice, and get extremely frustrated when I lack of it, indignation some times makes me overreact, and maybe to talk in an inapropiated way. The fact is, that one night we engaged in a situation like that, and this person keeps on atacking me while he pops vote kicks on me. In a moment I go hit him (since the justice never reached him) a guy, supose an admin, called something like, Felis Adorabillis, come talking to me like I was guilty of that situation, I suposed he was a friend of that called Nuages, since the last one, was saying “oh, cant wait for the ban” and things like that during all night. So i responded something to Felis, in that way, cant remember what exactly said, because I feel I was the victim of such injustice. What I say is, why? a person that didnt know the facts is judging us like that. Why that people got the power to act in a corrupted way some times, protecting his friends and forgoting they are there to make justice and to make game fun for all. This is a game, and its suposed to be fun, I made some friends on the game, and I got not a bad actitude to people playing. I some times got angry and some times insult and always forgive at the end. Cos I understand its just a game, but I know, we are people playing the game, and I dont really like to offend anybody.
    Then last night i was playing on a server and supose is one of FF DE servers, and I see Felis was playing, and I made a negative comment on admins. Cos I was furious about that situation. Later while playing I made a mention to Felis, some kind of joke, just to forgot about that, and I supose that was the ban reason, dont really know, since it wasnt such bad and I got no warning neither.

    Your appeal: I dont got much more to say, but srry to Felis if I ofended him, it was not my intention, but I was really frustrated about that circunstances.
    Since it seems it always goes in favor of the trolling guys. People who act in a corrupted way. And abuses the new players that dont know how to play and hit him accidentaly, but they then team kill them intentionally and that is what should be banned. In the other hand, it seems a very out of proportion reaction to ban my account in all oficial servers, and in this way, I like to have an explanation.
    Additional comments: I also like to add, that in the same way I didnt mean to ofend Felis or other ppl, I like to know if the motivation of this huge proportions ban on me, is the friendship of this people, cos I fell deeply ofended knowing that probably I was banned for the enjoying of a couple corrupted people trying to show how much power you gave them. Of course it also could be a good admin that was cheated to do so.

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: MY OWN SERVER

    Who banned you: TBS

    Reason for ban: N/A

    Your appeal: I am on the permban list and I believe that something is messing it up for me to play on unofficial servers. I can’t even get into my own server along w/ some of the other people that I know that are banned. Please let me know I have a reason to believe that your ban list is messing it up for the competitive players. Especially for the Tournament this weekend.

    Additional comments:

  • The banlist is optional for non-official servers as well. Contact the admin of the servers in question to see if they employ the TBS banlist in their server configs (and look at your own server config).

  • This is my own server, yet i’m not banning myself from my own server. It only auto bans the people who are on the ban list. Even after doing a fresh wipe of the server it’s still doing it.

    As of right now the server is under - Blood and Coin Tournament #03 | US Central

    I have no idea why its acting as if its an official tbs server.

  • Thanks DudeFace. I’ll let you know if I run into any issues afterwards.

  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:117905153

    Server you were banned on: All Official Servers, no clue on which server the ban was issued

    Who banned you: No clue

    Reason for ban: No clue

    Your appeal: Please unban me, this is ridiculous.

  • @ugokiller:

    Steam ID: 76561198094832625
    Server you were banned on: all official servers
    Who banned you: Dont know
    Reason for ban: I dont know the ban reason. Supose that it was reacting to trolling.

    You’ve been banned for repeated TKing/trolling, for which you have already received in-game kicks and bans multiple times. I don’t know if you do it on purpose or if you are uncontrollably angry and retaliate to people who kill you. Either way it had to end somehow.

  • @Butcher_:

    Your appeal: Please unban me, this is ridiculous.

    You got rightly banned for racist language.

  • @dudeface:

    You got rightly banned for racist language.

    That means there’s no chance that I’ll get unbanned? Even if I apologize?

    Rightfully, there’s a thing called mercy, especially since the global banlist is here. No chance for a clean start ?
    I’d understand if the bans were time based, and not permanent. I feel like if it would happen again I’d truly deserve it.

  • Steam ID **STEAM_0:0:23623343

    Server You Were Banned On: All Official Servers

    Who Banned You: Don’t Know

    Reason For Ban: Messing Around On Offline

    Appeal: I just found out about Cheat Engine. I went into a private offline game and tested it out with bots. I didn’t like it because it sped the entire game with bots. So I turned speedhack off and went to play online. I played for a while and then quit. I later logged on the next day and found out I could not join any official server. The cause of ban was either playing with it on the offline private game or even tho I turned off speedhack I guess just having cheat engine open caused it and was automatically detected me “hacking online” when i just had it open.

    Additional Comments. I have since then deleted Cheat Engine and promise not to use any cheats in this game just like I have before. I am Rank 19 and just finished unlocking all the main weapons. I do not want to have to buy a whole new game and try to unlock everything again. This is one of my favorite games and I don’t wanna ruin it for anyone else. Thank you for any help.**

  • We don’t have power over VAC bans (it’s Valve tech). Sorry mate.

  • Steam ID: 76561198138654028

    Server you were banned on: TO #2 DE / NL Multiplay

    Who banned you: ms kitty

    Reason for ban: ms kitty

    Your appeal: Why?

    Additional comments: Why did ms kitty ban me. Rolled Armour sent me a video where she had a lagspike and claimed it was the reason i got banned. She then Went on to delete the video

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