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  • Steam ID:

    Who Banned You: Hoss i think

    Reason For Ban: I guess TK

    My Appeal: Is there any chance to be unbanned for having done tk?

  • Global Moderator

    @arkhan1983 NO. You wasted your last chance. Ban is permanent.

    PS: Dont try to evade the ban playing with smurfs. Otherwise this will end in a gameban in your steam profile also.

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  • Steam Community ID:

    Who banned you (if known): I am not sure
    Reason for ban (if known): No clue
    Your appeal: I was playing chivalry just fine only a week or two ago, but now I can’t join servers in my region and I have no idea why. I love the game and would really appreciate being able to play again.
    Additional comments: The game referred me to the chivalry website if I felt I’d been wrongly banned, which I feel I have because I haven’t even been on for a bit.

  • SteamID: STEAM_1:0:53513340

    Banned by: Karl, I believe

    Reason for Ban: No Clue, besides the fact I jokingly said “Nigga.” If I seriously payed money for this game, and now I get a ban from “Official Classic US Central #03 [32p] (Multiplay).” This game is dying to the point this was the only server playable around me, and now I can’t even play it. I just now get to wait until a different server Fills up that i also haven’t been banned from. TBH, this game has a serious problem in General with people being banned for just doing nothing. I Would appreciate the Unban, since censoring someone from saying words is just fucking ridiculous. I’m not mad, i’m just disappointed with what this game has become, and what it once stood for. Now it can’t even stand on its own without a Pacifier

  • Steam ID
    Hi there!

    After logging into CMW at approximately 0030 24/02/2019 I attempted to join a server only to find I was banned. In fact it turns out I have been banned from every server. I thought it was a bug or something so I tried logging a couple of times and with an alt I have, but to no avail. I’m fairly sure this is an official ban. The ban said something like " Mistake?..(Link to wbesite)" And so I arrived here.

    Sadly I do not have any information as to why, or who, or when, since I do not play all that often. It does come as a suprise though, I’m currently left confused and unsure. Hope you can help since I very much enjoy the game!

    Thanks a lot.

  • Mod


    You have been banned for abusing the vote system and teamdamaging on purpose. You’ve also had numerous chances to better yourself and have been warned about your offences resulting in a global ban, certainly not a surprise. You can create another appeal with this information three months from now.

    Also note, you are not allowed to play with any account on any of the Official servers during this time, failing to do so will result in your accounts being permanently banned from playing Chivalry.

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  • Steam Community ID: STEAM_0:1:57038969

    Who banned you (if known):unknown

    Reason for ban (if known):Smurfing

    Your appeal: i was banned from all official servers cause i was suspected of smurfing. i had just figured out how to stab people with the knifes really well and really wasn’t doing to good before that. This is my Only account.

    Additional comments: i really don’t feel like “smurfing” is really a good excuse to ban someone from ALL servers maybe just the newb only ones

  • Steam Community ID: STEAM_0:1:79223676

    Who banned you (if known): Lagarto

    Reason for ban (if known): Spamming chat

    Your appeal: I’m permanently banned from official for spamming the chat once, never received a warning, all I did was press a macro once that reads:


    There’s a player called MODS who frequents UK FFA that only types “SALUT” in the chat, I was just messing about writing that in the chat to be permanently banned by Lagarto, the current moderation of the servers is utterly pathetic if this ban is upheld and stays permanent, without warning I’ve had the right to play on official servers completely revoked by somebody that has a grudge against me for spamming the chat for a second.

    Additional comments: Made my case, a permanent ban is a joke, a kick would’ve sufficed which is what I thought I had until I tried joining again the next day.

    Server I was banned on was UK FFA #4

  • Global Moderator

    @sir-kanus-v The ban given was just a local ban and clears within 24hrs, you should be able to rejoin the server tonight/tomorrow. Global bans are given for serious/multiple offenses, there will be no issues with us if you observe the rules from now on.

  • Global Moderator

    @zzlzephy Denied, appeal again in a month - any further smurfing/ban evasion will be a game ban as you have already been warned (this will prevent you from playing Chiv).

    Don’t lie in your appeal, we know who you are. Be honest and wait out the remainder of your ban and we will be far more likely to give you a chance next time around.

  • Global Moderator

    @crispywaffles You were banned from a single server and not globally, however, if you continue to use such abhorrent racist language you will quickly find yourself excluded. The fact you felt the need to lie in your appeal clearly shows you know what you said was wrong.

    Follow the rules from now on and there will be no problem.

  • Global Moderator

    @icecoldkilla Your appeal is accepted. Please be aware your next offense will be your last, we will not give you a 3rd chance.

    The ban will lift in a few days, enjoy.

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  • @roag Thanks for accepting.

  • Dear admin I have been banned from all official servers. I wrote to Torn Banner Studios email because I did not know the reason for the ban. They replied that it had been by “casual teamkiller”

    Honestly, I have about 2500 hours played. Many friends and desire to continue contributing my experience to the community.

    I do not think it’s fair to ban me without warning. Still, I apologize if I killed a partner. It was not my intention.

    Greetings- EL CID - EL CAMPEADOR LVL 56

    My account:

  • Global Moderator



    having 2500h in game doesn’t allow you to team kill on purpose your mates like you did since a very long time.
    your desire to continue contributing to the community will start again in 3 months starting from now when you’ll come back here with a new appeal and better intentions.

    a small part of our rules for your info :
    Circumventing local bans by use of family share or alt accounts on official server or circumvention of global bans by alt accounts may result in those alt accounts being banned.


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