Let Me Know if You're Scrimming!

  • Hey guys, yesterday I decided to get Fraps. What I want to do is record every single scrim I possibly can and post it on Youtube and the forums just as my own way to contribute to the community. I don’t want to commentate/cast any scrims or matches so because of this, when I’m recording a scrim I would like to be in the VOIP of one of the clans in the scrim. This will make watching the scrim much more enjoyable for viewers to listen to as they get a kind of inside-scoop as to what’s really going on. I realize that recording the VOIP of an actual match is not a good idea, so if anybody wants to commentate/cast the match while I control the camera and record it, that would probably be the best way to do it.

    Add me on Steam or simply message me to let me know if a scrim is going on and I’ll definitely record it. :)

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