"Connection to host lost"- again and again

  • This is happening to me nearly everytime I play the game.
    The first thing I notice is a long lag that only stops when I alt+tab out of the game and get into it again.
    What I noticed while doing that: Steam is in offline mode and connects again as soon as I alt+tab out of chivalry.

    If I don’t alt+tab out of the game, the connection to the host gets lost and I get back to the main menu.
    What the hell is going on? A problem with steam?
    Another thing that I noticed: Only happens when I’m fighting (high activity of pressing keys).
    If I just stand there and watch, the connection stays fine.
    My PC isn’t disconnecting from the router while that’s happening. I still got full signal.

    Does anyone know what’s causing this?

  • that’s a new one on me. What’s your OS/firewall/av/anti-spyware setup? Also looking at the chivalry logs might be useful as these will show things like steamworks being disconnected.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Well I’m using win7 64bit, windows firewall and microsoft security essentials.
    Which log could show us what happened during the game? The only log I’ve ever read in chivalry was the launchlog.

  • Yes! Yes! YES! I’m not the only one!

    So frickin difficult to look for fixes to a bug nobody seems to have but me. Alt-tabbing fixes it? Gonna have to give that a shot when I get home… :D

    I usually just wait out the lagspike, which generally happens around 15 sec. into the match
    and lasts for 10 sec. Needless to say this tends to change every now and then and I’m
    simply disconnected from the server.

    This also makes me one of the few who are actually GLAD that ‘idle time’ is removed
    from the kicking GUI considering I’d be kicked 90% of the time since people
    assumed I went AFK after joining.

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