Robeto's first impressions

  • All notes are taken from tests against the duel bot, Yang the Richard. However, some projectiles were
    tested on the range, and some were tested in the visualisation room.
    Samurai Notes:

    Katana - Overall good speed and damage, however there is an odd crouching
    animation that occurs, seems cosmetic but still strange to watch.

    Kanabo - For an object of what appears to be made a rather heavy material it
    feels there is very little gravity to the swings and feels very limiting, along with
    the very short reach. Crouching in third person doesn’t match with first person

    Naginata - Good balance with damage and speed again, however alternate
    overhead feels rather slow in coparison with other animations on the weapon,
    not as liquid.

    Nodachi - Overheads seem to lack a slight amount of gravity (similar to kanabo),
    might need a slight speed increase during release, windup may be extended.
    Crouching transition animation is fine, but movement animation does not
    match in third person.

    Wazikashi - A good balance of damage for speed, however there are some odd
    crouching animations that occur with it, also the movement animation while
    crouching does not match up either.

    Yumi Bow - Feels slightly underpowered in terms of the amount of arrows that
    are given vs. the amount of arrows it takes to kill a samurai (roughly 3-4). Either
    buffing damage or giving more arrows may resolve.

    Yari Spear - Again, good overall balance in terms of damage and speed,
    however alt LMB seems fast, and an alt Overhead results in what appears to be
    a faster stab. Arrow cam does not show the arrow changing angle, stays at
    same angle of attack.

    The Damage Draw:
    It is a good skill but seems that in confined spaces a draw may collide with
    objects, hindering the wielder more than helping them.

    Spartan Notes:

    Dory - Does not feel very damaging for the speed it puts out, maybe a slight buff
    with the LMB attack may remedy this. Throwable doesn’t feel particularly
    accurate, fair damage though.

    Javelin - Overall good, however LMB is a little slow considering it is a four hit to
    take down a samurai. Middle mouse button for throwables seems a little

    Sarissa - Good speed and animations, however four hits seems too high for a
    spartan weapon, perhaps an increase in damage on the overhead, or LMB
    attack. Kick animation doesn’t have much weight too it, maybe moving the
    model forward with kick may fix.

    Xiphos - Damage is good for speed, maybe a chance of a three hit through the
    tweaking of damages may be more helpful.

    Kopis - Good damage and range, stab feels a little weak, but can be used as an
    auxillary rather than a main offensive move.

    Other Notes:
    Kicking animations overall do not have much weight to them and feel a little
    fast, also crouching animation is not animating correctly, distracts from
    immersion. Shield attacks have almost no reach at all, understandable for the
    alternate shield move, however the first overhead “stab” should extend a bit

    Viking Notes:


    Norse Sword - Good damage vs. Speed output however alternate overhead
    feels sluggish, crouching animation does not work fluidly, and stab animation is
    also jerky.

    Double Axe - Balanced damage, however speed on LMB is slightly sluggish, foot
    placement moves when crouching animation occurs, the throw doesn’t have
    particularly realistic physics (and the sound byte sounds a bit like a 007
    ricochet), the throw should also do more damage than roughly 25 seeing as it is
    a forfeit of a primary weapon, perhaps around 50?

    Dane Axe - Balanced speed and damage, however again alternate overhead
    feels slightly slow.

    Spear - Crouching animations in third don’t match those in first (e.g.
    movement), good speed overall however feels slightly weak. Kick animation
    feels weightless again, as noted with spartans.

    Hammer - Overpowered, in one word. Althought it has limited reach, the
    overhead and LMB damage in comparison with speed is too high, however stab
    damage feels balanced, possibly a reduction in speed and slightly more reach on
    the hammer may make it more balanced.

    Hatchet - Good damage and speed overall, however it has rather limited reach
    even within “facehug” distance.

    Other Notes:
    The sand sound made when the viking moves may get slightly irritating over
    time, maybe if it were softer? Crouching animations also do not match up to
    first person. Shield throw does not have much weight to it either (see notes
    regarding double axe). As well (obviously) the voice commands are an agathian
    vanguard, not sure if something is already in the works for that though.

    Knight Notes:

    Longsword (1h and 2h) - In two hands it does not feel like a 50% damage
    weapon, takes too many swings to perform a kill, perhaps tweak damage more?
    In one hand alternate LMB has almost no windup, however the other speeds
    and damages work together well.

    Poleaxe - Good balance between speed and damage.

    Halberd - This item will not work at all with the knight, the knight will perform a
    “T-Pose” as soon as it is equipped, however the first time I tried it it worked.

    Crossbow - This item will not work at all with the knight, the knight will perform
    a “T-Pose” as soon as it is equipped, however the first time I tried it it worked.

    Mace - Again, good balance overall, no real qualms.

    Throwing Knives - Good balance and accuracy, good sense of realism.

    NInja Notes:


    Ninjato - Good balance and speed, no qualms. Actually enjoyed this weapon a

    Bo Staff - Slightly low damage in comparison with other weapons, compensated
    mostly with speed though. The stab on the staff animates and sounds as if it
    were piercing damage? Perhaps blunt damage should be used, a long with a
    blunt damage sound byte.

    Dagger - Two handed animations feel slightly excessive for something that is
    probably extremely light, perhaps one handed animations may do? Damage
    may need to be increased slightly, either that or speed, to make it a viable

    Claws - Overheads are very difficult to land, perhaps because they are so fast,
    but they do not swing directly infront of the player, may be difficult to get the
    hang of, otherwise balanced.

    Sickle - Overall balanced, however a damage buff might be useful on the
    overhead attack. Animations do not match up in first and third person.

    Shuriken - Pressing 2 keybind might be useful, however instant throw can
    sometimes leave little time to aim, perhaps pulling out the shuriken before they
    are thrown? If not, implement the clicking of middle mouse button to throw

    Fists - Using fists on the ninja with a stab whilst moving will cause a T-Pose to

    Black Egg The Smoke does not animate at all after the egg is thrown.

    Other Notes:
    The agile roll is useful in combat and well balanced, however the animation
    sticks the model to one spot during recovery, if it would be made more fluid in
    terms of constant movement it would play a lot better. As with Samurai, a lot of
    the third person animations do not match up with first person animations (e.g.
    movement). Also, crouching creates a strange animation during the transition
    of stance. As the ninja expends stamina the grunts sound like that of a pirate,
    and the battle cry belongs to a pirate also (ironic).

    Pirate Notes:


    Blunderbuss - Seems to be dangerously powerful in close range, however the
    tracers spread and render it ineffective after a certain distance (which is good).
    Reload animations are a bit out of sync with sound, and the weapon itself.

    Pistole - After a certain range does not follow the sight on the weapon,
    probably adds to realism considering the weapon, but even aiming down sights
    the projectile won’t pass through the crosshairs. Good damage and range,
    reload animation is slightly buggy but better than blunderbuss.

    Shank - For what it is (a shank) it is realistic damage and speed. However the
    animations when colliding with environment are very heavy handed (as if he is
    drunk). Possibly needs more reach.

    Hook - Not sure why it looks like you’re holding a ninja claw backwards? Still
    needs a proper skin more than likely, it has more reach than the shank though?
    Good damage though, again recoil animations when colliding with environment
    are excessive. Kicking with hook equipped causes a T-Pose to happen.

    Boarding Axe - Good damage, feels slightly fast though, maybe give it slightly
    more reach?

    Cutlass - Good damage and speed, but again hitting a block or environment
    causes the screen to shake a little excessively, making me sea sick (lol).

    Flaming Rum - Doesn’t animate an area of fire on impact, but it can still be
    walked through and you’ll be set alight.

    BUG LIST (I’ll have a look at mantis later, not sure if some of these are already known):

    Crouching animations with nearly all classes have some sort of intermediary animation during transition, can be off putting. (Pirate and Knight didn’t have these problems though).

    Flaming Rum and Black Egg do not animate after impact but still make sound and will do damage (for Rum Pot)

    Use of crossbow and halberd on knight currently cause a T-Pose, not sure if this affects all players.

    Using a fist stab on either samurai or ninja while moving will cause a T-Pose.

    Using a hook after a kick on pirate will cause a T-Pose

    Projectile line of fire on pistole does not match the sights after a certain distance (not sure if bug)

    Also the only maps that work out of the list given are TD-N5_P, and PTB-K4_P

    Green = Working
    Red = Not working
    Any thoughts and opinions let me know,


  • Awesome post Robeto, I’m glad you got one of the keys in aus. Cheers!

  • The ninja shruiken is fine as is, just practice. There are many animations that don’t match up in the first game as well. This usually is implemented for comprehensive play in both perspectives (it can be odd not seeing a weapon in 1st person due to its 3rd person positioning). The ninja roll is thought to stop movement for a bit after execution because it’s not intended to disengage, rather to follow with a counterattack (I agree it should be able to disengage too). Your stab notes are a bit off. The stabs ARE strong, they just have to be used at appropriate range rather than too close. T-poses will be fixed soon so don’t fret. Good notes man :)

  • @Footbeard:

    Your stab notes are a bit off. The stabs ARE strong, they just have to be used at appropriate range rather than too close. T-poses will be fixed soon so don’t fret. Good notes man :)

    I actually went into the visualization room after I made this post and had some more of a look at stabs, perhaps just some more footwork training haha

  • I agree that Spartan stabs are a little weak right now. This may be fixed with tracer changes though.

    Also I’m concerned that viking Hammer is OP. Maybe if it were shorter it would be more balanced, then it would look more like Thor’s hammer which would be way cooler.

  • I like how its all the AUS and NZ players that responded to this thread.

  • lol me too.

    Pity we all have to test either against bots or against real people with 300 ping. The only way I could rack up kills on Sat (Sunday morning here) was LMBing with the hammer. If I had to play teleporting hammer guy I would be annoyed :D ;)

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