• Hey all,

    I chipped in the $50 for the early access version of the game. Downloaded it no problem and it’s working great, but I can’t seem to find the OST anywhere. I love the music in the game and would like to put it on my IPOD. Any suggestions on where to find it or if it’s even out yet?


  • The OST will be released at a later date :)

  • Developer

    Might not be long, i just turned it all over to Steve. 14 tracks as promised. :) glad you liked the music, its my first score!

  • Your first? No way. You’re very talented sir. I heard the “Onward to Glory” sample on the kickstarter page and was hooked. Keep up the good work!

    From someone who has very picky musical tastes, fantastic job. I really appreciate all the work you and the other devs have put into this. Your dedication definitely shows.


  • Hey I just noticed the soundtrack popped up on Gamers Gate. So the Kickstarter reward must be coming very soon!

  • the soundtrack is absolutely awesome, suits the game just great and is very nice to listen to.
    i all the other competitive games i played so far i turned music off since it distracted me. it distracts me in this game aswell but its just too good to turn it off.

  • Gents,

    I absolutely love that soundtrack too. I also pledged the 50 dollars edition, but I have no idea where to look to get the OST, even after thorough (maybe not enough ?) research. Any tips ?

    Thanks ! :)

  • It’s taking us some time with the recent hotfix and such to get the rewards out to the other tiers, pleas be patient!

    Thank you!

  • Oh, by all means, there is no emergency ! :) I was just wondering if it was already available in a way that I didn’t know about. Thanks for clearing that up, and making this game even better by the day. Take the time you need !

  • Just Downloaded the OST from the kickstarter rewards e-mail. LOVE IT! Great Job sir_loin! :P I can’t decide whether to put that as the Artist name in iTunes, or go look at the credits in the game.

  • Developer

    Thanks, Ryan Patirck Buckley or Sir Loin, google will figure it out!

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