Weapon Loadouts

  • I think I have a bone to pick but I’m not sure yet. Some of the classes seem to get 3 weapon slots while others only get 2. This may just be because this is still in development, it may be intended.

    The Samurai has 2 slots that he can choose from allowing him 2 weapons. This seems okay because most of the weapons available to him seem to be primaries rather than secondaries allowing for versatility.

    The Spartan has what I assume will be 3 slots. Spear selection, sword selection, shield selection. Perfect.

    Viking, again has 3 slots. Primary, secondary and shield (I think throwables should go in the 2nd and 3rd slots.)

    Knight has 3. Primary, secondary (mostly primaries too) and shield. Cool to see the heater up in here. Good addition. Again, super versatile.

    Ninja. 2 slots. This bugs me a tad. I think the bostaff, ninjato and claws are primaries (possibly sickle) and have dagger, claws,sickle, kunai secondaries with the projectiles as 3rd slot. This allows for a properly rounded class given the little armour resistance and lack of stopping power in the weapons.

    Pirate. Only 2 slots. Again I think there are only 2 proper primaries here (cutlass and boarding axe). The other weapons are kinda too short to be viable at the moment. Again, the guns should be in one slot (flintlock pistol, blunderbuss, rifle maybe?) swords can be in another (cutlass, scimitar, boarding axe) and throwables/secondaries in the final slot (molotov rum, old-school grenades (bombs), caltrops, dirk, hook, shank and whatever)

    Just food for thought. Also are all the classes fist fighting styles going to be unique? The fanbase would go nuts (IMO) for different fist styles and I can see a few already. The different anims are groovy.

  • I think the slots are bugged at the moment. I find clicking on the second slot quite difficult and noticed sometimes you can click on the third slot even though there is nothing there or only one option there.

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