The founding of a new faction

  • So I joined an FFA server today looking for a quick round of chaos, little did I know that what would follow would be the founding of a new faction!

    It all started when one man went around fighting people with his fists and a few others (including myself) decided to join him. We used guerrilla like tactics at first, we would lure people into the water and strike when they least suspected it.

    When people saw the effectiveness of our tactics they flocked to join our cause, the more people joined the more people wanted to join and before we knew it we had a small army.

    We destroyed all those who dared to oppose us with nothing but out bare hands! In doing so we created what I like to call the Brotherhood of the Fist!

  • I wish i was there. :(

  • Yeah that happens all the time.

    In one FFA battle we quickly realised that there was nobody with weapons left to fight.

    Then a civil war broke out. With 24 sides.

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