I've been playing for one year without weapon unlocks

  • Hi,

    Once again I find myself posting to the forums about my problem which has been ongoing for a year now, after just trying the new update. There was a previous forum post by someone else which I bumped every now and then but got no fix to my problem. So here we go again!

    Basically, my weapons don’t unlock. My rank goes up every now and then but the weapons don’t. The kill counter on the weapon unlocks doesn’t go down. I’ve tried every fix suggested for this problem, NOTHING WORKS. Playing on populated official servers (I only play on those, actually) - nothing. Deleting the Chivalry config folder doesn’t work either.

    Not once has a dev replied, and when no common solution is found through the forum my messages just seem to be ignored. But I won’t give up! So here we have another post on this thing that’s been bothering me for a year now and lessened my enthusiasm for the game quite a bit.

    I have unlocked some weapons from the launch of the game to some point last September or October but then they just stopped unlocking. The furthest I’ve got is with the Vanguard class, I think I unlocked 2-4 weapons before all the trouble started.


  • You must be some sort of ninja. Played for a whole year and this game has been out for 11 months.

    Your issue is strange. Have you tried unistalling the whole thing? Not deleting but uninstalling.

    The reason why the devs haven’t answers is probably becuase they haven’t a clue what is wrong either. And you probably won’t get a reply from them as they have seemed to have gone on a trip to the moons or something.

  • I know that for some reason unlocking doesnt work on some servers

  • Am I dreaming or are weapon unlocks disabled on certain servers? If so, could that be related to your problem? :(

    Edit: this thread probably belongs in Bug Reports.

  • @Sir:

    Am I dreaming or are weapon unlocks disabled on certain servers? If so, could that be related to your problem? :(

    On a few servers they are off down here. But on all 27 GON servers and the official servers weapon unlocks are on.

  • I think it also has to do with how many people are on the server, you a few people on I think. I suppose that’s to avoid people farming each other on private servers for weapon unlocks.

    It could also be an issue with Steam so it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling.

  • The minimum was either 6 or 8. I can’t remember I think its 6.

    But I doubt for 11 months he’s been playing with under 6 people.

    Uninstall the game properly. Then reinstall it. It may fix it. Though its likely t be a steam problem.

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