Two ways to block with a shield

  • We can clearly see the advantage and disadvantage difference between parrying with a weapon or blocking an attack with a shield, though despite shields being as a “Feint-resistant” equipment, I think more features to the shield should be added to make it on par with parried attacks that can be made to instant counter attacks.

    This is a famous move from Age of Chivalry that I wish to bring up, the beloved “Tap-block”, by successfully performing a well timed Tap-block, you were able to raise and lower your shield instantly and then perform an attack without recieving the lower shield penalty added to your total time to attack, basically shields right now, from the moment you block an attack, it will be much slower total time to attack than if you parry then make a counter attack, huge gap between those two.

    Now the Tap-block in chivalry was rather overpowered and gave you the opportunity to attack while the opponent couldn’t do anything, unless they would use the quickswap technique and parry in time, but all of these problems will never affect Chivalry. what I wish is that Shields have a tap-block that will block an attack as normally, maybe have less stamina cost since you halve the force from the incomming weapon by punching your shield into the incomming attack I suppose? And then after the tap-block is performed, the player should have no penalty with lowering the shield, he should be able to attack straight away, so it will be like a “Idle counter-attack” without the penatly from the needs to lower the shield first. And if tap-block is failed, it will become a regular hold block, which could just behave like it always did.

    This encourages shield users to make much more well-timed blocks rather than just mashing / holding their right mouse button down forever.

    Face it, shield needs more love for TO / multi-combat perspective, and perhaps less for duels.

  • Riposte off a shield maybe. Could be a spartan ability. Technically not an actual riposte blocking with a shield then attack with your weapon. But the same counter attack mechanic. Queuing an attack while you parry or block in this case.

    But make it so it has be within say 1 second of raising your shield so you actually have to time it. So well timed blocks has its offensive advantage and you can still hold up your shield for blocking arrows or if you are new and haven’t sorted things out yet. Or blocking multiple opponents. Though I once saw a guy parry 4 attacks in one parry. 2 stabs and an overhead from the front and my overhead from the back. Then he got a triple kill with one LMB as all 4 of us stood there going WTF just happened.

    And shields aren’t feint proof. No I’m one of those arseholes who feints to kick. Pisses people off no end.

  • Of course they could just make shields passively protect against melee as well as missiles which would make perfect logical sense… but that will never happen.

  • @Dr:

    Of course they could just make shields passively protect against melee as well as missiles which would make perfect logical sense… but that will never happen.

    The most broken game mechanic award goes too…! :P

  • I was thinking earlier today that there should be a little more you can do to get the best out of your shield, but I don’t know how I feel about this tap block for a faster attack. I’d rather see closer timed blocks take less stamina. The potential for shield is already there, especially with things like multi-parrying (might have heard it called the parry bubble) removed, the shield is stronger than it has been in a while.

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