Cannot kick players as an admin.

  • Hello :)

    My problem is that I cannot kick players because when I open the console it is just one line on the bottom of my screen.

    I had a server a few weeks or months ago I kicked players with the command “Adminkick”
    Then there was a list of the players like that:

    If I wanted to kick “PlayerYY” I simply typed “confirm2” and they got kicked.
    But now I just have one line as a console to type commands … I cannot watch the list or there isn´t a list anymore …

    I tried it with the command “Adminkick PlayerYY”
    But nothing happens.
    And I was always logged in as an administrator.

    Are there maybe new commands? Or is my console buggy? :/


  • I suspect it’s something like not being logged in as admin - when you login with “admin login #password#” do you get a “Haed has logged in as an administrator” type message?
    When logged in can you do other commands like “adminrestartmap” - at least you’ll know whether something has gone buggy with the kick command or with everything

  • I can change maps/restart maps. Or force players to change teams.
    But I cannot kick anyone. And yes there is a type message “Haed has logged in as an administrator”


  • I responded to your other post:

    The option was changed a little bit last patch. So instead of confirm 0, it’s now confirmkick 0 REASON and confirmkickban 0 3000 (the 0 being the person, the 3000 being the length of ban - can be changed to whatever).

    If you do it via the scoreboard, you still have to confirm in console until the next patch is released (then you won’t need to confirm if you kick via the scoreboard)

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