Low Stamina? Duels only last 10 to 15 seconds?

  • Hey guys.

    I played Chivalry a lot up until around April or May of this year (right around the time a “controversial” patch hit the game). Since then due to lifestyle reasons I haven’t been able to play the game very often—perhaps just a once or twice a month.

    While I still enjoy CMW a LOT, I feel so confused every time I log on to play. I know most everyone who plays regularly has probably long since adapted to the major patch I just mentioned, but I still have serious issues, especially related to stamina (hence the title of this post). I just finished playing on a duel server and found that my stamina bar was completely drained within just 10 to 15 seconds of fighting. In more than half the fights I was “stun locked” at least once, and every single one of my duel losses were the result of being in the “stunned state” rather than missing a parry, swinging out of range, etc. It was really pissing me off.

    What’s with this lack of stamina???

    The fights are still quite fun and intense, fast, and skillful… for all of 12 seconds. Lots of parries, feints, drags… But then I am quickly stun locked. I’m finding it to be really annoying. I don’t want to have to trade three or four hits and then run away from my opponent to regain the yellow bar for 5+ seconds before getting back into the action (I also found that crouching no longer increases stamina regen). I just don’t remember the game characters being this weak in the past.

    Am I just imagining things??? I had to basically rage quit after less than half an hour of playtime due to the constant stun locks followed by the “execute me” feature…

    TLDR; I approach the opponent, throw a swing and cancel it, let him swing and back out of range, then move in for perhaps a swing or two, and I’m already at less than half stamina (i.e., a few parries away from getting stun locked). Have the knights always been morbidly obese like this, huffing and puffing and unable to flex their limp wrists high enough to parry an incoming attack after dueling for a paltry 10 to 15 seconds? :x

  • Describing the situation you just said, from 100 stamina.

    Feint ( -15 stamina)

    Going in for a couple attacks ( 0 stamina)
    unless you missed both of them (-15 stamina per missed swing; so -30 for two)

    This is assuming you are using a 2handed weapon as well.

    That hasn’t changed.

    Also, duels were never a long drawn out thing unless the players “wanted” it.

  • You can disengage and regain some stamina. Also try not to sprint all the time as it keeps your stamina from regenerating. Also try to avoid missing, feinting or dodging a lot. Avoid panic parrying (parry during recovery) as it will drain you dry faster than you can say “OMG I am stunned!”. Only use it as a last resort.

    Without panic parry the stamina drain is about the same as before. The most significant difference is that people now walk around each other in circles when trying to regain some stamina looking badass. Before they ran away and took a shit (crouching gave increased regeneration).

  • If you don’t feint spam or dodge spam and you don’t whiff attacks constantly, you will be fine. If you’re running out of stamina you are likely doing one of these things - or you’re turtling constantly without attempting to go on the offensive.

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