My main fear for Deadliest Warrior

  • My biggest worry for this game right now after attending a few playtests is that it can become extremely messy, almost to the point of a clusterfuck; I’m not sure whether this is simply a map design issue or a spawn issue but in the playtests where there have been upwards of 15 players it has gotten extremely messy and any semblance of skillful play is thrown out of the window in lieu of LMB spam.

    You guys over at TB have already expressed that 24-32 slots will be supported, and even potentially 64 slots, how do you plan on preventing this TDM oriented iteration of Chivalry from becoming completely mind numbing and dare I say ‘spammy’?

  • Well we were playing a ton of FFA most recent tests which even in base chivalry is a pretty bad spam fest. I think this feeling too might be coming from the overall speed increase DW has over MW (movement and attack speed). This speed increase let’s you rush people down even faster meaning even vs a skilled opponent you might combo on them for the 2 shot before they react. But, I think it mostly boils down to spawns points on those FFA maps.

  • Those 3 small FFA maps are intended for 12-16 player servers, and the spawn code for them is not quite right anyway. If you check out some of the bigger maps like Acropolis (Spartan) and Fjord (Viking) you’ll see that people sometimes get lost just trying to find enemies with 20 people playing.

    The same problem applies to the current duel map, which is being expanded soon to support at least enough simultaneous duel arenas for 32 players.

  • As one with high ping I really don’t try to be skillfull. So we aren’t helping and are making it Messy

  • The plan right now, as far as I’m aware, is to try and make enough large maps to support high player counts, while also having small maps such as the ninja FFA maps to support smaller server populations. Otherwise it’s nearly impossible to scale a map properly to work well at any player count - we don’t want any matches to feel like 32 players in FFA-Arena, but at the same time we don’t want a 24 player server to feel desolate and empty because all the maps are designed for large player numbers.

  • I’ve noticed some huge fails with the spawn calculator in the Free-for-all maps in which I’d spawn between three guys fighting and respawn there three times in a row before moving to another fight or managing to get away. The team maps were quite the contrary- I waste a minute or two before finally finding a player, with some exceptions such as the pirate map. It definitely isn’t game-ruining, but it will be better in my opinion if it doesn’t come out messy.

  • I spawned underneath a no dachi overhead as a ninja. Lived for less than a second.

  • @lemonater47:

    I spawned underneath a no dachi overhead as a ninja. Lived for less than a second.

    :? I feel for you brother.

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