Ban and Kick not work.

  • Hello world!

    Since a few moment, I can’t ban or kick players on my server.
    When I click on ban player or kick player on GUI (Maj + B), it don’t work, but Votekick work fine…

    Have you got an idea for this problem?

    Thanks ;) !

  • console use adminkick [prefix] and confirm [nbr shown]

  • Make sure you are logged in as admin (you need to login after each map change).

    Then do as greg said, but to elaborate:

    adminkick name -OR- adminkick (and a list of names will appear), then:

    confirmkick 0 reason (the 0 represents any number that applies to that person. If you just do adminkick without the name, it will show a list of all users, so you put the number of the person. The “reason” is why you are kicking that person.)

  • @dudeface:

    Admin kicking from the scoreboard still doesn’t work?

    It works, but you need to “confirm” via the console until the next patch is released.

  • Yeah I saw your other post which answered my question so I just deleted my post.
    Accept this instead:

  • Haha fine, I accept!

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