[Bug]Toggle Sprint + Vanguard Sprint Attack -.-

  • Yo.

    Noticed this bug with Vanguard class… I had toggled Sprint On so that it’ll sprint automatically. However several times when I was standing absolutely still, then pressed W and attacked, it performed a VG special sprint attack. This happened several times.

    Sprint attack should require lots of time spend on running before it should be ‘unlocked’ so to speak, yes? With Toggle On it doesn’t need the time and length of the run at all as you can do the spring attack with just one step. :|

  • What about with toggle sprint off just holding down shift while standing still?

  • It’s noted. It’ll be fixed for the next patch :)

  • It was funny to do a leap attack from the crouched position while standing still. Not really effective, but rather surprising. Neat bug. Sprinting should probably stop once you let go of all movement keys, sort of like a smart button rather than a toggle? Press sprint while moving and you will sprint forever as long as you hold a movement key down. As soon as you let go of a movement key, the sprint will toggle back off.

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