Next camera view - not working

  • The whole game works well for me, except the option ‘Next camera view’.

    Sometimes I press ‘P’ for the next view and nothing happens, I’m stuck with the original view as thought the button doesn’t mean anything. I have tried allocating a new letter to it but it still won’t work, I’m stuck with the original view, which is very annoying, I can’t see all around me.

    I get around this by shutting down the game and restarting it and then sometimes it works.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Might it be an option in the server I’m playing not allowing me to change my view? But other games do?

    Like I said, everything else with the game works very well except this aspect.

    Any ideas would help, thanx

  • Firstly, some servers restrict camera view to 1st person only, so it won’t work on these.

    This mode seems popular with clan servers. To test try 3rd person view on any of the official servers (or even the ones in my sig which allow 3rd person).

    If you find that you can’t change camera on servers that you should be able to e.g. the official servers, post back as it’s probably something messed up in your key bindings :)

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