Viking Shield Throw aka Frisbee OP

  • I had a good laugh when I first realized that Throw attacks could be made with the Viking Buckler shield, It is not that useful but it has a couple of interesting features and downsides.

    ? You can throw your shield by pressing ‘Throw attack’
    ? You can pick up the shield after being thrown
    ? Shield projectile act as a small projectile line
    Which means that even though it looks like the model hit someone, it may not be a hit since the actual projectile is just a small line
    ?Shield throw can be ‘feinted’ by tapping the ‘Throw attack’ instead of holding it in, will result in stamina cost.
    ? Even though it costs stamina, it can be thrown without stamina.
    ? Can rapidly pick up shield and throw again if shotgunned too close to target
    ? If player is right next to the shield, they can be bashed before the throw is made. - 0 Damage but a flincher

    I don’t know if this is something Torn Banner is seriously going to add to the game as a cool feature for the Viking, either way there is a couple of fixes that is required.

  • Its a fun feature to play with. I think the only thing he can’t throw is a Norse sword.

    Throwing without a stamina loss should be fixed.

  • I like that with some loadouts you can throw everything down to the point of only having fists left haha! Can’t say that’s ever been a move that has benefited me. :P

  • Should also be able to throw helmet.

  • Should be able to throw teammates or at least their corpses - would give you a legit reason to TK someone at least.

  • Should be able to throw enemies. At least ninjas. They look very light.

  • @dudeface:

    Should be able to throw enemies. At least ninjas. They look very light.

    Yeah and that should be determined by quicktime-button mashing :p.

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