[MISC] Distracted Opponents & Free Hits

  • Good evening my lords

    When you fight the good fight in Chivalry, there are many missed opportunities for everyone to get strikes in their enemies while they are distracted!

    Here is a video I’ve prepare for this concept. It’s simple… makes sense. I want those who watch to understand just how much it helps the team by distracting & getting frees hit on the enemy and the excellent results it has :D

    Of course it helps you win fights more efficiently, faster… and makes them much more risk-free!

  • Love Yarnu’s videos. Really sound gentleman. It’s great to hear someone talk about bloody archer murder in a voice that I would listen to for meditation purposes.

  • I love your videos. I’m totally gonna use your tips. And your videos are showing the people that not every vanguard is an lmb-spam teamkiller retard with a god-complex.

  • I fought Rabbit today… he did nothing but lookdown overheads with N.sword and shield. :(
    Well, until I got him with a maul…

    Thanks for the video, always good for them :)

  • @dragonmith:

    Well, until I got him with a maul…

    Rabbit? Dying? That’s a rare feat.

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