Chivalry : Unused projects (Epic Cinematography)

  • Hey guys, two videos in one today. Both are unfinished. Didn’t have time to complete them and don’t think I will as I’m off to University. Watching these videos, boy I sure do love to abuse slow mo.

    First video was going to be a carnage in the arena, and second was a chase attempt with my try at mixing dialogue.

    Well, enjoy, won’t be around much anymore, hopefully I’ll have time to play the new deadliest warrior!

    HD IT UP.


  • Nice work.
    Looks unfinished.
    If you ever find time you should work on it- if you have all the samples.
    I still have a few drawer projects I just keep for when I have nothing else to do.

    If you ever do though,
    definitely add more blood.

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