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  • Hi there,

    Any possibility to change the game language? When I installed nothing asked me about the language and I guess they took my keyboard language because it is installed in Spanish. Besides that not everything is translated and you get a mix of English and BAD Spanish with many typos, problems with accents and other issues I just want the game in English… but I could not see any option to change it. Anything I could do that is not re-installing the game?


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    change it to


    And if you’ve got time, we’d love to know where the translations have issues. The actual translation files are in


    (there’s a lot of them)

  • Ok thanks I’ll try.

    What I experienced is that some phrases are not translated at all, then there are many problems with Spanish accents `´ where instead of an accent you just see something like &hW and other strange symbols. And finally you find some translation errors which I can help to report.

  • I couldn’t find UDKGame\Localization there is not such directory.

  • To change language you can also go into Steam, select Chivalry MEdieval Warfare, right click, properties , Language, change language. Should work too.

    It’s in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKgame\localization

  • I’ve been checking the files and they look fine, could find something strange but I think that the major problems are not on the files. For example the accents are fine there but in the game they’re not. Furthermore I remember that on the specialist training neither the vanguard nor the archer had their phrases in Spanish, however the files are fine.

    A minor mistake I could find is that one:

    BombCart=The cart is {Cur}% of the way there!
    BombCart=¡Al carro le queda un {Cur}% del camino!

    The correct translation should be:
    BombCart=¡El carro lleva un {Cur}% del camino!

    Otherwise it is confusing, cause the current translation means that the cart has a % of his way left. It is the same with Corpsewagon and BatteringRam

    I will keep my game in Spanish atm so I can spot other mistakes, should I write it here or should I send it to someone?

  • Can you point out which accents are weird so I can look into the encoding? Thanks!

  • I have only checked the training camp at the moment. One thing that has nothing to be with language is that at 800x600 resolution long phrases appear cut.

    I could only see one accent problem, it looks like that the text from the speech is fine with accents and the problem is more about other system messages, I will report further on that when I play a game. This is one example I saw:

    “ReaparecerA¡s (the A has this symbol “ñ” on top) como X” instead of “Reaparecerás” (this appears in the main chat when you switch your class, it means you will respawn as X)

    Lines I get in English during the Training camp:
    Most unaware that dissent is already growing up all around them…
    Yet his armies still amass in preparation to invade a foreign land…
    You WONT be ABLE to block or attack
    {Block 3 attacks}
    now… before try to hit me
    Hit him 3 times
    Those logs put up quite a fight
    { Hit him with one of each, LMB, Mouse Wheel UP, Mouse Wheel DOWN }
    {F to Kick}
    { F to kick the ATTACK when he is opne }
    All the hints are in English on the first camp (I haven’t listed more, but all are shown in English)

    Once I’m done with the first instructor, the names of the advanced training camp and specialisist training camp are cut (I can only read “Entrenamiento de”)
    the hint to go towards the MP says something like ?ESN?AOC.Maps (continues but can’t read, it was fine the first time I played it before the last patch).

    Come to learn what makes each class different, eh? (phrase in English)
    The hint {Pulsa 3 para equiparte con el POTE de ACEITE } appears just when getting into the specialist camp, when pointing to Drum.
    When learning the Knight class, sound is not on

    Hints here seem to be in Spanish
    { F para acometer con el escudo }
    When fighting as knight against Drum a message keeps appearing ¡Pote de humo! (Smoke pot!) without apparent reason.
    No sound for Drum neither
    Just after finishing my knight training I keep hearing steps all around (no one is moving)

    Come to learn what makes each class different, eh? This phrase appears again in the middle of a conversation with the Vanguard
    The rest of the Vanguard is fine in Spanish but no sound at all

    The MMA is fine

    The archers is fine, I only get this
    Remember, you can crouch for improved accuracy!
    And the actual phrase in Spanish ¡Recuerda, puedes agacharte para mejorar tu precisión! keeps popping out while shooting the 3 targets without any sound.

    Once the archers tells me to shoot Drum there is a bug where I shoot him but nothing happens, I cannot finish that training and the message
    " ¿Por qué no lo intentas con el buen Sir Drum? keeps popping out

    I have no time now but I’ll finish the camp today if I can :)

  • More accent problems
    Descriptions of classes and weapons show problems with accents and the letter “ñ”. Instead of the corresponding letter you see an A¡ with the “ñ” simbol on top.
    It happens the same with the main mission when it is displayed at the beginning and while holding Tab.

    Some other problems
    Some weapons in some resolution (low) do not show the whole name (it’s too long maybe)
    Des description of the archer says “es mejor utilitzarlo como apoyo para castigar atacar a enemigos a larga distancia” it should be
    “para castigar Y atacar”
    On the score tab the name of the Mason order is not displayed completely, it only says “Orden de”
    The tips when connecting to a game are also in English

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