Remove or shrink bubble because of new damage system?

  • So with this new damage system being close to your target deals less damage. But now the bubble forces people away so some weapons always do the maximum damage. The bubble is no longer helping the defending player.

    So facehugging with no bubble will have its own downsides. Of dealing minimum damage. Now I know that can’t be done for MW. But it can be tested here. And I personally think its a better way of countering facehugging.

  • Myself and others on the mumble all agreed that the bubble can and very possibly should be tuned down.

    It makes using spartan shield sad at times, as well as trying to combo people from behind more difficult. (They have more of a head start away from you, so the knockback from the first hit often propels them out of position)

  • I agree. I feel as though the bubble and the new damage system don’t sync well with each other. The bubble is more of a forced mechanic to stop players from getting too close. The new damage system adds in a ton of more depth to the combat. Now drags, flanking, and timing have even more importance. The bubble interferes in a negative way, and is diminishing the new damage systems purpose.

    With the new combo timings, new damage system, and combo feint gone, the bubble isn’t necessarily needed. At the very least, it is worth taking a look at. Since the game is still in it’s early stages.

  • Agreed, would like to see this in the test.

  • Get rid of it.

  • @Daiyuki:

    Get rid of it.

  • So important that we needed 2 topics.

    (I actually did completely miss the thread, my bad)

  • @kwazi:

    So important that we needed 2 topics.


    I’d assumed that you just completely missed this thread.

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