?ÐX | ?araÐox

  • Some Stuff
    -primarily western U.S.
    -maybe around 15 members or so. at least 3, for sure
    -we are the coolest cats on the block
    -formed in july sometime. or maybe it was june?
    -we are not hesitant to “bust them caps” or “spit a tyte rhyme” or whatever

    Members (excluding recruits):

    (?ÐX | )TheB34ST

    Tournaments Participated (DNP= Did Not Place):
    NA 2v2 Brawler’s Tournament- 3rd place- TheB34ST and Stinker
    Resurrected Bastard’s 5v5 LTS- 3rd place
    Heightofabsurdity’s 6v6 TO- DNP- DQ
    Alek’s 1v1 Duel Tournament- 3rd Place- Stinker

    we are not recruiting entirely skill based. more like a mix of playing ability, likeability, and gold chains.
    id say around 30% skill, 30% likeability, and 50% gold chains.
    Just drop by our server sometime and just play. If we are on and we like you, we will invite you to a Teamspeak server to play more. Honestly idk what we will do after that, maybe a series of mental and physical obstacle courses, or maybe your frugality will be tested where you will send money to us to prove you are financially sound (we can split it 40-60 if you want). But seriously, if you play with us often we might invite you to sub in a scrim, and if you have the required percentage of thug-lyfe-yolo-swag juice (12.37%- just below the legal limit: we like to live dangerously), then we might just invite you to join.

  • @Stinker:

    -we are the coolest cats on the block

    We have a paradox here…

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