• I would really love to see team flinches be put into the system as a optional setting, preferably by default…

  • So much this. While they’re at it, full damage from team hits. That way people will HAVE to work together and not just spam.

  • I agree with this as well. I dunno about the full damage thing though… Have you played on many 100% servers in live? It can be pretty frustrating when you lose half your health or more every time you go near inexperienced players.

  • Team-flinches make sense in this game, it’s a part of the mechanics of the game, and by not having it included on friendlies you’re creating an exception which looks ugly (ever had someone launch an enemy whose swinging into your range when they got hit? Plays a flinching animation but they’re still swinging).
    Gotta have consistency within the games elements.

  • Yes please. Even for stock Chiv. Flinch should go for both friend (Almost an enemy) and foe

  • Are you forgetting the votekick option?

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