My observation on the messed up Vanguard ragdolls

  • Hey guys. You all surely know the messed up ragdolls of the vanguard (both teams).
    The limbs are all half-cut off, and when doing a deathanimation, they are floating.
    Best example is the animation when, you lose one arm. He moves his remaining hand to the place where his arm should be. During that animation his arm totally loses contact to his shoulder.

    And my observation is:
    The disabled breathinganimations on death could be causing it.
    Every class except for the vanguard still does facial animations and breathing animations when dead.
    The vanguard doesn’t.
    Of course having them breathing and looking around when dead is stupid. But I think it’s WAY less noticable than the messed up ragdolls.

    So my theory is: Give the vanguard his animations when he’s dead and at least the ragdoll won’t be messed up anymore (at least not all messed up. Sometimes I saw the other classes having that problem, too, but that happens rarely).

    I think TBS could try it in the next beta patch.
    The messed up ragdoll is bothering me pretty much.

    And I hope TBS reads this. I can’t use the Ask TBS subforum anymore, elsewise I’d have asked TBS about this.

  • Yeah its been like that since the beggining.

    Also the vanguards legs seems to fall off like the arms. Also their legs can get stuck in the ground.

  • Bug priority: negligible.

  • @dudeface:

    Bug priority: negligible.

    Of course there are other things to fix. But this does make the game pretty stupid. As the arrows blowing heads up do, too.

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